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Historic Anthology V On Magic Arena Adds These Four New Cards
Magic: The Gathering's online and mobile gameplay client Magic Arena has been booming Since the pandemic began, business in the digital card game enterprise has been at an all-time high for Wizards of the Coast This may have something to do with less people "gathering" to play, but even so, some players are left pining for[...]
"Questing Beast" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"
Today, we will be going over a Commander deck tech for Questing Beast, a creature that for many should need no introduction, considering how well it slew the competition in the Magic: The Gathering: Arena scene last weekend (my example wasn't as prolific, but it's here for anyone who wants to see it) Historically, the[...]
"Magic: The Gathering: Arena" to Make Ban Announcement
Hang onto your hats for the next few weeks, folks – Magic: The Gathering: Arena speculation is about to get a bit hectic. Source: Wizards of the Coast Twitter page @MagicEsports, the account that manages the Twitter page for Magic: The Gathering: Arena, has posted a tweet as of yesterday (October 9th) stating that the next Banned[...]
"Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"
I mean, friendship is magic, after all… Ponies and Knights! Source: Wizards of the Coast Anyway, this past weekend I participated in the "Win Every Card" challenge on Magic: The Gathering: Arena (costing me a bit more time to write about that), and if you saw the things I'd seen, and subsequently how I did in the[...]
"My Little Pony" & "Magic: The Gathering" Crossover Planned
The playmats are made by UltraPro and are selling for a resounding $100.00 USD each (with $80 of it going towards charity), while the digital sleeves, used for Magic: The Gathering: Arena, are being sold in the in-game storefront for $3.99. Source: Wizards of the Coast Source: Wizards of the Coast Source: Wizards of the Coast Source: Wizards of[...]
"Throne of Eldraine" Product Review, Part 1 - "Magic: The Gathering"
the standard packs, and not the Collector's Edition packs), and a deck box to go along with it all. Snazzy! Source: Bleeding Cool Additionally, these decks come with a code each to input into Magic: The Gathering: Arena, which will provide the user access to these decks on the said software interface In this way, you can[...]
"Throne of Eldraine" Product Review, Part 1 - "Magic: The Gathering"
Finally, I got a couple of codes for Magic: The Gathering: Arena – one for me, and one for a friend. What a wonderful gift! So, naturally, I opened the booster box and while I'm going to keep the exact contents to myself, at least for the time being, I will say that the 36 packs were each[...]
"Game Grumps" Hosts Play "Magic: The Gathering"
From their Core 2019 commercial tying into their software interface Magic: The Gathering: Arena (wherein they hired Danny Trejo for a spot in the advertisement) to the addition of NFL athlete Cassius Marsh, linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, to the Command Zone's "Game Knights" videos, Magic has had its share of celebrity appearances. Source: The Grumps (YouTube) Therefore,[...]
Throne of Eldraine art
I want to take this opportunity as well to make sure you remember that, if you play Magic: The Gathering: Arena, the event that started yesterday is still going on Therein, you can play any and all cards that are in the new Standard environment! I played Esper Control for a bit before switching into mono-red[...]
"Magic: the Gathering" Enacts Comprehensive and "Oracle" Rules Changes
For example, The Grand Calcutron is now a card with, in addition to its original text, Oracle text that reads "The Grand Calcutron can be your commander." – which even then is not something Wizards of the Coast does to black-bordered cards (they have since apologized to the Nephilim cycle). Wait… What? Source: Wizards of the[...]
"Korvold, Fae-Cursed King" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"
In fact, they've already released in on their software interface, Magic: The Gathering: Arena! The set will release on October 4th of this year, with prerelease events beginning tomorrow, September 27th and lasting through the 29th. Source: Wizards of the Coast Coinciding with the Throne of Eldraine general set release, conveniently enough, is the release of Magic's[...]
Enjoying Arena, and How You Should Too - "Magic: The Gathering"
Today, Wizards of the Coast released their newest expansion set for Magic: The Gathering, Throne of Eldraine, onto their gameplay interface software, Magic: The Gathering: Arena This release marks the 82nd full expansion set that Wizards has fully designed and developed for the game, but it also marks the sixth time that a set has been released[...]
"Magic: The Gathering Arena" Planning New Innovations for 2020
Starting this year, Collegiate Starleague, the world's premier collegiate esports organization, is bringing Magic: The Gathering: Arena into its roster of league games According to CSL, "For the first time, Magic: The Gathering Arena will be among CSL's offerings with a scholarship prize pool of $50,000 up for grabs, the largest in CSL this year." Source: Wizards[...]