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NECA's Final Wave Of Alien 40th Anniversary Figures Is Hitting Stores
NECA has been releasing a few waves of Alien figures this past year or so in celebration of last year's 40th anniversary of the film All of them have been great, and it has been awesome to be able to complete the Nostromo crew in my figure display The final wave is hitting stores now,[...]
TMNT Cartoon Ultimate Foot Soldier From NECA Is A Must Own
Now showing up in stores, the newest addition to the NECA TMNT cartoon line is a familiar figure The Foot Soldier has been released a couple of times already in a two-pack, as well as damaged versions So when they announced that they were doing a single-pack Ultimate version, I kind of just shrugged it[...]
NECA's New Jaws Quint Figure Will Thrill You, And Make You Sad
NECA is trying, as they have a new Quint figure in stores, and they tried to do Sheriff Brody, but they ran into the same problem most companies have, the Roy Scheider estate blocked the release While they also have a massive Bruce the Shark in development, this Quint may be it for figures to[...]
NECA Fully Reveals Their TMNT Cartoon Chrome Dome Figure
NECA has fully revealed their upcoming TMNT cartoon Chrome Dome figure, and boy is he massive Taller than their Krang robot from earlier in the line, he stands at about ten inches tall and comes with multiple points of articulation He also will come with a computer, swords and sheaths, a blaster, and 5 sets[...]
Another New Kong Figure Is Here From NECA, And It Is Still Great
Kong and NECA are having a huge moment with each other, as the big ape has seen no less than four releases in less than a year Each has been unique as far as pack ins are concerned, and since he is one of the beasts we always hoped for from NECA, we are not[...]
NECA's Universal Monsters Frankenstein Figure May Be Best Of The Year
NECA is the premier horror toymaker in the world, with the work they have been doing these last few years dropping jaws and swelling the ranks of our horror collections The ultimate pairing, however, was a dream: the Universal Monsters These timeless characters, done by a company like NECA, has the potential to be something[...]
TMNT NECA Overload: We Look At Three Awesome New Figures
A majority of those figures that we are all going gaga for are from NECA and their animated, movie, and video game lines All three have been incredibly well done, and collectors have responded to them with the proper fervor Sell outs, huge aftermarket price surge, and demand that no company could possibly keep up[...]
NECA's Predator Line Keeps Going Strong After All This Time
NECA may be at its highest peak of popularity right now The company is putting out home run after home run of figures from top-tier licenses that we could only dream they could before TMNT Kong The Thing But those of us who have been with the company for a long time know that it[...]
NECA Puts TMNT April O'Neil 1990 Film Figure Up For Preorder
NECA posted the final part of their "April's April Takeover" episode, with the full reveal of their new TMNT 1990 film April O'Neil figure The figure will feature a pretty spot-on likeness of Judith Hoag, who will be in a highly dated outfit from the film, a purse, a Channel 3 microphone, a sai, a[...]
NECA Reveals Toony Terrors New Wave: Re-Animator, The Fog, More
NECA has revealed the new wave of Toony Terrors horror figures, and this one may be the best to date Featuring four more Saturday morning cartoon-inspired horror goodness, this wave will feature The Miner from My Bloody Valentine, Dr Herbert West from Re-Animator complete with tray and Hill's severed head, Captain Blake from The Fog,[...]
NECA Officially Reveals Universal Monsters Ultimates Figures Line
NECA has officially revealed that they do indeed have the licence for Universal Monsters, and they will release four Ultimates figures this year Featuring the likenesses of the classic actors, the four figures will be Boris Karloff as  Frankenstein's Monster from Frankenstein (1931), Lon Chaney Jr as the Wolf Man from The Wolf Man (1941),[...]
NECA Reveals TMNT Pizza Monster Xenomorph Tribute Figure
The TMNT line by NECA, and by that, I mean everything: movie figures, animated figures, video game figures, maybe the best line of figures we will ever get The details on these figures are incredible; the accessories are exhaustive, the deep cuts in figure choices are second to none Throw in the fact that you[...]
NECA Reveals Nightmare Demons From An American Werewolf In London
NECA is having themselves a year Again An American Werewolf in London is the latest amazing license they have snagged, and late last night they teased us with pics of the Nightmare Demons from the film Today we got the release info: the figure will be part of NECA's Ultimate line One body per box, but[...]
The Gargoyles Awaken As NECA Reveals First-Look At Goliath Figure
The legend continues as NECA surprises fans with their newest collectible reveal with the hit Disney animated series, Gargoyles The series originally aired between 1994 – 1997, and it showed medical Scotland creatures awakening in modern-day New York City after a cure These creatures can not stay out during the day as they will turn[...]
Flash Gordon and the Defenders of Earth Return With NECA
There are other comic book heroes out there besides Marvel and DC, and NECA is her ego remind you Their newest figure release taking fans back to the '80s as their new Defenders of the Earth figures go live online Defenders of the Earth is an American cartoon from 1986 that united three icon comic[...]