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The cover to Defenders #1
After all, the consequences of these super-mega-crossover events are very real and long-lasting, so it's not like you can just take a story written before one or more of them took place and tell it just the same afterward Unless, of course, you're trying to tell us that's all hyperbole There is no way you[...]
Cover image for HEROES REBORN #1 (OF 7)
Hey, look, working in the field of comics "journalism," we're very familiar with the concept of phoning it in, so we're not going to give Marvel too much crap over this one. In excess typical of super-mega-crossover events, Heroes Reborn #1 comes with an assload of variant covers Check out the solicit and preview below, true[...]
If you see this Extreme Carnage comic in your local comic shop, put on your mask and run screaming in the opposite direction.
Like a virus, symbiote crossovers have infected Marvel but good, and not only is Marvel more anti-vax than the Trumpers who run the company, they actually believe nonstop super-mega-crossover events are a good thing! And of course, it's also like a virus because it has so many god damn variants. If you see this Extreme Carnage[...]
Kenny Omega stands tall with Don Callis after winning the AEW Championship, just as AWE Dynamite won the Wednesday Night Ratings Wars this week (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)
Look at Marvel Comics, which has multiple super-mega-crossover events per year, with smaller regular crossovers constantly in-between There's literally never a time a crossover isn't happening Though the company claims each one will rock the Marvel Universe to its foundations, leaving nothing ever the same again, the truth is there is a major problem with[...]
The cover to Civil War #1 from Marvel Comics.
Marvel has sunk to a new low in its ongoing attempt to get people to read super-mega-crossover events The publisher is offering a bribe of 1500 Marvel Bucks, known otherwise as Marvel Insider Points if they'll read the 2006 heroes vs heroes super-mega-crossover event Civil War on Marvel Unlimited The move follows past Marvel strategies,[...]