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First Preview Of Esad Ribic’s Art In The Eternals #1 For December
The Eternals #1 is coming from Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic in December from Marvel Comics Here's a look ahead at what one might expect No words, just pictures, that'll do for now, folks… First Preview Of Esad Ribic's Art In The Eternals #1 For November First Preview Of Esad Ribic's Art In The Eternals #1 For[...]
Ludocrats #4 Review: Fun, From Top To Bottom
That's an enormously tricky narrative feat to pull off, and the script from Jim Rossignol and Kieron Gillen make it look effortless. Then there's this literal bombardment of wonderful, ridiculous, and interesting ideas, Gatling gunned at the reader without pause or context, all expanding the mad scope of this wonderful continuity This preposterous parade of possibility[...]
Marvel Launches Eternals in November With Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic
Not a bit of it, Marvel is launching a new Eternals series by A-Listers Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic. And they have given up waiting on the schedule of the movie, currently in February. Kieron is well known for co-creating The Wicked + The Divine, Star Wars' Doctor Aphra, Phonogram, Die, recently returning to Marvel Comics for[...]
Die #12 Review: Ill-Considered Last Page Reveal
RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. Die #12 By Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans 'THE GREAT GAME,' Part Two-Designer Sid Meier described games as a series of interesting decisions 'May you live in interesting times' is a curse Both things are true, and both are true here. From its inception, Die #12 has played fast and loose with the pop culture strings of[...]
Ludocrats #3 Review: Who Would Ignore A Sensible Plan?
Yes, my mistake." The writing from Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossignol is a delicate balance of madness and clarity, and it cannot be stressed enough that it's never an easy thing to do Add to that the literal building busting visuals, the clever quips, the mad metaplot, there's really only one word for a book like[...]
Kieron Gillen has been talking (lots) about picking up the Warhammer… hammer at Marvel Comics, a new comic book line based on the RPG from Games Workshop, of which he has talked a lot in the pub and occasionally brought along painted figures On his newsletter, he revealed it was the real name for his[...]
DIE #11 Review: Literary And Engaging
If you have no idea what's going on and have never read this work, you're gonna be completely lost and have no idea what in the name of Gary Gygax is going on here. The cover of DIE #11 published by Image Comics with the creative team of Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, and Clayton Cowles. From the[...]
Kieron Gillen and Jacen Burrows Create Warhammer 40K Comics For Marvel
Last September the news came that Marvel had the comic book license, secured we later learnt by Marvel publisher John Nee, formerly of WildStorm, Warners, Cryptozoic and with most excellent contacts. A year later, the first book will be published, Warhammer 40K: Marneus Calgar in October, from tabletop and RPG gaming obsessive Kieron Gillen, writer of[...]
Ludocrats #2 Review — Professionals At Work Here
Kieron Gillen, Tamra Bonvillain … names you've seen a lot. The rest of the team aren't exactly slouches and this … well … Baron Otto Von Subertan is quite a figure — his Volstagg-ian proportions are only dwarfed by his deep devotion to being a Ludocrat, someone who rules but is never boring To say he is[...]
Ludocrats #1 Review -- "The Craziest Damned Thing To Happen This Year"
Where to begin? Well, this is less a script from talented scribe Kieron Gillen and more of a felonious assault on the collective psyche with a fully automatic dictionary Words are wielded like waves by a tsunami: for example, the elegant evil of Voldigan the Perdifous would make Starscream swoon with jealousy He's not even[...]
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But months later, Doctor Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora's Once & Future #1 debuted, setting a company record for it's biggest creator-owned launch and joining its prestigious 50K club. Netflix Speculators Pay $200 for Gillen and Mora's Once & Future #1 Art from Boom Studios. Even with full returnability and retailers ordering at record-breaking numbers for a[...]
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I was in the pub last night with Kieron Gillen and friends He said something very funny about his upcoming series from Image Comics, Ludocrats, but I can't remember what it was Anyway, it's inspired me to run this Brief History Of Kieron Gillen, what with Ludocrats #1 being FOC'ed this weekend. A Brief History Of[...]
When Warren Ellis Made a Bot Think Kieron Gillen Had Died (He Hasn't)
Not every site is so circumspect, especially when it comes to announcing deaths. That's where comic book writer and bon vivant, Dr Kieron Gillen found himself last week He has posted a slide from his Guardian Masterclass on comic book writing, pointing out the very real dichotomy between writer and artist in comics, and realising what[...]