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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer: End of the Line for Morgan

Fans of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead were understandably concerned when news started coming down that The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond were facing some series delays. For TWD, it means fans have to wait until later this year to know how the tenth season's Whisperers War wraps up (and how Lauren […]

The Flash | Season 6 Episode 16 | So Long And Goodnight Promo | The CW

Could This Be "So Long and Goodnight" for "The Flash"? [PREVIEW]

Martin), unless some friendly faces have something to say about it - as you're about to see in the following promo: "The Flash" season 6, episode 16 "So Long and Goodnight": BLACK HOLE THREATENS JOE'S LIFE - After Black Hole hires Rag Doll (guest star Troy James) to kill Joe (Jesse L[...]


"Empire" Ending Series Run Early Over Coronavirus-Related Shutdown

Set for April 21, the wrap-up is expected to edit in footage from the 19th episode (partially filmed but never completed) to make for a more satisfying conclusion for fans.[caption id="attachment_1188217" align="alignnone" width="1280"] FOXTV[/caption]Here's a look at what the series has planned before it all comes to an end: here's a look at next week's[...]


"Lucifer": Did We Just Get An Unofficial Season 6 Greenlight Confirmation?

Heading into the beginning of March, things were looking good for Lucifer fans. Reports were already circulating that Netflix wanted more, then series co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson were signed to new deals. Then came even bigger news: Tom Ellis had reportedly finalized a deal that would bring him back for a sixth season. As […]

"The Flash" Season 6 "The Exorcism of Nash Wells": Cisco Introduces Barry to His New Speed Gauge [PREVIEW]

All rights reserved[/caption]Here's a look at that new preview for this week's episode of The Flash, "The Exorcism of Nash Wells" - followed by the promo and official preview images: "The Flash" season 6, episode 15 "The Exorcism of Nash Wells": A DANGEROUS NEW META HITS CENTRAL CITY – The Flash (Grant Gustin) takes on a dangerous[...]

"The Flash" Season 6 "Death of the Speed Force": Wally Feels Something Isn't Right [PREVIEW]

All rights reserved[/caption]Here's a look at a sneak preview, promo, and preview images for this week's episode, "Death of the Speed Force" (including one where Candice Patton's "Iris" looks like she's drinking that wine with her eyes): "The Flash" season 6, episode 14 "Death of the Speed Force": WALLY WEST SPEEDS BACK INTO CENTRAL CITY –[...]

"Supernatural" Season 15 "Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven": [PREVIEW]

"Lucifer" Star Tom Ellis Signs Season 6 Deal, Clearing Way for Netflix Greenlight

Reports that Netflix was actively pursuing a sixth season of Lucifer began making their way across the pop culture landscape last month, and got much closer to becoming a reality after co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson signed deals for a sixth season of the Warner Bros. TV series. Well, Lucifer fans need to amp up […]

"Supergirl" Star Melissa Benoist Posts Pregnancy Announcement

Melissa Benoist took to Instagram on Wednesday to drop a serious personal "spoiler": the Supergirl star is expecting her first child with husband Chris Wood (ABC's thirtysomething sequel series). Benoist and Wood married back in September 2019, and Wood returned to his role as Mon-El for the 100th Supergirl episode. No word yet from either […]

"The Flash" Season 6 "Grodd Friended Me": Grodd Only Knows What's Happening Here [PREVIEW]

especially with what "Iris" now has in her possession.Which leads us to this week's "Grodd Friended Me", which finds our Iris and Eva looking for a escape route while Barry faces two familiar villains - though we might have to reconsider our thoughts on one of them when they seek out Barry's help: "The Flash" season[...]

"The Flash" Season 6 "A Girl Named Sue" Will Turn Ralph's World Upside-Down [PREVIEW]

spinoff possibilities???Here's a look at the promo for "A Girl Named Sue" - but to see Ralph and Sue in action, check out the images that follow: "The Flash" season 6, episode 12 "A Girl Named Sue": WHEN RALPH MET SUE – After months of searching for Sue Dearbon (guest star Natalie Dreyfuss), Ralph (Hartley Sawyer)[...]