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For Honor’s Year 5 Season 3 Tempest Will Launch On September 9th
Ubisoft just revealed a ton of details for Year 5 Season 3 of For Honor, which will be launching on PC and consoles on September 9th As you might suspect from the name of the season, Temptest, it will bring in some harsh weather conditions you'll need to battle through including cyclonic winds and torrential[...]
Ubisoft Releases Anno 1800’s The High Life DLC Today
Anno 1800 just got a brand new DLC pack today from Ubisoft as the developers have released The High Life into the game This particular DLC takes you to what we would assume is near or at the end of the Victorian era they promote within the game, as we're getting to a point where[...]
Ubisoft+ Is Being Offered For One Buck On Amazon Luna
Today, Amazon announced that they've partnered with Ubisoft to offer their Ubisoft+ service on Amazon Luna for just $1 for a limited time According to the details announced earlier today, until the end-of-day on August 31st, first-time Ubisoft+ subscribers can sign-up for the channel on Amazon Luna for just one buck.  That one dollar, which[...]
Ubisoft Officially Announces Far Cry 6 Being Released In October
Ubisoft has released a brand new story trailer this week for Far Cry 6, as they took part in the Opening Night for Gamescom 2021 This time around you're given a better look at why the country of Yara is in such desperate need for liberation as the dictator in charge has forced its residents[...]
Watch Dogs: Legion Received A New Title Update Today
Ubisoft has released the brand new 5.5 Title Update for Watch Dogs: Legion today, and with it comes some familiar content This time around you're getting a taste of Assassin's Creed with two free story missions called "Enter the Assassins" and "The New Creed", completely free along with two world missions called "Templar Hunt" and[...]
Ubisoft Reveals More Details About Rainbow Six Extraction
Ubisoft dropped a number of new details today about their next installment into the Rainbow Six franchise with Rainbow Six Extraction This game is going to hit a lot of points for players looking for a unique PVE co-op experience, as well as a robust and deep operator progression system The game will come with[...]
Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Year 6 Season 3: Crystal Guard Content
Ubisoft has released details this morning about the next season coming to Rainbow Six Siege as we're all getting a Crystal Guard The team is getting a new operator named Osa, a military engineer coming from Croatia, who comes with a new piece of gear in the form of a crystal shield Which can protect[...]
Riders Republic Will Be Holding A Beta In Late August
Ubisoft announced this week that they're breaking out a beta period for Riders Republic to help work out some of the kinks in the game The beta will be taking place from August 23rd-25th, with the ability to preload the game up on August 21st, as they will offer a small selection of games for[...]
Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New Containment Event
Ubisoft will be launching a new time-limited PvP event into Rainbow Six Siege today as everything goes into "Containment" The event itself will kick off on August 3rd and run all the way through August 24th, bringing with it probably the scariest event the game will see All of the events of this have been[...]
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Reveals Details For "The Siege Of Paris"
Ubisoft has revealed details to the next expansion for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, as players will undertake "The Siege of Paris"  The expansion will be coming as part of Season 3, which is called Sigrblot Season, and features exclusive rewards and activities for everyone The Sigrblot Festival will go in live the game this Thursday, July[...]
Werewolves Within Review: A Unique Alignment With Horror & Comedy
When the very small group of townspeople experience a clash of personalities amidst a missing dog and a dead body, it's up to Finn, the outsider, to attempt to regain some sense of order or answers. Source: Ubisoft Film and Television Werewolves Within has origins in the gaming world, with its concept coming from a Ubisoft game[...]
Ubisoft Announces New Game With Tom Clancy’s XDefiant
Ubisoft dropped a new video game announcement today as they unveiled the fast-paced FPS 6-v-6 arena combat title Tom Clancy's XDefiant The game is being launched on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles of last and current-gen, as well as on Stadia, Luna, and Ubisoft Connect, with full crossplay expected at launch Which is awesome to[...]
For Honor's New Kyoshin Hero Will Arrive On July 22nd
Ubisoft dropped a few new details about the next new hero coming to For Honor as players will soon experience the Kyoshin According to the info about the hero, the Kyoshin are mystical Samurai who wield a concealed blade, "whose elegance and prowess will leave everyone in awe on the battlefield" In other words, you're[...]
Ubisoft Pushes Back Riders Republic & Rainbow Six Extraction
Ubisoft dropped two surprise announcements today as they are pushing both Riders Republic and Rainbow Six Extractions The shorthand to both statements is that we'll be getting Riders Republic in October instead of September, while Rainbow Six Extractions is being put back all the way to January 2022 Here's are both the statements from the[...]
The Crew 2 Season 3 Episode 1: US Speed Tour East Has Launched
Ubisoft has revealed today that The Crew 2 Season 3 Episode 1: US Speed Tour East will launch in the game tomorrow The event will kick off across all platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Store, PC, Stadia, and Ubisoft+ In this particular season, Motorflix welcomes you into the line-up for the biggest[...]