Team17 & Bad Yolk Games Partner Up For "Main Assembly"

Team17 & Bad Yolk Games Partner Up For "Main Assembly"

Team17 announced this week they've formed a new partnership with Bad Yolk Games to release their upcoming game Main Assembly The Sweden-based studio introduced their freeform physics-driven construction game a short time ago, and now it looks like plans are in motion for a 2020 release The game is being aimed for a Q2 2020[...]

The "Overcooked! 2" Carnival Of Chaos DLC Launches Today

The "Overcooked! 2" Carnival Of Chaos DLC Launches Today

Team17 and Ghost Town Games have released the latest DLC pack for Overcooked! 2 as players will now have to make food in the Carnival Of Chaos Basically, the new DLC will add a lot of circus-themed problems to your cooking adventures, along with four new chefs to fit the theme Enjoy the trailer below[...]

The Next "Overcooked! 2" DLC Heads To The Carnival of Chaos

The Next "Overcooked 2" DLC Heads To The Carnival of Chaos

Team17 released details today about a brand new DLC pack coming to Overcooked 2, as you're headed to the Carnival of Chaos This one is a lot like the other DLCs where you're given a brand new playground to mess on with a new cook to book Only this time around you're going to be[...]

"Overcooked" Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

"Overcooked" Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

The game from Team17 was an indie hit when it first came out and kept people excited as multiplayer brought back the fun of four-player mayhem And while many are focused on the sequel, the original is still an amazing game If they're offering it up free, take advantage while you can as it will[...]

Automachef Will Be Coming To Nintendo Switch On July 23rd

"Automachef" Will Be Coming To Nintendo Switch On July 23rd

This morning, Team17 officially announced they will be releasing Automachef for both PC and Nintendo Switch on July 23rd The game will put you in the shoes of a small diner owner who has chosen to automate everything in the place so as to not hire staff But how exactly are you going to make[...]

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Team17 Showed Us "Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair" at E3

During our time at E3 2019, we got a chance to visit with Team17 and check out one of their new games on the way, Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair The team basically guided us through the game's early stages as we learned that this is a rather unique platformer in the idea that[...]

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"Overcooked 2" Receives Night of the Hangry Horde DLC

Team17 have released a new scary addition to Overcooked 2 this week as you're getting the "Night of the Hangry Horde" DLC pack The pack is $10 unless you have the season pass, but even if you don't have the pass, developer Ghost Town Games has released the "All at Sea" chef pack totally free[...]

Team17 Announce "Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair" For E3 2019

Team17 Announce "Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair" For E3 2019

We got a bit of a surprise today from Team17 as the company announced a new Yooka-Laylee game for E3 with Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair We don't have a ton of information out about the game yet beyond what was released earlier today We do know it will be released on all three major[...]

Team17 Will Reveal Two New Games Ahead of E3 2019

Team17 Will Reveal Two New Games Ahead of E3 2019

Team17 will be present at E3 2019 this year with Hell Let Loose, but that's not the only game they have sitting on the backburner this summer The people behind Yoku's Island Escape, Overcooked 2, and My Time in Portia made an announcement this week that they would be revealing two new games ahead of[...]

Overcooked! 2 - Campfire Cook Off Announcement Trailer

Team17 Announce Campfire Cook Off DLC for Overcooked 2

Before going into PAX East this week, Team17 announced a new DLC pack for Overcooked 2 as you'll be headed to the woods for Campfire Cook Off This new DLC players will take players on a camping trip in which they'll have to deal with all sorts of situations while trying to feed hungry campers[...]

Overcooked 2 Receives Chinese New Year DLC Today

Team17 and Ghost Town Games have revealed the latest DLC update to Overcooked 2, which as we suspected, celebrates the Chinese New Year Along with the two new chefs you see below, the game had added a new level as well as a new Survival Mode, which you can read about here as well as check[...]

Overcooked 2 is Teasing Another Free Content Update

If you've been waiting for more challenges to come your way in Overcooked 2, it appears Team17 are going to give you what you need soon There's not a lot to the trailer other than they're showing off a new level close up as one person darts across a walking over some water while someone else[...]

Genesis Alpha One Receives a New Roguelike Trailer

Since then, we've kinda been waiting to get some clarification as to when it would be released, as Team17 put the game up on Steam with a date of just "2020" Now, we have proper confirmation that the game will be coming out on January 29th, and with it came a brand new roguelike trailer![...]

My Time at Portia Receives a Release Date for PC

This morning, Team17 announced that they have an official release date for My Time at Portia on PC, while the game also receives a window for console The game will officially be released on Steam next Tuesday on January 15th, while the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be seeing it sometime in the Spring[...]

Team17 Release Three New DLC Packs for The Escapists 2 on Switch

Team17 are adding in three new DLC packs to The Escapists 2 that will give you hours of new content with a few new themes on Nintendo Switch The three packs in question are called Big Top Breakout, Dungeons & Duct Tape, and Wicked Ward, all with their own challenges based around a specific theme[...]

The Escapists: Complete Edition is Coming to Nintendo Switch

This morning, Team17 officially announced that The Escapists: Complete Edition will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch The game will be everything released for the original game, including all the DLC packs, under one title Check out the info below from the press release.The release of the award-winning sandbox prison-escape will be the most[...]

More Mayhem in the Kitchen as We Try Out Overcooked 2

At E3 this year we got a chance to visit with the crew of Team17 and got a few cool games to try out, one of them being Overcooked 2.If you've never tried Overcooked before, you're basically playing 2-4 player mayhem in the kitchen as you're trying to cook and serve meals that come in[...]

Time Keeps on Slipping for Us in Planet Alpha

The last game we got to try out at the Team17 booth at PAX East was a beautiful indie title that we're still thinking about sitting here writing other articles, and that's Planet Alpha I'm a sucker for anything that uses time travel and messing with time in general as a mechanic, so having control[...]

Trying Desperately to Accomplish Things with Mugsters at PAX East

Another of the Team17 games that we got to try out at PAX East was Mugsters, which when we looked at it, we weren't entirely sure what it was we were observing until we actually figured out the mechanics The shorthand version of the game is that you play a small eggshell white colored figure[...]

Giving Space Exploration a Shot with Genesis Alpha One

A game that combined a few different genres into one experimental title came to use from Team17 at PAX East when we sat down at a PC and gave Genesis Alpha One a shot The game kind of puts you in an Interstellar type scenario where Earth is a rotting pile of garbage and it's[...]