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Five Adult Animated Series To Start Watching: Britt's TV Corner
Adult animation is bringing out some of the best content on television lately and there are some series that deserve the praise and attention from audiences right now Unlike how recent portrayals have described animation, it's not only for children and the format serves a wide variety of entertainment from young to old I've pulled[...]
Lightning Wolves' Bobby Moynihan On His Animated Series: Interview
What some may not realize is how much Moynihan has done in animation and voice acting, with work done in Kid Cosmic, Batman: The Audio Adventures, Crank Yankers, Ducktales (2017-21) Loafy, and even We Bare Bears. Source: Comedy Central Moynihan and I discussed how it was for him to work in adult animation, his favorite animated shows of the past, his inspiration[...]
Tuca & Bertie
The series and their new home have announced a date for the premiere of the second season of the adult animation of a quirky bird friendship The two main voices of Tuca & Bertie are Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong The cancellation of the series occurred back in 2019 after the first season had dropped on Netflix[...]
Clerks: The Animated Series, the Gem of Kevin Smith's Quick Stop Saga
Now, if you weren't previously aware this show existed…allow me to take you on the wild ride of Clerks: The Animated Series. The year is 2000, and adult animation is carving out its niche on networks like MTV, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, and Fox (pre-mouse takeover) Disney took one look at the popularity of shows like[...]