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Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Plans For 2022 Content & Updates
Ubisoft dropped more details of what they have coming down the road for Rainbow Six Siege in 2022 for both content and game updates The final day of the Six Invitational 2022 is happening as we speak, but the people behind the game are looking at the next year's worth of content as they revealed[...]
Rainbow Six Siege Unveils Plans For Year 7 Season 1
Ubisoft fropped a ton of new information today for Rainbow Six Siege as they explore Year 7 Season 1, which will be called Demon Veil The big additions to this season include Azami, who is a new Japanese Operator that you'll find for defense, as well as a brand new map as you'll be headed[...]
Rainbow Six Extraction Launches The Spillover Event Today
Ubisoft has launched a new event into Rainbow Six Extraction as players will experience the thrill and terror that is "Spillover" This is the first post-launch Crisis Event to come to the game, and it serves as the first of many Crisis Events and updates that will be coming to the game over the next[...]
G.I. Joe Will Add Two Characters To The Brawlhalla Roster
Ubisoft announced they have formed a new partnership with Hasbro to bring in two specific characters from the G.I Joe franchise to Brawlhalla The two in question are probably the two most popular in the franchise as you're getting both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, each one repping for the Joe's and Cobra in what[...]
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Next Major Expansion Will Arrive In March
Ubisoft has released a new video for Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarök as they take a deeper dive into the game's next expansion The over six-minute video will give you a broader perspective of the work that went into this new content and what you'll be doing as both an individual and with your[...]
Riders Republic Announces Free Weekend & Prada Collaboration
Ubisoft has announced a brand new collaboration in Riders Republic as they have teamed with Prada, along with a free weekend Staring this week, the Italian fashion brand can be found throughout the game as they have added several items from their iconic red stripe collection, Prada Linea Rossa, to the shops and several points[...]
Far Cry 6's New Joesph: Collapse Set For Release On February 8th
Ubisoft has put a release date on the third and final DLC episode for Far Cry 6 as Joseph: Collapse is set to be released on February 8th If you haven't been following this line of DLC's, the team has been going back and pulling characters from past titles and putting them in a specific[...]
Auto Draft
Ubisoft has launched a brand new storyline for you to play that's totally free in Far Cry 6 as you get to play one based on Rambo The brand new story is called "All The Blood", and it has been entirely inspired by and paying homage to the first three Rambo movies The company basically signed[...]
Rainbow Six Siege Brings Back Road To Six Invitational Event
Ubisoft announced today that they are bringing back the Road To Six Invitational event to Rainbow Six Siege as they ramp up to the tournament As it has been the past few years, you're headed back to the arena as you will take on players in a "friendlier" version of the main game, only this[...]
For Honor Is Getting A New Pirate Hero In Latest Update
Ubisoft revealed details to the next major update coming to For Honor as the game will get a new pirate hero for Year 5 Season 4 The game will be getting a major title update on January 27th, which will add the new playable Hero archetype to the game: Pirates Each one is armed with[...]
The Crew 2 - Season 4 Episode 2: The Contractor Launches Today
Ubisoft revealed this week that they will be releasing Season 4 Episode 2 of The Crew 2 which will fittingly be called The Contractor This free update will further along the story as you continue running missions across the U.S in some of the most competitive races around We got the rundown of what this[...]
Assassin’s Creed Will Be Coming To Free Fire This March
Garena has announced that they have a new partnership with Ubisoft as the two will be bringing Assassin's Creed over to Free Fire in March The news came down this evening as it was revealed with the artwork below that the long-running group of assassins would be coming to the battle royale title However, we[...]
Brawlhalla Announces Plans For Seventh Year Of Esports
Ubisoft announced its plans for the upcoming seventh year of Brawlhalla esports, with a few changes to the format and prizes This time around the competitions will feature a series of events in which players can earn points in Power Rankings, which will go toward their share of the $1,320,000 total prize pool The season[...]
Ubisoft Will Be Releasing The Settlers In Mid-March 2022
Ubisoft revealed this week that they will finally be releasing The Settlers as the game is set to be released in mid-March The company is bringing back the long-awaited real-time strategy series to PC and consoles as you will take your roaming civilization and settle onto new lands to build yourselves up Which will include[...]
Ubisoft Launches Clash Of Beasts For iOS & Android
Ubisoft has released their latest mobile title, Clash Of Beats, onto both iOS and Android devices this week for people to battle in The game is being compared to if Digimon incorporated a lot of the mechanics from Monster Hunter, as you'll go monster hunting in a brutal fantasy world packed dozens of mythical creatures,[...]