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Bungie Shows Off Destiny 2: Beyond Light's Weapons & Gear
Bungie has revealed new pictures and some information on the weapons and gear you'll find in Destiny 2: Beyond Light Since you're going to be on a planet with the climate of six Antarctica's on top of each other in the middle of space, the gear and weapons you'll need to survive there are crucial[...]
Destiny 2's Festival Of The Lost Returns On October 6th
It's the haunting season, and that can only mean one thing for Destiny 2 players, as the Festival Of The Lost has returned to the game Eva Levante will be waiting in the Tower for Guardians of all stripe to partake in the festivities in costume and celebrate the lives and memories of those who[...]
Bungie Shows Off More Of Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Bungie dropped a brand new trailer today for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, as they decided to explore more of the moon Europa The trailer, which you can check out at the bottom, explores more of the areas around the moon and gives a little more perspective to the environment you'll be encountering Not to mention[...]
Destiny 2 Hunter Sovereign Heroes Get New Threezero Figures
Threezero has announced two brand new figures from the hit Bungie video game Destiny 2 The Hunter Sovereign class has been selected and they feature some very rare shader designs Each figure will stand 12" tall, will have fabric elements integrated into their outfits, and will feature a shader from Destiny 2's first Raid Golden[...]
Bungie Shows Off More Of Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Bungie has revealed a little more info this week about Destiny 2: Beyond Light, including a bit about the new elemental power being added to the game According to the latest tidbits of info released, players will be able to harness the Darkness as their Guardians can unleash Stasis This will give them the ability[...]
Destiny 2: Beyond Light Will Be Released On September 22
Bungie dropped a massive reveal today as details have finally emerged about Destiny 2: Beyond Light, which will arrive on September 22nd The next expansion for the game will focus on a single evolving world, created specifically for this expansion as well as their Season Of Arrivals, which will continue the thread of the Guardians[...]
Destiny 2's Rasputin defeated the Almighty in a lengthy show.
Destiny 2's current season is about to come to an end But before that happens, some housecleaning had to occur this weekend: namely, the Cabal's ship The Almighty had to be destroyed Over the last few weeks, the ship has been traveling at a slow speed toward both the Last City and the Traveler The[...]
Destiny 2 2020 Guardian Games
This week, competition among players in Destiny 2 is going to get a little higher as Bungie has launched the Guardian Games This is your chance to show off which class is the best as Update 2.8.1 launches the new competition in which all three will be battling against each other On top of this,[...]
"Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" Receives A New Launch Trailer
If you think just because Bungie is no longer working with Activision that Destiny 2 is free of problems, guess again as a new update caused more headaches The company released an update without any warning to the community that essentially updated the stat tracking function on emblems Basically, they were trying to make it[...]
"Destiny 2"
This week, Bungie revealed a short list of items of what would be coming to Destiny 2's Season Of The Worthy and what players can expect from the game There wasn't of a ton of info storyline-wise, but we got the gist of it with the return of Trials Of Osiris, new weapons and armor[...]
"Destiny 2" Is Finally Bringing Back The Trials Of Osiris
Some cool news for Destiny 2 players as the devs are officially bringing back Trials of Osiris, and it will happen during Season of the Worthy The PvP mode that was super popular in the original game is making a comeback, as players can now put together their favorite three-person team for 3-v-3 battles The[...]
Destiny 2 ThreeZero Figures Pre-Orders Finally Go Live
Destiny 2 isn't dead just yet and ThreeZero is making sure of that with their new line of Guardian figures We had seen the first look at two of their upcoming figures and now it looks like preorders are finally going live They will be priced at $199 which seems a little steep but these[...]
Threezero Shows off Their Upcoming “Destiny 2” Figures [First Look]
This means that Threezero has taken over the Destiny collectibles, and we finally get a first look at their next Destiny 2 1/6 scale figures We are greeted with a single first look image from ThreeZero but is show plenty This time we are getting too special armor sets with special shaders on them, and as a gamer, the[...]
"Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" Receives A New Launch Trailer
Before Bungie releases the latest expansion to Destiny 2 and somehow turns the name of it into Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the devs released a launch trailer Enjoy the new missions, new sights to see, new gear to snag, and all the fun of trying to get all your friends on the same page without dying[...]