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Cooler Master Unveils CK720 65% Mechanical Keyboard
Cooler Master has unveiled their latest gaming keyboard today as players will be able to get their hands on the CK720 65% Mechanical Keyboard The thing that has made than particularly proud of this one is that it's their first mechanical keyboard designed for customization, specifically targeting those who are enthusiasts of this kind of[...]
SteelSeries Reveals Apex Pro TKL Series Keyboards
SteelSeries revealed a new set of keyboards this past week as they introduced the Apex Pro TKL Series to their line This is a bit of an improvement over a couple fo different models that feels like they were melded together, presented in both a wired and wireless format, complete with all the RGB lighting[...]
Logitech Unveils New Line Of Mac-Designed Mice & Keyboards
It would be awesome to see Logitech branch out from here with new Mac designs as we're sure many gamers would love to have this kind of item made specifically for their gaming needs. Credit: Logitech MX Mechanical Mini for Mac Keyboard ($150) Logitech's first mechanical keyboard optimized for Mac, available in Space Gray and Pale Gray, features[...]
CORSAIR Reveals Ultra-Thin K100 Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
CORSAIR revealed a new gaming keyboard design as they unveiled the K100 Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard this week This is a pretty cool design as it is one of the thinnest keyboards they have ever designed that still retains the gaming aspects that people seek out in their line, while also being far more accessible[...]
Drop Captures Middle-Earth with New Lord of the Rings Keyboards
There are two keyboards that rule them all as hit tech company Drop has unveiled their newest collaboration The world of The Lord of the Rings comes to life and is at the tips of your finger with two incredible themed keyboards Whether you want to type in Elvish or Dwarvish, Drop has you covered[...]
Razer Launches New Low-Profile Keyboard In Deathstalker V2 Pro
Razer dropped a brand new gaming keyboard that is made for pretty much everyone in some fashion with the Deathstalker V2 Akin to some other designs that we've seen come out in recent years, this is made to be an amazing gaming keyboard, but also functions quite well as an all-purpose keyboard This is something[...]
SteelSeries Reveals Apex Pro Mini & Apex Pro Mini Wireless Keyboards
SteelSeries revealed two new gaming keyboards this wee as they introduced the Apex Pro Mini and the Apex Pro Mini Wireless The two designs are improvements to the already awesome parent version, only these have been made smaller, faster, and highly adjustable Both of them are 60% form factor with OmniPoint 2.0 (which has an[...]
Razer Releases Ornata V3 Low-Profile Ergonomic Keyboard
Razer has revealed a brand new model of gaming keyboard as part of their line today with the Ornata V3 Low-Profile Ergonomic Keyboard The particular design to this was was to provide a smaller version that was a bit more comfortable, giving you the same feeling of a regular keyboard with more instant access options[...]
Review: Vissles LP85 Mac Style Mechanical Keyboard
A short time ago we were sent a cool little mechanical keyboard for review as Vissles provided us the LP85 Mac Style Mechanical Keyboard The company created this super slim model that was designed to be portable, easy to charge, and quick to connect through either a direct connection or through Bluetooth But how well[...]
CORSAIR Releases New Limited Collection Of K65 RGB Mini Keyboards
CORSAIR has revealed a brand new set of limited collection K65 RGB Mini Keyboards that have a bit of a colorful look to them As you can see from the image of the one below colored in what they're calling Bubblegum Pop, the company has released four different colors of these mechanical gaming keyboards that[...]
Razer Unveils New Pro Productivity Line Of Peripherals
With an additional 7 fully programmable buttons for ease of use in multiple applications, the Pro Click Mini is a versatile, capable mouse, perfect for the demands of modern office work. Credit: Razer Refined and improved through community feedback, the Razer Pro Type Ultra is the next generation of Razer's Pro series of keyboards, bringing a quieter,[...]
KnewKey Retro-style USB Keyboard Offers Best of Both Eras - Review
Wishful thinking? Not with the KnewKey retro keyboard! It's a Bluetooth keyboard with the look and feel of a vintage typewriter (albeit nowhere nearly as heavy). Photo: KnewKey Right out of the box, assembly and set up is super easy – I have an unboxing video on YouTube that shows the setup The only thing to really[...]
My dear old dad has destroyed yet another stainless steel, factory/industrial 'vandal proof' keyboard because he types like a f-cking maniac, and he really needs a new, ideally tougher, 'Alan Moore proof' one Help pls! And tweeting out to keyboard manufacturers, saying; A challenge if you are up for it? Alan Moore needs a keyboard he cant[...]
CORSAIR Reveals K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard & SABRE PRO Mice
CORSAIR recently showed off a couple of new products as we're getting a brand new gaming keyboard and a pair of gaming mice Starting with the keyboard, they have featured a brand new model in the K70 RGB TKL, designed specifically for esports pros as they have adjusted the keys and lighting and slimmed it[...]
CORSAIR Launches Two K55 RGB Pro Gaming Keyboards
CORSAIR revealed a pair of new gaming keyboards this week as they have two different versions of the K55 RGB Pro Gaming Keyboard The two versions are the standard version and the K55 RGB Pro XT, and aside from a $20 price difference, a few new odds-and-ends have been added to the XT version Both[...]
We Review The Woo-Dy Mechanical Gaming Keybaord
A while ago we were sent a brand new product from a startup company called Woo-dy as they presented a wooden mechanical keyboard The product actually got its start on Kickstarter and received full funding, allowing them to produce a run of these for people looking for a design that fills a couple of different[...]
Razer Releases Some Familiar Items Designed for "Value-Conscious Gamers"
The company has released new versions of the BlackWidow keyboard, Kraken gaming headset, and the Basilisk Essential gaming mouse, all with new designs as well as new prices to accommodate gamers on a budget You can read more about the specs here, but the keyboard will run you $120, the headset $80, and the mouse[...]
Review: Razer's Blackwidow Elite Gaming Keyboard
One of the cool products we got to test out clear back at PAX West with Razer was their new gaming keyboard, the Blackwidow Elite A lot of the Razer keyboards to come our way perform well, but they also provide different types of gaming experiences depending on what you're looking for So what does the[...]
Messing With Specs: We Review the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 Keyboard
A short time ago we received a brand new keyboard from ROCCAT to test out and review This time around we got their Vulcan mechanical gaming keyboard Usually, when we get ROCCAT products there's a certain style to them that we find charming, but this one steps a little outside of the box from previous[...]
Simplified Mechanics: We Review Logitech's 513 Carbon Gaming Keyboard
Often when we review gaming keyboards, we usually get a few comments or messages from people who are looking for a keyboard that isn't so intimidating Something without all the bells and whistles they don't know how to program Logitech was kind enough to send one our way that just might fit the bill, as[...]
Going Really Old-School: We Review the AZIO Retro Classic Gaming Keyboard
We get gaming keyboards from time to time from different companies, and while we love to check them out and see what everyone is doing, there's a lot of similarities in the style we never really comment on AZIO recently sent us a brand new keyboard to try out that definitely doesn't fit the mold[...]
Something for Beginners: We Review Razer's Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard
Recently, Razer released a brand new gaming keyboard model in the Cynosa Chroma, specifically designed for people just starting out with regular PC gaming We got ourselves a unit and tested it out with our library. credit//Razer So the immediate thing to talk about is the design A lot of times people look at RGB keyboards and tend[...]
The Joy Of Wireless Gaming! We Review Logitech's G603 & G613
Recently, the company sent us two new additions to the line in the hopes of breaking the stigma with wireless gaming in the G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse and the G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Starting with the mouse, the G603 has a unique feel and movement to it For starters, it runs off two AA batteries mounted[...]