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Zip Comics #2 featuring the Black Knight (MLJ, 1940)
One of the MLJ superhero line's most interesting bad guys, The Black Knight was a powerful and dangerous supervillain who debuted in Zip Comics #1 and returned for revenge in Zip Comics #2 — and beyond "The Death-Master of the Underworld" as he was called, the Black Knight was a ruthless leader and super-scientist with[...]
Cover image for Death of Doctor Strange: X-Men/Black Knight #1
In Death of Doctor Strange: X-Men/Black Knight #1, the titular Black Knight body-shames the X-Men for not looking like their swimsuit issue photos Check out the preview below. Death of Doctor Strange: X-Men/Black Knight #1 by Si Spurrier & Bob Quinn, cover by Cory Smith LONDON'S BURNING! THE BLACK KNIGHTS RIDE AGAIN! All manner of vile extradimensional foes[...]
The Avengers #47 (Marvel, 1967) featuring Dane Whitman.
The Black Knight has a long and complicated history in Marvel comic books, through three different versions of the character.  The first version debuted in 1955 in his own series, likely inspired by the 1954 Alan Ladd movie of the same name.  A different Black Might surfaced eight years later as an Iron Man villain[...]
Who Is Dane Whiteman, The Black Knight, Anyway?
Atlas Comics, the name of the publishing company who would become Marvel Comics, first published The Black Knight #1 in 1955, six years before the Marvel Universe would properly kick off with Fantastic Four #1 It looks to have been inspired by the Alan Ladd film The Black Knight — in production throughout 1954 and released in[...]
Black Knight #1 (Atlas, 1955).
When we think about 1950s comic books, we often think about a decade initially dominated by crime, science fiction, and horror, then crushed by the Comics Code, and finally reborn as an industry with superheroes again ascendant by the end of the decade.  But it didn't go quite like that.  The Comics Code had been[...]
Black Knight #5 Booms On eBay
Black Knight #5, the final issue of the series by Si Spurrier and Sergio Davila, was published by Marvel Comics last week, and… odds are it's getting a second printing Why? Because the four buck comic is now selling multiple copies on eBay for $16 with the 1:25 variant cover selling for $50 And it's[...]
Cover image for MAY210642 BLACK KNIGHT CURSE OF THE EBONY BLADE #5 (OF 5), by (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Sergio Davila (CA) Iban Coello, in stores Wednesday, July 28, 2021 from MARVEL COMICS
Things are looking pretty grim in this preview of Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #5, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Comics With the Ebony Crown on his head, Mordred is feeding off the energy of the world's most miserable people And in the Marvel Universe, where super-mega-crossover events are shaking the entire world[...]
Cover image for APR210922 BLACK KNIGHT CURSE OF THE EBONY BLADE #4 (OF 5), by (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Sergio Davila (CA) Iban Coello, in stores Wednesday, June 30, 2021 from MARVEL COMICS
Things look dire for the titular Black Knight in this preview of Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #4 First of all, the Black Knight really can't hold his liquor if he's passing out after just one drink from the Ebony Chalice Secondly, Elsa Bloodstone just got the bloodstone she wanted… and now she's[...]
But who knew Mordred was a sexist too? Just watch as he declares that swords are weapons only for men in this preview of Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #3! BLACK KNIGHT CURSE EBONY BLADE #3 (OF 5) MARVEL COMICS MAR210581 MAR210582 – BLACK KNIGHT CURSE EBONY BLADE #3 (OF 5) DAVILA VAR – $3.99 (W) Simon Spurrier[...]
When Tom King Pitched For Black Knight
It was for Black Knight The comic was never published because Marvel sadly collapsed a bit that year I thought comics were dead and got a job in DC at the Justice Department." When Tom King Sold An Unpublished Black Knight Story To Marvel Not an April Fool, as in February 2017, he also tweeted  "My first[...]
King In Black - Reptil Returns, X-Men Teleport And Black Knighting
Or all look like Pterodons. King In Black: Spider-Man It could be worse, you could be Dale Whitman, The Black Knight Who seems to be being set up at a right unpopular dick. Black Knight #1 As it seems that the events of The King In Black have doubled down on just how much of a problem he really[...]
Black Knight #1 Auction Happening Right Now At Heritage Auctions
A few months ago, we told you to start snapping up copies of Black Knight #1 from Atlas Comics Now, this is no easy task, as it is a tough book to get But when we told you that, Eternals has yet to be postponed by Marvel Studios That means you still have time before[...]
Black Knight
It looks like it will be Stephanie Hans Day on Bleeding Cool today! She has created a pentatych of covers for the upcoming Black Knight: Curse Of The Ebony Blade And Marvel comics is showing off the first three. "When I was offered the opportunity to do these five iconic covers for Black Knight: Curse Of[...]
Thank FOC It's 19th February 2021
And for every 20 copies ordered, retailers get 20 signed bookplates Maria Llovet's Eros/Psyche #1 is launching from Ablaze with 1:10, 1:20 and 1:30 tiered variants. Bequest #1 by Tim Seeley and Freddie Williams II may be a blockbuster of a book – don't let being published by AfterShock mean you miss out on this one. Invincible #1[...]
King In Black
And he has gone through some, shall we say, changes, since we last met him. But this seemed rather nicely timed with the launch of The King In Black: Black Knight #1 this week, drawn by Jesus Saiz. King In Black: The Black Knight #1 Including not just one plug for Reddit forums… King In Black: The Black Knight[...]
Si Spurrier and
Following January's King In Black: Black Knight one-shot in January (previewed here and here), writer Si Spurrier will launch a new series Black Knight: Curse Of The Ebony Blade Ahead of the character's appearance in the upcoming The Eternals movie played by Kit Harington, it will also see Wonder Woman artist Sergio Dávila, making his[...]
King In Black Previewed
Who is the fourth warrior? Jason Aaron and Torunn Gronbekk team up with artist Nina Vakueva for a story that will rock the foundations of the Marvel Universe! Rated T+In Shops: Jan 06, 2021 SRP: $3.99 DEADPOOL #10 KIB MARVEL COMICS NOV200484 (W) Kelly Thompson (A) Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Chris Bachalo KING OF THE MONSTERS VERSUS KING OF THE DRAGONS! •  An[...]
Savage Avengers #14 Review: Just Short Of Greatness
The two of them feel like they might be a little underpowered to take on something with a challenge rating of 24, so they go recruit some help: Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, and Cain Marko, the unstoppable Juggernaut.  The cover of Savage Avengers #14 Credit: Marvel Despite a few challenges, Gerry Duggan's script delivers on a[...]
Four Page Preview Of King In Black #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman
It's Black Knight time! Si Spurrier is currently gloriously desecrating the hallowed halls of Great Britain with an Arthurian bent where even the demons are in rebellion at the grotesqueness of it all, in Hellblazer for DC Comics But DC has decided that they don't want any of that any more… so maybe Si Spurrier[...]
Simon Spurrier and Jesus Saiz Bring the Black Knight to King In Black
But he can still bring another legacy British character to the fore in the upcoming King In Black (even though Dane was born in the wrong Gloucester).  With Jesus Saiz, creating a Black Knight story for King In Black The Avenger and Otherworld resident has "Black" in his name, so along with Black Cat, you[...]
Empyre: Avengers #2 Review
The just barely unified forces of the Kree and the Skrull, ancestral enemies bound together to fight the common threat of the Coati, face motley collections of heroes and vigilantes trying to hold the line with no idea of the end game. Jim Zub's script has a number of entertaining moments, and his dialogue sparkles as[...]
Snag A CGC Copy Of Black Knight #1 Before Eternals Hype At Heritage
Black Knight is appearing in Marvel Studios Eternals film, and you all know what that means Key books starring the characters from the film are about to jump in price Black Knight is being played by Kit Harington, he of Game of Thrones fame, sure to add to the fever on the character's keys One[...]
Kit Harrington
Dale Whitman is, as any fule kno, the Black Knight, medieval superhero character dragged to the present day, and originally created for Marvel's Avengers title in the 60s by Roy Thomas, George Tuska and  John Verpoorten. We also have Sersi played by Gemma Chan, Druid played by Barry Keoghan, and Angelina Jolie on stage, But all[...]
McFarlane Toys Fortnite Figures
Check them all out below and preorder them right here. Black Knight Figure The Black Knight is here to save your collection from utter despair. PRODUCT FEATURES Design directly sculpted and painted from in-game assets. Hyper-Articulated (18+ points) – perfect for emote posing. Comes complete with the Black Shield Back Bling. Equipped with the Grenade Launcher. Harvest your materials with the Axecalibur Harvesting Tool. Black[...]
Hasbro Marvel legends Avengers Wave 2 1
Black Knight comes with three heads, so you can have whatever version of him you want on your collection shelf The chainmail is very detailed, and I love when they texture figure parts like this His cape is a little cumbersome, but the rest of the figure is so great I forgive it Malekith is[...]
Avengers Infinity War Marvel Legends Waves 1 and 2 Fully Revealed
Comic figures are an updated Black Knight and a repaint of last year's SDCC exclusive Malekith figure from the Mighty Thor set While not confirmed, the build a figure looks to be Cull Obsidian from Infinity War, who looks pretty badass. Overall these are two strong waves of figures for both comic and MCU collectors alike[...]
marvel legends spider
Other mutant figures coming out include Storm, yellow suit Wolverine, Sabertooth, Multiple Man, Magneto, and Psylocke, with a build-a-figure of Apocalypse. Black Knight, Gladiator, and Malekith will all be coming in a wave as well, with the movie Ant-Man and Wasp. Logan will be the third and final figure in the Riders series that also featured Black[...]
Avengers Academy Includes Openly Gay Superhero
During this event, Black Knight has been driven mad by the Ebony Blades curse, and the Avengers must free British superheroes Captain Britain and Union Jack to help combat him and cure him (and thus also recruit Black Knight too). And what has been rather wonderful, especially with this event falling on Pride Month, is that[...]
Marvel Comics Cancels The Black Knight – What's Next?
Reading the Amazon solicitations like tea leaves the other week, we noted that it appeared that a few Marvel titles showed the signs of being about to be cancelled. Extra issues, or surprisingly few issues being added to upcoming trade paperbacks, and he removal of Volume 1 from some of them… And The Black Knight was one of[...]