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Black Widow, Cruella Shift to Disney+ Hybrid Releases and More Delays
Cruella is still set to open on May 28th but will also be available on Premier Access on the same day. Luca, the next outing from Pixar, is going the same route as Soul That movie is going from a theatrical release to a straight Disney+ release with no extra fees on June 18th. "Today's announcement reflects our focus[...]
Disney Reveals the Cast of Pixar's Luca Plus a New Image
Disney and Pixar have shared the first trailer for their next animated feature Luca, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun On top of the new trailer, we also got a list of the cast and who they are playing, along with small character descriptions We also got a new image[...]
Pixar Drops the First Trailer for Their Next Feature Film Luca
Pixar has had kind of a weird year On Christmas, they dropped Soul directly onto Disney+ and became one of the bigger movies that dropped directly onto streaming from the House of Mouse It was one of the movies that people wondered was going to go to streaming or if they were going to keep it[...]
NASCAR Gets Animated As Mattel Announces Pixar’s Cars Crossover
Things are about to get animated as Disney and Pixar's Cars Week is back and just in time for the Daytona 500 This year Mattel has announced their partnership with NASCAR and that they are bringing some of your favorite NASCAR drivers into the world of Pixar's Cars This is an amazing crossover that adds[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Snags $5.5M in its 2nd Weekend, Soul Soars in China
Credit: Disney/Pixar These numbers are interesting because it does show a drop from the opening weekend The thing that HBO Max could really hurt for blockbusters is repeat viewings While the theatrical experience is great it's not something that everyone wants to experience every single time they see a movie For some, seeing a movie in[...]
What It Was Like Bringing an Authentic Feeling to Joe in Soul
That is something that the people behind Pixar's new movie were doing their best to avoid They brought on a massive cultural counsel to help them with the movie and brought on Kemp Powers as a co-writer and co-director However, there is one trope that the movie does fall into but to get into it, we[...]
[SPOILERS] Pixar Toyed With a Much Darker Ending for Soul
Sometimes a joke is a little too dark and too obscure for even Pixar, and this is the company that started off Up by cutting your heart out and laughing while you ugly cry Or maybe not There are some things that are a little much, and there was one joke, in particular, that was cut[...]
[SPOILERS] Pixar Toyed With a Much Darker Ending for Soul
When it comes to dealing with dark and deep themes and story points, Pixar is here to make you weep like a child No one has caused more people to help than Pete Docter between just Inside Out and Up With Soul there was a good chance that Pixar was going to explore some more deep and dark[...]
WW84 Hits $85M Worldwide While Soul Debuts to Strong Word of Mouth
©2020 Disney/Pixar All rights reserved. Soul might have released on Disney+ in the states, but it did open in theaters in ten territories and pulled in a $7.6 million worldwide box office, with China making up $5.5 million of it, which is better than Onward did at the beginning of the year However, there is a[...]
Soul Review: Pixar Hits It Out of the Freaking Park Yet Again
Jamie Foxx is no stranger to animation, not by a longshot, but apparently, or at least according to his 11-year-old daughter; you haven't 'made it' until you've done a Pixar movie Foxx is voicing Joe Gardner in the upcoming Soul from Pixar, so apparently, he's finally made it in the eyes of his kids; so[...]
Soul: Director Pete Docter Talks Jamie Foxx's Boundless Energy
The ones that can do both tend to be amazing, and Jame Foxx is very much one of those actors. Soul director Pete Docter was asked during the virtual global press conference what it was like working with Foxx, and he cited an anecdote about another Pixar veteran. I remember Tom Hanks saying that he felt that voice[...]
How Kid Screenings Impacted the Story of Soul
In the case of Soul and Fey being brought on to voice 22, a soul that doesn't want to go down to Earth to live, she was curious to see what the legendary Pixar works from the inside During the virtual global press conference, Fey was asked about what it was like to work with[...]
Soul: Kemp Powers Talks About the Importance of the Cultural Trust
Pixar is taking steps in the right direction with Coco and now Soul, which is one of the rare times that black women specifically are shown on screen We got to attend the global virtual press conference for Soul, and Angela Bassett and Phylicia Rashad, who voice jazz musician Dorthea and Joe's mother Libba, respectively, were asked about portraying[...]