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Geoff Johns and Gary Franks' Batman Earth One Vol 3 For October 2021
Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have only just announced their new series from Image Comics, Geiger, out in February 2021 But, Frank has also been spending the first lockdown working on the Batman: Earth One original graphic novel and probably some of the second lockdown too And now scheduled for June next year… which might[...]
Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's New Comic, Geiger, From Image in April
When Geoff Johns left DC Comics as Chief Creative Officer, he stated that DC Comics would be publishing a number of creator-owned comic book series under his imprint Killing Zone – and one would be with his Doomsday Clock and Earth One: Batman collaborator, Gary Frank Well, things change And now Geoff Johns and Gary[...]
Alan Scott, Green Lantern, as a Gay Man in the 1940s
And before you knew it, it was official. Since then we have seen Doomsday Clock from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, see Dr Manhattan as the individual responsible for wiping out such timelines and killing Alan Scott in the process. With the conclusion seeing Dr Manhattan moving things back again. Justice League #32 written by James Tynion IV[...]
Diane Nelson's #ComicWritersChallenge Gets a $20,000 Bid on Final Day
One of the final pages of DC Rebirth by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, Batman discovering the Watchmen smiley face button that began Watchmen #1, embedded in the Batcave wall How it got there would only be explained years later in Doomsday Clock by the same creative team And it just got a Jim Lee[...]
James Tynion IV is twiddling his Batman thumbs
Right now I have lettering for a Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special Alan Scott story with Gary Frank art that I keep having to pinch myself to remember that it's all real" However it is real, and he provides proof. James Tynion IV and Gary Frank on Alan Scott James Tynion IV and Gary Frank on Alan[...]
Will Doomsday Clock #12 Bring Back Ma and Pa Kent to Superman? (Spoilers)
I can't even say for sure whose idea it was, what's that going to be, what's it going to be for Ma and Pa Kent?" Originally Clark Kent's adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, died when he was young, shortly after his graduation. In the post-Crisis reboot by John Byrne, his parents were de-aged and were alive[...]
Is Doomsday Clock Based on a Massive Plothole?
The TV series runs in an odd parallel to the other unauthorized sequel, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's miniseries Doomsday Clock We're one issue away from the final issue of Doomsday Clock I finally read the issues out so far and felt that something was missing Actually, I found a lot of things lacking but[...]
Doomsday Clock #12 – In Or Out Of Continuity?
Doomsday Clock #12, the final issue of the unauthorised comic book sequel to Watchmen by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, published by DC Comics, will be out on the penultimate Wednesday of 2019 Just in time for Christmas Day And in the wake of the unauthorised TV sequel on HBO So, yes, that will continue[...]
DC Comics' Full Solicitations for December 2019 -
But, yes, as we noted, DC Comics' December 2019 solicitations indicate that Doomsday Clock #12 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank will be out before the end of the year And given that issue 11 came out a couple of weeks ago, and given the many delays, that's probably a reasonable schedule without any further[...]
Doomsday Clock #10 Pushed Back to "In Our Hearts All Along"
"It's always been right here, inside of us, the whole time." As a result of further delays to Doomsday Clock #10, subsequent issues of the series will also be pushed back, with Doomsday Clock #11 now scheduled for release "when monkeys fly out of our butts" and Doomsday Clock #12 set to come out in "time[...]
Doomsday Clock #6 cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson
Nigma and the rogues are trying to come up with a plan to deal with the increased pressure brought on by the "Superman Theory," but, before they can get very far, the Comedian arrives and begins gunning down everyone in sight. Doomsday Clock #6 cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson I can say with confidence that[...]
Doomsday Clock #5 cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson
Johnny Thunder is feeling called to the All-American Steel Factory and escapes his nursing home. Doomsday Clock #5 cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson Doomsday Clock #5 is perhaps the most engaging issue for me in this story thus far That's not to say that I'm in love with this installment, and I still find myself[...]