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Soul Review: Pixar Hits It Out of the Freaking Park Yet Again
Soul is yet another homerun not just for director Pete Docter, who is almost scary good at this point, but also one of Pixar's best. Director: Pete Docter and Kemp Powers Summary:  A musician who has lost his passion for music is transported out of his body and must find his way back with the help of an[...]
Death on the Nile, Free Guy Get New Release Date, More Disney Changes
© 2020 Disney/Pixar All Rights Reserved | Raya and the Last Dragon poster Credit: Disney | Death on the Nile poster Credit: 20th Century Studios/Disney Let's look at the delayed entries for 20th Century Studios first. Death on the Nile and Free Guy were the final nails in the coffin for Disney having any sort of foothold in[...]
Bob Scott's Bear With Me, Not Announced By Pixar – Yet
Amongst all the Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Fox and Pixar news announced by Bob Iger, Kevin Feige and friends last night in the Disney Investors Call, there was one announcement that was egregiously missing Only because technically it wasn't actually a Disney/Pixar project But it was close enough, so why quibble over split, perfectly realised[...]
Marvel, Pixar, Alien Star Wars Headlines From Disney Investment Call
Marvel and Monica Rambeau Confirmed for Captain Marvel 2 Marvel Studios Officially Announces a Fantastic Four Movie Two New Pixar Films: Turning Red, Lightyear W/Chris Evans Announced America Chavez Confirmed for the Doctor Strange Sequel Disney Announces a New Animated Film, Encanto Patty Jenkins to Direct a New Star Wars Movie called Rogue Squadron Raya and the Last Dragon Coming to[...]
Two New Pixar Films: Turning Red, Lightyear W/Chris Evans Announced
Two new Pixar films are coming in 2022, announced today during the Disney Investors Day this evening The first is an all-new original film titled Turning Red, a story about a 13-year-old girl that, when things get too much, turns into a giant red cat It looks super adorable, and from the description, it sounds[...]
How Kid Screenings Impacted the Story of Soul
Pixar is a studio that knows how to family films and Soul isn't any different One of the reasons Pixar works so well at making family films is because they don't treat kids like small, dumb adults. In Disney and Pixar's "Soul," a middle-school band teacher named Joe finds himself in The Great Before—a fantastical place where[...]
Soul: Kemp Powers Talks About the Importance of the Cultural Trust
It's kind of amazing and then depressing when you sit down and realize that one of the things that makes the upcoming Soul unique is that it's the first time Pixar has had a black lead in one of their films When it comes to proper representation, it is absolutely imperative that there is representation on[...]
Disney Announces that Pixar's Soul Will Stream to Disney+
Then, on Christmas Day, Pixar's latest film will skip theaters and debut on Disney+, with Soul dropping on the service at no extra charge Other adds include Ralph Breaks the Internet, Eddie the Eagle, and Into the Woods You can see everything coming in December down below.   A look at the Disney+ logo (Image: Disney) December 4 Anastasia Big Big[...]
Inside Pixar Trailer Released By Disney, Debuts On Plus Friday
A new docu-series about the inner workings at Pixar will debut on Disney+ this Friday Titled Inside Pixar, the series will be presented as "four collections with five short stories in each collection, centered around a central theme." The first collection releasing on Friday is "Inspired," exploring what sparks inspiration and the journey from idea[...]
Toy Story’s Andy Joins Buzz and Woody as Toy from Beast Kingdom
Coming out of the hit Disney and Pixar film, Toy Story, is the one and only Andy Andy Davis is the toy owner from the first three films, and Beast Kingdom has added him to their own growing toy line From their Dynamic 8ction Heroes line, is Andy Davis like you have never seen him[...]
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A cool new item has been released by Hasbro today as the company unveiled a brand new Monopoly focused on Pixar As you might suspect, the game is called Monopoly Pixar as they have taken the traditional game and thrown in a mix of Pixar references for everything This feels like one of those games[...]
Disney and Pixar Have Released a New Trailer for Soul
We've seen that happen to a few productions, and Pixar's Soul is the latest It was officially moved to Disney+ last week and was given a December 25th release date Disney and Pixar have dropped a new trailer for the new release. I got to see the first 40 minutes or so of Soul for the early[...]
Kung Fu Mulan: New Animated Movie Aims for More Authenticity
In this new animated version, Mulan is shown as a talented martial arts fighter, a trope present in many of the movies, rather than the ridiculous version of "chi" in the new Disney version giving her superpowers. Commenters said that despite the huge success of Coloroom Studios' Nezha last year and the same studio's Zhang Ziya:[...]
How Kid Screenings Impacted the Story of Soul
One of the things that makes Pixar great is that they don't talk down to the kids in the audience Something that a lot of animated movies seem to think is that kids are just small, dumb adults, but they have a very unique way of looking at the world When you're talking about a[...]