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Ghost Rider's Debut Just Keeps Selling, ComicConnect Has One Today
Like this CGC 9.4 copy at ComicConnect, a fantastic copy of this huge key book What is super cool about this one is that it is the old CGC label That is always super neat to see This is sitting at $7500 as of this writing But, for a copy like this, that is to[...]
Detective Comics #27, Just The Back Cover, At $353 At ComicConnect
The debut of Batman is something every comic collector wants but would pay a premium for maybe one page of it? Or maybe say…the back cover graded by CGC? One such example is taking bids at ComicConnect today, and well, some people want it because it is currently sitting at $353 See what over $300[...]
Daredevil #1 CGC 9.0 Already At $20,000 At ComicConnect
This copy, a CGC 9.0 at ComicConnect, is not only gorgeous but is already at $20,000 as of this writing Expect that number to be a lot higher than that by the time this is all said and done Take a look down below at the Daredevil goodness. Credit ComicConnect Daredevil Debuts And Everyone Wants It "Jack Kirby/Bill[...]
Fantastic Four #10, Signed By Stan Lee, At ComicConnect
I certainly do not have a copy as nice as this copy, which is on auction at ComicConnect Not only is this a CGC 8.0 copy, but this is a Signature Series copy Who signed it? None other than Stan Lee this is the highest grade Signature Series of this book on the census and[...]
Superman Battles Brainiac For The First Time, On Auction Today
On auction at ComicConnect right now is an affordable CGC 2.5 copy of Action Comics #242, his debut, and also the debut of the bottle city of Kandor This is a classic issue, this one is currently at $320 as of this writing, so some of us could afford to buy it Check it out[...]
Kamala Khan Debuts As Ms. Marvel, On Auction At ComicConnect
This is her first full appearance, and a really nice CGC 9.4 is taking bids right now at ComicConnect The best part about this copy is that it is only sitting at $70 right now, perfect to grab if you need it for your collection or to try and flip Check out Kamala Khan's debut[...]
Kraven The Hunter Is Hot, On Auction At ComicConnect
A nice CGC 6.0 copy is taking bids at ComicConnect today, and the fact that it is already at $1,050 speaks to how in demand this book is right now Check out the Kraven The Hunter goodness down below. Credit ComicConnect Kraven The Hunter Goes In Front Of Cameras Soon "Ditko cvr/art; 1st app of Kraven the Hunter;[...]
Original Artwork From Jim Starlin Getting Major Bids At Auction
ComicConnect is running a stunning auction of original comic book artwork going under the hammer today That includes a number of pieces of work by Jim Starlin, including a rather notable cover that has been piling on the bids. After leaving the Navy as a photographer Jim Starlin began his career in comic books where he[...]
Teen Titans Original Artwork By George Pérez Up For Auction
But it's a page of original artwork from his Teen Titans run that is up for auction from ComicConnect today, along with lots of other rare and desirable original comics artwork going under the hammer in a few hours. Teen Titans Original Artwork By George Pérez Up For Auction George Pérez pencils/Romeo Tanghal inks; page 23; 1982;[...]
Bernie Wrightson Batman, Freak Show, Frankenstein Original Art Auction
ComicConnect is running a stunning auction of original comic book artwork going under the hammer today, including more original art pages of Bernie Wrightson than I've ever seen in one place. Starting out as an amateur, a meeting with Frank Frazetta at a comic convention in 1967 inspired Bernie Wrightson to pursue his dream of becoming[...]
Simpsons Fans, A Graded Copy Of Krusty's Funhouse Is On Aucition
This copy is taking bids at ComicConnect right now and is a VGA graded 85 Right now, this one is a steal at $15 as of this writing, though it is sure to shoot up from there before all is said and done Check it out below. Credit ComicConnect Simpsons Fans Are Crazy About Stuff Like This "85;[...]
Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Graded Copy At $550 And Climbing
You can see how in-demand they are by how much this graded 8.5 copy is selling for on ComicConnect right now Sitting at a whopping $550 and heading upwards, this is one of the standouts of this entire auction You can see it below. Credit ComicConect Legend Of Zelda Going Up, Up, Up "A+ Seal Rating; First-party LRB[...]
Six Copies Of 1963's X-Men #1 Go Under The Hammer Today
Six copies of X-Men #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are going under the hammer at ComicConnect today, all CGC graded, in a variety of grades There's an X-Men #1 for every price pocket… let's check them all out The first appearances of Professor X, Magneto, Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Iceman, and Jean Grey… This first[...]
Todd McFarlane's First Batman Cover Graded & Up For Auction
Up for auction today is a CGC 9.2 copy of the McFarlane cover, over at ComicConnect As of this writing, it is only at $32, but expect that to shoot up fast People are being priced out of higher grades and starting to but these lower-tier 9.0's and higher Check it out below. Credit ComicConnect Who Doesn't Want[...]
Sealed TMNT Technodome Is Taking Bids At ComicConnect
That is exactly why this example, on auction at ComicConnect, is going to end up selling for a ton of money As of this writing, it is only at $397, a number that is well, well below what they usually go for The Technodrome usually sells in the $2000-3000 range sealed, if not more and[...]