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Top and Bottom 5 Comics of August 29th, 2018: X-Men Soars, Nightwing Trips

X-Men: Blue #34The House always wins, and the House frigging loves Magneto. Cullen Bunn and Marcus To made a wonderful ode to the Master of Magnetism that brought him back to his roots with a new Asteroid M, a new Brotherhood, but the old purple-and-magenta costume.[caption id="attachment_909087" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A Walk Through Hell #4 cover by Andy Clarke and[...]

Cullen Bunn Says Goodbye to the X-Men

Genetically-engineered super-writer Cullen Bunn took to Twitter this week to say goodbye to the X-Men franchise as a whole, as it seems for the first time since 2014's Magneto series, Bunn will no longer be writing any X-Men books. the X-Men aren't the only superheroes Bunn wished farewell With this week's publication of Deadpool Assassin[...]

Bone Parish #2 cover by Lee Garbett

Bone Parish #2 Review: Monotonous and Slow

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The police find Dante OD'd on the Ash, and a detective named Mayhew gives warning to Grace. Brae doesn't believe his mother should be running the business, but Grace holds firm. Leon and Brigitte have an uncomfortable meet-up while Brigitte is making Ash. Lamont from New York meets up with Grace again. Bone […]

X-Men: Blue #34 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men Blue #34 Review: The Master of Magnetism Reigns

I will say that I’m very pleased with the character arc Cullen Bunn has granted Erik over his Magneto, Uncanny X-Men, and now X-Men Blue series.Seeing Erik battle the X-Men once again is awesome, and the focus upon Magneto’s mental state is as welcome as ever.The final few pages are what really bring this story[...]

Comics for Your Pull Box August 29th, 2018: We Reach the Dead Ends

Wednesday approaches once again, and that means its time to figure out what comics are worthy of your pull box. Check out Bleeding Cool's suggestions below. Plus, here is a link to ComicList's full catalog of comic releases. Beyonders #1 Another new AfterShock title, Beyonders comes from Paul Jenkins and Wesley St. Claire. It tells the story of a boy obsessed […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics of August 22nd, 2018: This Week Wasn't That Bad

We're back again folks! We're counting down the Top and Bottom 5 Comics of last week. Bear in mind that not all of these have gotten reviews from me yet. Today is also Josh's Unofficial Big, Fat Catch-Up Day. Anyway, check out the best and worst of the week below. Best 1. West Coast Avengers […]

Cold Spots #1 cover by Mark Torres

Cold Spots #1 Review: Cool Premise Spoiled by an Unlikable Protagonist

Kerr goes to a small town to investigate, and the weather is unusually frigid.[caption id="attachment_908449" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Cold Spots #1 cover by Mark Torres[/caption]Cold Spots #1 is another horror/mystery tale from the prolific Cullen Bunn with artist Mark Torres The premise is intriguing; there are macabre ghosts sprouting up, and their presence is dropping the[...]

The Empty Man: Comic Adapted for Film Comes Back to Comics

more comics?![caption id="attachment_760770" align="aligncenter" width="600"] An illustration of the comic book industry from a 1478 alchemy manuscript[/caption]That's the problem faced by superstar writer Cullen Bunn, whose 2015 graphic novel The Empty Man with artist Vanesa R Del Rey was picked up by Fox However, thanks in part to Fox's minority ownership of publisher BOOM! Studios, the movie[...]

X-Men: Blue #33 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men: Blue #33 Review – The State of the Magneto Address [Edited]

Silva and Rain Beredo[/caption]Cullen Bunn seems to want to ride out this series like a Magneto book, and I am beyond happy to see that I have many times and will now again praise his Magneto series to high heaven It was absolutely fantastic.We seem to be moving in the direction of returning Erik Lensherr[...]

Bone Parish #1 cover by Lee Garbett

Bone Parish #1 Review: A Strange Story All Too Tame

Grace Winters, the mother of the cook and the head of the organization, is meeting with big players from New York interested in her operation.[caption id="attachment_895508" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Bone Parish #1 cover by Lee Garbett[/caption]Bone Parish is the newest crime/horror comic from writer Cullen Bunn This first issue comes off more like a straightforward crime[...]

X-Men Blue #32 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men Blue #32 Review: Blue vs. Magneto for the Fate of Emma Frost

It’s not often we get a wounded and vulnerable Magneto, but Cullen Bunn is giving us one here Emma put him in the position of killing mutants with the Mothervine, and the X-Men abandoned him when he needed them most Erik is processing these emotions in the only way he knows: violence, destruction, and threats[...]


Missouri Swagger: Cullen Bunn and Dennis Hopeless Launch YouTube Channel

Superstar comic book writer Cullen Bunn and that guy who killed all the teen characters that time Dennis Hopeless have embarked on a bold new project: a YouTube show Proving their marketing savvy is as finely honed as their filmmaking skills, the dynamic duo launched the show just as the San Diego Comic-Con news cycle was[...]

X-Men Blue #31 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men Blue #31 Review: The Rage and Anguish of Magneto

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We are witness to what young Jean Grey saw when she peered into Magneto's head before her team joined up with Eric Lensherr. In the present, Magneto is on a warpath. He is tearing through every chapter of the Hellfire Club until he finds the White Queen, Emma Frost. Jean Grey and the […]

Dark Ark #8 cover by Juan Doe

Dark Ark #8 Review: Mixing Together the Mythologies

The result is tapping deeper into that Lovecraftian vein that the great Cullen Bunn so often likes to tap into.I’m a sucker for such things myself, and this mixture of themes results in Shrae arguing on behalf of the Judeo-Christian God against an eldritch godlike being That’s a cool concept from the get-go, and the[...]

Pumpkinhead #5 cover by Kyle Strahm

Pumpkinhead #5 Review: A Vicious Finale

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Pumpkinhead is being hunted by the other demons, and every wound he takes also affects the person who summoned him. This slows down the group, but the Sheriff, Haggis, and the others must find the other witches who summoned the demons. The Greed Demon is on their trail, and time is running out. […]

Shadow Roads #1 cover by A. C. Zamudio and Carlos Nicolas Zamudio

Shadow Roads #1 Review: An Intriguing Start for This Sci-Fi Western

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A young Native American named Henry Grey and his friend, Barry, explore a British museum with an extensive, yet still racist, exhibit on Native American culture. Henry is dissatisfied and feels that he knows nothing more about his heritage, but a strange man appears and gives him a strange knife. In America, a […]

Brothers Dracul #3 cover by Mirko Colak and Maria Santaolalla

Brothers Dracul #3 Review: A Grindhouse Action Comic

Cullen Bunn has shown himself very capable of writing a smart horror comic, and this one is no different It’s fun, brutal, and worthy of a recommendation Check this one out.[rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"]Vlad, Radu, and Mehmed are now hunting vampires across the Ottoman realm, and we join the on one such raid against[...]

Harrow County #32 cover by Tyler Crook

Harrow County #32 Review: A Powerful Finale to the Series

Can Emmy win? Or will Hester take back what she created.[caption id="attachment_872961" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Harrow County #32 cover by Tyler Crook[/caption]This was the finale to the long-lived Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook The battle between Emmy and Hester takes up about half of the book, and it is a thoroughly engaging experience.The[...]

X-Men: Blue #30 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men Blue #30 Review – Melodramatic but with an Excellent Fight Sequence

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Daken has tracked down and is ready to kill Jimmy Hudson, whom is now calling himself Poison. The X-Men are ready to defend their ally, but Jimmy doesn't want their help. He believes the Poisons have overtaken him and that he is only one of them now. This is something that Daken and […]