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Priest Writes Vampirella for 50th Anniversary on Free Comic Book Day
Which is why Bleeding Cool is running as many previews as we can, to help folk plan just what they would fancy on May the 4th, as retailers make their final choices… and Vampirella will be kicking off her 50th anniversary title with a  bunch of classic Vampirella tales as Christopher Priest takes on the[...]
Marvel Announces Spider-Girls by Jody Houser and Andres Genolet, Spider-Force by Christopher Priest and Paulo Siqueira
That's right — Mayday Parker is back, alongside Anya Corazon and Spiderling. And also, Spider-Force, by Christopher Priest and Paulo Siqueria, starring Kaine, Jessica Drew, Jessica Drew, Ashley Barton, and new characters Astro-Spider and Spider-Kid. And a new cover by Artgerm for Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider… Spider-Gwen's return as Ghost Spider was, of course, first reported by Bleeding Cool earlier this month[...]
Deathstroke #32 cover by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Brad Anderson
Christopher Priest has a knack for writing dialogue for familiar characters like Batman and Slade that fits while being unlike anything I've heard from the characters in the past Plus, the vicious nature of the fight and the constant attempts to one-up another make it a completely enthralling duel. Deathstroke #32 art by Carlo Pagulayan, Roberto[...]
Deathstroke #31 cover by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Brad Anderson
They employ labyrinthine plots to strike at one another while remaining firmly dedicated to not allowing the other to victory. As is often the case of Christopher Priest's Deathstroke, the writing is methodical and detail-focused It lends itself to a detective tale, even if we do know who is behind these "crimes." Deathstroke gets an opportunity to[...]
Justice League #43 cover by David Yardin
the Justice League' and 'Justice Lost', I'm not sure how I expected Christopher Priest's run on Justice League to end What could be the most satisfying ending to an arc like this, especially when we know that the League isn't going to die or disband? Is there a satisfying ending to be had? While I refuse[...]
Justice League #42 cover by David Yardin
With a focus on the brutality the League is witnessing and their inability to effect lasting change in the area, Christopher Priest has crafted a story I can scarcely believe I'm reading at times. The body count is unnervingly high in this issue, with each little mistake made by the Justice League being punctuated with another[...]
Deathstroke #30 cover by Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson
This leads Batman on a collision course with Deathstroke, and that can only end in blood. Deathstroke #30 cover by Lee Weeks and Brad Anderson The comic opens with a brief conversation between Alfred Pennyworth and Wintergreen, which is great on its own. I should have been looking forward to the kind of Batman Christopher Priest was going[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of 04/04/18
the Batman himself, brought to life by the creative team of Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan This duel will be over the fatherhood of… Damian Wayne? You heard that right: the inciting incident here is a package delivered to Bruce Wayne that contains "proof" that Slade is the true father of the current Robin[...]
Justice League #41 cover by David Yardin
Christopher Priest writing Black Panther into Justice League as a genocidal warlord aside—we'll definitely get back to that—this comic is another vicious takedown of the superhero genre courtesy of Priest. Priest has introduced a depressingly real and common scenario into his JL comic and has forced the team to confront it[...]