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IOGEAR Unveils New Unikomm Universal Gaming Headset
IOGEAR revealed a brand new item this week for gamers on a budget as they've released the Unikomm Universal Gaming Headset Designed by Kaliber Games, this headset was created to compete with bigger brand name models while also being able to be instantly affordable by comparison Which you can immediately see on their website as[...]
Astro Gaming Reveals The A10 Gen 2 Wired Gaming Headset
Astro Gaming revealed a brand new addition to their line of headsets as they unveiled the A10 Gen 2 Wired Gaming Headset As you can see they've made a number of changes to the A10, which has basically been their pride and joy for years as it was a versatile gaming headset that could take[...]
SCUF Gaming Unveils Its First Gaming Headset With The SCUF H1
SCUF Gaming has launched a new product, as for the first time they have a gaming headset, which is being called the SCUF H1 A bit of a new direction for them as it's one of the first real influences we've seen since being incorporated into the CORSAIR brand This is a wireless headset with[...]
Audeze Mobius Headphones Bring Comfort and Quality to Gaming
Audeze was kind enough to send over a pair of their Mobius 3-D Cinematic Audio Gaming Headset to check out We have to say that this headset will really level up our gaming experience With Next-Gen consoles still not out yet, we were able to test these out on the PlayStation 4 as well as[...]
ROCCAT Announces New Ultra-Light Noz Gaming Headset
Earlier today, ROCCAT introduced a brand new gaming headset with their ultra-light version called Noz, which will be released in a couple of weeks on April 15th The goal with the new pair is to bring a full audio experience to the series they have, but offering a lighter pair that isn't weighing down on[...]
Review: Astro Gaming A40 TR X-Edition Gaming Headset
A little while ago, we received a couple new headsets from Astro Gaming to try out for review, the first one being the A40 TR X-Edition This one was specifically made to celebrate the company's ten year anniversary of bringing you high-quality audio to your gaming sessions by bringing back an updated classic with some[...]
Review: HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset for PS4
One of the fun items we saw on the electronics front back at PAX West a few months back was the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset for the PS4 We've had a few different headsets that were able to plug into the PS4, most of them do well but few were specifically designed to be just for the[...]
Review: Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Gaming Headset + Super Amp
The crew showed off the latest gear they had at the convention, which included a pair of their Elite Pro 2 + Super Amp gaming headsets The company sent us one to review, which we gladly took up the challenge and did so on both PS4 and PC. credit//Turtle Beach First, let's talk about the construction as[...]
Review: Victrix Pro AF (ANC) Universal Headset
A little something that came across our desk recently was a brand new gaming headset from the people over at Victrix Pro We haven't had the pleasure of messing with any of their gear yet, so this was a first for the gaming section The item in question sent our way was their AF Headset[...]
Listening For Changes: We Review Razer's Electra V2
One of the more recent items that the company sent our way for review is a brand new headset in the Electra V2, designed for people looking for a basic setup that still gives them a good experience We broke it out of the box and gave this pair a proper test. credit//Razer First off, let's examine the[...]
Do You Hear My Crystal Salt? We Review The ROCCAT Khan Pro Headset
As an audiophile, it's always fun for me to get a new headset to try out on games When ROCCAT sent us some items for review (including a mousepad and a wireless gaming mouse), included in that pack was the ROCCAT Khan Pro headset, which immediately made my ears perk up So we ran this[...]
Diving Back Into The Blue: We Review Logitech's G633 Artemis Spectrum
Over the years at different publications, they've sent me mice, keyboards and headsets to check out for review, all with their own advantages and disadvantages against the competition But of all the companies in previous years (that I will not name) I can say that they're one of the few who's products didn't break after[...]