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Apex Legends Gets A New Gameplay Trailer For Season 7
Respawn Entertainment released a new gameplay trailer this week for Apex Legends, showing off more of Season 7 before you dive in Season 7 won't officially kick off in the game until this coming Wednesday, November 4th, when we'll get a new Legend, a new map, and a ton of new additions In some[...]
Apex Legends Season 7 Introduces A New Legend Named Horizon
Respawn Entertainment has given a preview of what's to come in Season 7 of Apex Legends by revealing a brand new Legend The new season is being called Ascension and it will officially arrive in the game shortly after all the Halloween stuff is finished on November 4th, 2020 Today we have some official details[...]
Apex Legends’ “Fight Or Fright” Halloween Event Returns
Respawn Entertainment has dug up and resurrected the Apex Legends Halloween event "Fight Or Fright" for 2020 with new challenges As it is with most events in the game, you're basically playing for pride, cosmetics, and some weird things to add to your character/profile Not to mention some new challenges to take part in and[...]
Cross-Play Has Officially Been Added To Apex Legends
The latest update to Apex Legends has added in a number of improvements, chief among them being the addition of Cross-Play The latest blog from the company goes over the beta that's currently happening in the game, in which players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can currently enable to fight each other on if[...]
Apex Legends Pauses September Soiree Due To Server Crashing Bug
Respawn Entertainment just had one of the shortest events ever after a bug caused the servers to crash in Apex Legends In case you weren't aware, the company launched the September Soiree yesterday, featuring a weird theme of Dummies Big Day, where competitors must pick a color and survive while using surprise abilities and ultimates[...]
Respawn & EA Announce Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit.
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment announced details this morning for the Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit Starting on September 12th, the tournament will be bringing in over 2,000 squads to compete from around the world as they whittle it down to the best of the best and begin the Autumn Circuit in early October[...]
Apex Legends Gives Us One Last Look At Rampart
As Season Six of Apex Legends kicked off today, Respawn Entertainment decided to give one last look at Rampart and what she can do Ramya "Rampart" Parekh brings with her a bunch of new unique abilities that strengthen the thought that the best offense is a great defense She comes with the all-new Crafting system,[...]
Apex Legends Season Six Gets A New Gameplay Trailer
Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for the release of Season Six in Apex Legends with an all-new gameplay trailer You get a good two minutes of looking around at all of the changes that have come to the map and what the characters can do, along with a little from the new addition Rampart Along[...]
Apex Legends Releases A New Trailer For Season Six
As we wind our way toward the start of Season Six of Apex Legends, we're finding out more about the new character Rampart Respawn Entertainment has released an all-new trailer this week, another in their ongoing series "Stories from the Outlands" This season and story is called "Boosted", featuring the new Legend and her epic[...]
Apex Legends Wrath Teleports in with Good Smile Company
Good Smile Company has seemingly surprised fans of the hit Battle Royale game, Apex Legends, with a new collectible Coming out of their iconic Nendoroid figure line, the assassin Wraith is teleporting on it She will get two faceplates, one shows off a standard blue eyes expression while the other is combat ready Good Smile[...]
EA and Respawn Entertainment's are Bringing the ALGS this Summer
For esports fans looking for something to cheer on while the world is still under lockdown, EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced their new Summer Circuit in the Apex Legends Global Series — a four-month-long series of online competitions This competition will bring the Apex competitive community together like never before, by giving competitors ample[...]
Apex Legends Season 5 Fight
Respawn Entertainment is hyping the new Quest additions to Apex Legends as a way to find out more about the characters in the game Starting today, the Quest for "The Broken Ghost" begins with the first-ever Weekly Hunt Season Five introduces the first Quest, which will be a season-long search to find nine pieces of[...]
Apex Legends Season 5 Fight
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a new gameplay trailer showing off more of Season Five for Apex Legends With a new hero introduced and a few new perks to the game, the devs decided to take a moment and show you just how everything will work out in the game with this two-minute[...]
Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor
Another season approaches in Apex Legends, and with it comes a new character and challenges as you enter Fortune's Favor Respawn Entertainment released a ton of info about what Season 5 will bring about, including a new character trailer featuring Loba Andrade If that name doesn't strike a chord with you, the story will as[...]
Auto Draft
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment announced new information this week for the Apex Legends Global Series online tournament The companies released the next dates for the tournaments, which will now be held May 2-3 and May 30-31, which is being done in order to better fit competitors' schedules and give time for people to watch[...]