Toy Fair New York: Marvel Legends Reign Supreme, Celebrating 10 Years of the MCU

Hasbro held their Brand Preview for Toy Fair New York this afternoon, and we got a look at a bunch of new Marvel Legends figures that will be shipping throughout the year. The coolest announcement was the Ten Year Anniversary of Marvel Legends line, featuring their new face printing tech. Man, do these look great, and it features so many much-needed characters to finish out collections. Awesome to see Sif, Yellow Jacket, Red Skull, and another shot at the Hulkbuster for those of us who didn't complete the build a figure.

Another wave of Spider-Man figures will be coming this year, with a build-a-figure of Spider-Verse character SPDR. Doctor Ock looks incredible, along with Cloak and Dagger. Cloak can be removed from his body so he is just a floating head and cape. Should make for some interesting posing. Throw in an All-New All-Different version of Daredevil and a classic Elektra as well.

A second wave of Deadpool Legends will come out this year as well, featuring Omega Red, Bishop, Pantsless Deadpool, and X-Men Deadpool. The build a figure here was confirmed to be a massive version of Sauron. Other mutant figures coming out include Storm, yellow suit Wolverine, Sabertooth, Multiple Man, Magneto, and Psylocke, with a build-a-figure of Apocalypse.

Black Knight, Gladiator, and Malekith will all be coming in a wave as well, with the movie Ant-Man and Wasp.

Logan will be the third and final figure in the Riders series that also featured Black Widow and Ghost Rider. A wave of symbiotes galore will be out in time for the Venom film. Venom and Carnage will have swappable heads with the symbiotes peeled back. Joining them are Scream and Poison, with Spider-Ham getting in on the action.

The role play arm of Legends also expands with a Black Panther helmet and the Infinity Gauntlet we have been telling you about.

Check out all the figures down below!



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