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Toxic Avenger Collection Coming From Troma August 29th
Toxic Avenger fans and collectors have a lot to be excited about this year Not only is there a new film on the way, but Troma has just released the details for their complete box set of the earlier films as well All four Toxie films will be included in the set, all with brand[...]
The Toxic Avenger: Peter Dinklage to Star in Legendary’s Reboot
Toxic Avenger returns this year in a new film from Legendary, starring Peter Dinklage The film has no release date yet, nor a trailer or even photos out yet, but it has been rated The rating for the new movie is R; in case you had any worries that they would try and tone it[...]
The Toxic Avenger: Peter Dinklage to Star in Legendary’s Reboot
Toxic Avenger is getting a makeover in 2022, but not THAT kind of makeover; don't fret too much Peter Dinklage, who is starring in the new film from Legendary, swears in a recent interview with Empire that this new film will be the same depraved lunacy as the 1984 cult classic and just as crazy[...]
Toxic Avenger: Even More Added To The Cast Of Reboot
Toxic Avenger added two more to the cast yesterday, the day after Elijah Wood and Julia Davis joined Peter Dinklage, Jacob Trembly, Kevin Bacon, and Taylour Paige in the Macon Blair directed remake Jonny Coyne and Sarah Niles are the latest to join the update of the 1984 midnight movie classic The Hollywood Reporter had the news of the[...]
Toxic Avenger Remake Adds Julia Davis And Elijah Wood To Cast
Toxic Avenger is really happening, folks Julia Davis and Elijah Wood will join Peter Dinklage, Jacob Trembly, Kevin Bacon, and Taylour Paige in the Macon Blair directed remake Legendary gave the green light to the film a few months ago, and the cast continues to fill out for the update to the original 1984 midnight[...]
Jacob Tremblay Joins the New Toxic Avengers Movie
The upcoming Peter Dinklage-led Toxic Avenger reboot film added to its cast today Jacob Tremblay will join Dinklage in the film Legendary announced the reboot back in 2019, also hiring Macon Blair as the director of the film The original was released in 1984 by Troma, of course, and the cult classic has spawned sequels,[...]
The Toxic Avenger: Peter Dinklage to Star in Legendary’s Reboot
Peter Dinklage will be taking out the trash as gruesomely as possible, starring in The Toxic Avenger reboot film from Legendary with Macon Blair set to direct and write Best known for his roles in Green Room (2015) and Blue Rain (2013), he directed one other feature making his debut in 2017 with I Don't[...]
New York Toy Fair: 80+ Pics From Super7, Masters of the Universe and More!
The Toxic Avenger and Ren and Stimpy figures they will be doing were also hits with the crowd at the booth. #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-4 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-4 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */   They have hit paydirt with their ReAction blind box waves of figures, and they[...]
Alfred Hitchcock and Nosferatu Join The ReAction Line
From the Alien figures to the Toxic Avenger, they have been knocking these out of the park for years now Giving us figures of characters and such that we may never have gotten otherwise, featuring great sculpts and fantastic vintage-style packaging, should be celebrated. These figures are available right now at Super7 store locations and in[...]
Super7 Reveals New Toxic Avenger ReAction Figures
I really enjoy what they do with the licenses they have, and through Instagram we now know a new one they have: Toxic Avenger! I can't wait to see what they do with this one, as ReAction figures are some of my favorites of recent years. View this post on Instagram. New York Toy Fair is[...]
Conrad Vernon To Direct Toxic Avenger Remake
Conrad Vernon (Sausage Party) has signed on to direct a remake of the classic Troma Films schlock hero story The Toxic Avenger The new film is being set up by Storyscape Entertainment and will include the original creators Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz as executive producers. The original 1984 film tells the tale of a New Jersey teenager[...]
Toxic Avenger The Musical
Aristotle Piemash writes, The Cult Classic film The Toxic Avenger, is hitting the London stage in Musical form this April. The titular hero 'Toxie' (first created in 1984 by filmic impresario Lloyd Kaufman) has taken many media forms over the years, with three movie sequels, a fantastic Marvel comic run (showcasing the talents of Sam Kieth amongst others and available as a DRM[...]