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'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Season 3: Series' Final Run Begins June 14th [VIDEO]
While very little else is known about the upcoming final season of Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones, there are two clear takeaways from the following date announcement video released by the streaming service on Tuesday First, the season arrives on Friday, June 14th [Ed Note: We were right!!!] – and the second? Unfortunately for Jessica (Krysten[...]
'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Season 3: Netflix Teases Final Season "Coming Soon"
While fans who are eagerly awaiting the news as to when they'll be able to cast their eyeballs onto the third and final season of Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones are still left scratching their heads over an exact date, the streaming service did tease out some new key art to show that they haven't forgotten[...]
David Tennant Talks Doctor Who, Kilgrave, and Podcasts at C2E2
And next week, the show features Jessica Jones co-star Krysten Ritter. Speaking of, Tennant next discussed the character Kilgrave from Jessica Jones Tennant said that everything about the character was just right there on the page What particularly struck him was the idea of how a person would deal with power like that and that anyone[...]
[SXSW 2019] David Tennant Talks 'Jessica Jones', Season 3 Absence, 'Good Omens'
David Tennant, who played one the most intimidating and powerful villains of the Marvel Defenders universe as the mind-controlling Kilgrave, is grateful for the time he had on Marvel's Jessica Jones amidst its cancellation on Netflix. MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES Tennant spoke to Entertainment Weekly while promoting his latest Amazon Prime series Good Omens during South By Southwest,[...]
David Tennant On 'Who' Culture, Jodie Whittaker, 'Good Omens' and More
I'm hugely proud of how successful she's been." When it came to the backlash against her casting, Tennant scoffed at the notion of Who being too "politically correct": "Is it possible to be too politically correct? What does that even mean? Inclusivity has always been one of Doctor Who's strengths." Tennant is set to have Whittaker[...]
Wade Wilson Gets Hard Boiled in Next Week's Deadpool #9
You see, Deadpool is teaming up with Jessica Jones in this issue, so it's when he visits the offices of Alias Investigations that the mood to channel his inner Philip Marlowe strikes him But as for Jessica, well, she's not into this nonsense at all. As it turns out, someone has stolen Deadpool's heart Literally[...]
Doctor Who: David Tennant Does Want to Go… Create His Own Podcast
He's been Killgrave in Netflix's Jessica Jones, voiced Scrooge McDuck in an updated Ducktales animated series He's currently starring in HBO's painfully unfunny remake of Julia Davis' comedy Camping, and about to co-star with Michael Sheen in Amazon Studios' upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens. And somehow in between all this, he's launched a podcast –[...]
Daredevil: Vincent D'Onofrio Willing to Make Offer Netflix Can't Refuse to Save Series
Following the "disappearance" of The Defenders and the abrupt cancellations of Iron Fist and Luke Cage shortly after their second seasons, the streaming service dropped their biggest bombshell by giving "The Man Without Fear" the ax only a month after the release of the third season – which many consider the series' best. can't be loaded[...]
Defenders Avengers
Appears an update about the future of Netflix's Marvel's The Defenders has shed a whole lot of light on the near-future lives of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones Entertainment news agency Variety reported exclusively earlier today that the deal for the original four Marvel shows included a clause that prevented the characters from[...]