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But before we get to hear from Creegan about the iconic role he's about to take on, we thought we would clarify something we're pretty sure you head during "Pick Your Poison." If you thought you heard "since Swamp Thing" in the conversation about Mary's growing Poison Ivy abilities, you're absolutely right The beloved, canceled-too-soon[...]
When Charlie Adlard Had The Shortest Line At Walking Dead Conventions
Comic book creators James Tynion IV, Mike Perkins, and Ram V were on the Swamp Thing at Thought Bubble in Harrogate earlier today, talking about their history with the character, their approach to creating Swamp Thing stories and why the forests in eighties' Swamp Thing used to be purple Turns out it used to be[...]
Swamp Thing To Get Second Season From DC Comics In 2022
DC Comics has informed comic book stores that the current Swamp Thing series by Ram V and Mike Perkins, originally solicited as a ten-issue mini-series, will not be stopping there DC Comics states that "The Swamp Thing has extended its roots to Season Two! Due to popular demand, December's issue #10 is not the end[...]
Cover image for SWAMP THING #9 (OF 10) CVR A MIKE PERKINS
It's the penultimate preview of the night, which is perfect, because it's a preview of the penultimate issue of Swamp Thing, Swamp Thing #9! The Suicide Squad crossover is over and it's time to start wrapping things up Check out the preview below. SWAMP THING #9 (OF 10) DC Comics 0921DC194 0921DC195 – SWAMP THING #9 (OF 10) CVR[...]
Swamp Thing Comes to McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse with Two Designs
However, the toy line does shine on occasion with some of their uncommon characters, like their newest release: Swamp Thing! Alec Holland is back and ready to save the green of the Earth by any means necessary with a brand new massive MegaFig from McFarlane. Two versions of the figure are being released with his  New[...]
Cover image for SWAMP THING #8 (OF 10) CVR A MIKE PERKINS
Swamp Thing #8 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and Peacemaker just won't give up in his quest to complete his mission and capture Swamp Thing for the Suicide Squad Hmm Where would he ever get that attitude from? Check out a preview below. SWAMP THING #8 (OF 10) DC Comics 0821DC163 0821DC164 – SWAMP THING #8[...]
Jeff Lemire's New Swamp Thing Series, Green Hell For DC Black Label
A three-part mini-series for DC Black Label, Swamp Thing Green Hell. One of the great artists of modern DC history, Doug Mahnke joins Lemire on this gory, gruesome monster mash where the fate of humanity rests in the hands of someone who isn't human at all The Earth is all but done The last remnants of[...]
Stephen R Bissette: Cold War Creatures Tell Us Who We Were
The four films include Creature with the Atom Brain, The Werewolf, The Zombies of Mora Tau, and The Giant Claw. The set is a goldmine for fans of films like Zombies of Mora Tau, complete with posters, postcards, and a plethora of scholarly writing and commentaries. Cover of Stephen R Bissette's Thoughtful Creatures used with permission Bissette, who contributes a number of essays[...]
Cover image for SWAMP THING #7 (OF 10) CVR A MIKE PERKINS
The Suicide Squad is still trying to capture Swamp Thing in this preview of Swamp Thing #7, but things aren't going well for them Particularly for Peacemaker, who is felling quite ineffective about the whole situation Check out a preview of the issue below and look for it in stores on Tuesday. SWAMP THING #7 (OF[...]
Alan Moore & Rick Veitch Swamp Thing Original Art Up For Auction
There is a Heritage Auction listing for the piece below that reads "Rick Veitch and Alfredo Alcala Swamp Thing #63 Story Page 19 Original Art (DC, 1987) After devising a plan to kill Swamp Thing, Dwight Wicker orders all vegetation to be removed from the workplace Created in ink over graphite on Bristol board with an image[...]
All Suicide Squad Comics Published Today
Three in shops, one on the DC Universe App The first, Swamp Thing #6 wears its movie-relevance heart on its sleeve, with Peacemaker now looking just like his m0vie counterpart, leading a team into the swamps to find Swamp Thing, as those two titles crossover. Swamp Thing #6 While in Suicide Squad #6, which has seen Amanda[...]
Cover image for SWAMP THING #6 (OF 10) CVR A MIKE PERKINS
Swamp Thing #6 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and if you thought you could get through an entire ten-issue mini-series without getting sucked into a crossover, you really haven't been paying attention to the comic book industry, have you? LEARN HOW TO COMICS, NOOB!!!111 Anyway, Swamp Thing is crossing over with Suicide[...]
Swamp Thing Brings The Green XM Studios Newest DC Comics Statue
XM Studios has revealed their newest DC Comics statue as the protector of the green, Swamp Thing, arrives The statue will be a 1:4 scale coming in at roughly 24 inches tall, bringing some mighty size to any collection XM Studios captures Swamp Thing in his natural habitat as he summons the green around him[...]
Poison Ivy - Both Of Her
Then, simultaneously, the Batbooks reinvented her as Queen Ivy, looking to destroy Gotham (while keeping an eye out for Harley) and captured as a source for new drugs hitting the streets of Gotham. Today's Swamp Thing #2 by Ram V and Mike Perkins hits that dichotomy on the head.   Set in the Green, it would be totally[...]
Cover image for SWAMP THING #3 (OF 10) CVR A MIKE PERKINS
DC Comics has released a preview of Swamp Thing #3, in which Levi Kamei is still coming to grips with his Swamp Thing transformations But on his next journey into The Green, he's taking his Jennifer with him But won't it be awkward when they run into Poison Ivy and Jennifer is wearing her Poison[...]