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BC Figure History Thursday: Spider-Gwen!

Welcome to Figure History Thursday! Every Thursday, we will be going over the history of a character's toy history, with a focus on action figures. Some characters have many toys made in their image, some only a few. Us collectors like to have them all, but sometimes it can be hard to know what is out there in which scales and price points. So, every week we will do a deep dive and show you what has been available and when, what you can expect to pay for it now, and more. This week's subject: Spider-Gwen!

BC Figure History Thursday: Spider-Gwen!

Spider-Gwen debuted in 2014, part of the Spider-Verse storyline. She is an alternate-universe version of Gwen Stacy from Earth 65, where she was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. She has had a couple ongoing comic series since, and has appeared in many animated shorts, other comics, and in a couple weeks will be in the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. She has also been a very popular cosplay since being introduced, not a con passes where you won't see at least one person walking around as her. Let's take a look at some of the figures, statues, and more that have been made!

Funko has made a few things, including Pops, Rock Candy, and even a few Mystery Minis. The Plush were around for a hot minute, and it was at the height of Spider-Gwen hype, so the big plush doll was one of the few that saw production. The newest is the Into the Spider-Verse Pop that is hitting shelves right now.

The high end companies have been the most active creating Spider-Gwen merch. Everyone from Sideshow Collectibles to Gentle Giant have had multiples statues release or upcoming. The Mark Brooks statue from Sideshow is particularly awesome. I also enjoy the Gentle Giant Animated statues based on Scottie Young art. Kotobukiya has done two statues, and even Diamond Select Toys has done a Gallery statue, and have a head bust coming early next year.

Finally, turning to action figures, Diamond released a Marvel Select figure was released last year, while Hasbro has a couple different figures available. First, one of their more basic and affordable 6 inch figures from Spider-Verse, and two different Spider-Gwen Marvel Legends figures have seen the shelf. The original one was tough to track down in 2015, and commands a pretty penny still in the aftermarket. Or, you can pick up the Spider-Verse two-pack with Miles Morales at target right now. Finally, the Revoltech figure is the most articulated on the market, and can still be had from some online retailers like this one.

What are some of YOUR favorite Spider-Gwen collectibles? Let us know below!

Next week, after a week's delay, will be a look at one of Spidey's great rogues: The Lizard!


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