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Justice League of America #26 cover by Mikel Janin

Justice League of America #26 Review: Adding Depth to Lord Havok

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Lord Havok has returned to Angor through a portal made from Dreamslayer's body. Dreamslayer has recovered, and he and Batman immediately go after Havok. However, Black Canary notices that this battle is only angering the celestial Adjudicator. They will need to talk Lord Havok down to save Angor. Justice League of America #26 […]

JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 cover by Frank Quitely

JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 Review: Strange, Meta, Yet Still Clichéd

However, there is a hint of arrogance in Doom Patrol’s congratulating itself as the hero for “keeping DC weird.” Contrasting itself against the JLA is especially odd, because, despite the stories from Steve Orlando’s Justice League of America do tend to be fairly conventional, the team itself is quite diverse and odd compared to the[...]

young monsters in love

DC Announces $10 80-Page Monster Romance One-Shot From All-Star Lineup In February

The comic has an all star creative team including Paul Dini, James Robinson, Jeff Lemire, Steve Orlando, Mark Russell, Kyle Higgens, Alisa Kwitney, Phil Hester, Guillem March, Frazer Irving, Kelley Jones, and more Will that "and more" include more than one woman? Will it be edited by Eddie Berganza? We'll find out, we suppose.The press[...]

Kevin Nowlan Shares His Process Art For The Shadow/Batman #4 Cover

When Dynamite announced they were doing The Shadow/Batman six-part series and it would be written by Steve Orlando and drawn by Giovanni Timpano, I was interested When I found out that one of the covers for issue #4 was going to be by Kevin Nowlan, I was sold Nowlan has always been one of my[...]

The Shadow/Batman

Writer's Commentary: Steve Orlando Talks The Shadow/Batman #1

Dynamite has sent over a writer's commentary for the first issue of The Shadow/Batman written by Steve Orlando The issue has a variety of covers to choose from, but we've got the David Finch one here along with some interior pages from Giovanni Timpano.PAGE 1: New Year's Eve in New York This is actually an allusion[...]

young animal

NYCC Speculation: Are These The New Faces Of Young Animal?

In January 2018, all four of the ongoing series will be part of a four-part crossover event.Marking the conclusion of the first phase of the imprint and send each title in new directions, it will start with the Doom Patrol Special, which features the Justice League of America and will be co-written by Way and[...]

DC Legends

DC Legends Celebrating Steve Orlando's JLA With September Update

September will see the game bringing in a couple more of current iteration of the Justice League of America, as currently written by Steve Orlando.The game will bring in the Main Man, Lobo, as players battle through Metropolis's Suicide Slums to each Hero Fragments and earn and upgrade the character And don't worry, it's proper[...]

flame con

Flame Con Is One Big Party, And It Is Absolutely Incredible

And everyone there was eager to check out brand new stuff, as well as meet the big names.In fact, that was an awesome part of the show too: the big names like Steve Orlando, Sina Grace, Amy Reeder, and James Tynion IV weren't separated off to their own row or corner, or a different room[...]

When The 'Love Is Love' Panel At Flame Con 2017 Took A Turn…(VIDEO)

Moderated by Andreyko and with a panel listing that included Tee Franklin (Bingo Love, Nailbiter), Sina Grace (Iceman, The Li’l Depressed Boy), James Tynion IV (The Woods, Detective Comics), Phil Jimenez (Astonishing X-Men, Wonder Woman), Steve Orlando (Midnighter, Justice League of America) and Jennie Wood (Flutter series).While the beginning of the panel served as a[...]


Justice League Of America #12 Review: Enter The Microverse

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] With no impending threat garnering the attention of the Justice League of America, the team is available for a mission from resident Atom, Ryan Choi. He has located the signal of mentor and previous Atom, Ray Palmer, in the Microverse — the subatomic universe that exists within ours. Not wanting to devote the […]

Steve Orlando To Write The Shadow/Batman Six-Issue Series

Writer Steve Orlando (Batman/The Shadow, Justice League of America) and artist Giovanni Timpano (The Shadow, Transformers) will team to tell a tale of noir, mortality and generational heroes and villains, set to hit stores October 4th!The World's Greatest Mystery The World's Greatest Detective They can barely stand each other, so how will they possibly deal[...]

Justice League of America

Justice League of America #10 Review: The Social Justice League

Batman takes the hardline security approach of assuming the worst until proven otherwise, and Ray voices the view that they  should allow benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.[caption id="attachment_681674" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Art by Andy MacDonald and Hi-Fi[/caption]What's particularly great about how Steve Orlando writes these arguments is that he does so with subtlety and[...]

Bleeding Cool Celebrates LGBTQ Creators For Pride Month

You guys are awesome. Finally, I would like to include the writer Steve Orlando in this little list:[caption id="attachment_668157" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Steve Orlando[/caption]Orlando made waves for me when he hit the DC scene with Midnighter, which featured an unapologetic and frank look at a gay character His Midnighter was a man regularly in bed with another[...]

Justice League Of America #7 Review: Killer Frost's Redemption

She did so in the name of good, though, so she can't really be all that bad.I personally like the way Steve Orlando is writing both Frost and Atom They have real chemistry, and it's clear there's a lot of trust between them I'm inclined to think the Atom has a crush on Frost, as[...]