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A Western tale of survival starring a cast of literary horrors from the diabolical minds of Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Money Shot), Aaron Campbell (Hellblazer, Infidel), and Jim Terry (Vampirella, Come Home, Indio)! Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 05/11/2022 PrintWatch: In the light of the launch of the new Knights Of X series, the original Excalibur collection is getting[...]
Kylun Returns In Marvel's X-Men May 2022 Solicitations
Oh, and the Books Of Destiny is getting a sequel. Kylun was the mutant kid who appeared in the first series of Excalibur #2 from Chris Claremont and Alan Davis, transported to another world by Widget, giving Widget the "oh gosh, oh golly, oh wow" catchphrase, and then completely forgotten about until Alan Davis took over[...]
X-Force Excalibur Krakoa
Where's Wolverine? Today's Excalibur #26 sets up Knights Of X, for Destiny Of X, as the war between Otherworld and mutants, and Britain and mutants, creates pincer movement Not like the Krakoans are doing much to help the Brexit allegory… Excalibur #26 And Professor X could never counter anything like terrorism, could he? Remind me of that[...]
Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X
As we teased a couple of times yesterday, from today's X-Force and Excalibur published by Marvel Comics.   Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X X-Force #1 looks like it will continue from the current X-Force comics, and probably written by Benjamin Percy We will have members Wolverine, Deadpool, Omega Red, Colossus, Forge, Domino, and The Beast[...]
Cover image for Excalibur #26
The solicit for the final issue of Excalbur, Excalibur #26, in stores next week, teases Betsy Braddock will make the ultimate sacrifice Check out the preview below. Excalibur #26 by Tini Howard & Marcus To, cover by Mahmud Asrar OTHERWORLD FALLS! Merlyn and King Arthur have taken the Starlight Citadel Saturnyne still lives – but not for long[...]
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So, as Orphan-Maker goes after The Right to rescue his robot brother…. Hellions #17 And courtesy of Kwannon, the new Psyclocke, the Hellions follow… Hellions #17 … all of them… Hellions #17 …you get an inkling of the kind of mindset they are going up against. Hellions #17 Excalibur #25 While in Excalibur, the old Psylocke and new Captain Britain Betsy Braddock is unnerved[...]
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So here we go with Excalibur #22, out today, and Tom Lennox meeting up with his old girlfriend Betsy Braddock, the new Captain Britain Tom was recently resurrected a very long time after his death and, for Betsy, there's been a lot of water under the bridge since Just not so much for Tom. Marvel, Can[...]
Cover image for Excalibur #25
Excalibur #25 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and the solicit teases a final battle with the fate of all reality at stake That means Excalibur can't afford to lose They need the best plan going into this one They need… a little girl? That's right, Margerat Braddock is running the show on[...]
No Excalibur or S.W.O.R.D. in Marvel's January Soliciations
Marvel's January solicitations are out, and X-Men fans will immediately notice one glaring omission: there's no issue of Excalibur out in January December's Excalibur #26 is the last issue solicited for the series, and it's unclear if the book is set to return at this time. EXCALIBUR #26 OCT210897 (W) Tini Howard (A) Marcus To (CA) Mahmud Asrar OTHERWORLD[...]
Marvel Reveals Details on Chris Claremont's X-Men Legends Story
This week, Marvel revealed the details of Claremont's story, which will be drawn by Scot Eaton and feature a cover by Alan Davis. The story will be a prequel of sorts to the formation of Excalibur, taking place right after Fall of the Mutants It was during that event that the X-Men appeared to the world[...]
With Krakoa clearly having a history… Savage Avengers #25 But mutant prejudice is spreading, in Excalibur #24, the vampires of Otherworld let Betsy Braddock know it has spread there. Excalibur #24 And The Shadow King knows where this will lead. New Mutants #22 And looks for the mutants of Arakko as a guide as to how the mutants of Krakoa should[...]
Cover image for EXCALIBUR #24
Excalibur #24 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and in this preview, we find Captain Britain engaging in a somewhat unpleasant dinner party with the vampire leaders of Sevalith It seems that even amongst the vampire community, there's some mutant hatred going around Will Captain Britan get the answers she seeks? Check out[...]
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Today sees the publication of Excalibur #23 and X-Force #23 With Doctor Doom threatening to kill a bunch of his own mutants and flay their skin in order to get his army onto Krakoa and through into Otherworld… it's not a great start Especially when there are other mutant hunters around with a history of[...]
Are Former Captain Britain Brian Braddock & Meggan Expecting A Baby?
Brian Braddock, the former Captain Britain of the Marvel Universe, and heir to the Otherworld throne and mystical mutant shape-shifting empath Meggan Puceanu have been a couple since the early Jamie Delano and Alan Davis Captain Britain days and through their appearances in Excalibur and X-Men over forty years Some might say the next step[...]
Krakoa And Brexit
And no, that didn't go down well either. The reason I mention this (and throw in Krakoa) is the Bleeding Cool has been covering the plotline in Excalibur and the rest of the X-Men titles at the Hellfire Gala In last week's Marauders #21, as the Hellfire Gala kicked off, Krakoa was host to one intriguing[...]