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NECA's Latest Addition To TMNT Movie Line Is Interesting
NECA's TMNT lines continue full steam ahead, but one of them is at a crossroads The movie line of figures is seemingly coming to a fork in the road They have now released pretty much every major character from the 1990 film, and are well on their way to the same for Secret of the[...]
Jaws Toony Terror Is The Peak Of NECA's Awesome Horror Line
Since they introduced their Toony Terrors line a while back, NECA has done an awesome job turning our favorite horror icons into cartoon versions that would fit into a Saturday morning viewing block next to Scooby-Doo and other classics Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, Beetlejuice, The Grady Twins, Nosferatu There is something for any horror collector[...]
NECA Licenced Usagi Yojimbo For Their TMNT Cartoon Line
NECA has revealed a sculpt and announced that they have indeed licensed out Usagi Yojimbo from Stan Sakai so that a figure can come out in their mega-popular TMNT Cartoon line of figures After a long time speculating and teases galore, they revealed the sculpt of the figure this morning, and boy, is this going[...]
Two New Kenner Tribute Alien’ Xenomorph’s Come To Life From NECA
NECA is back with paying tribute to Kenner as they are back with new Expanded Universe Aliens The 1990s brought us some incredible figures, and with today's technology, they have even become better Both Panther and Night Cougar Xenomorph figures from the Alien franchise are back and ready to join your growing hive The creatures[...]
Halloween Kills Michael Myers Figure Revealed By NECA
The main event for most collectors is the latest Michael Myers Ultimate figure from NECA, which we knew was on the way but they have finally revealed fully today This version of Michael will feature an assortment of weaponry, a bloody mask to carry that looks just like the skeleton mask from Halloween 3, and[...]
NECA's TMNT Cartoon Line Muckman Is A High Point For The Line
After a couple of month's break, the NECA cartoon TMNT line is coming back full force late summer and fall with a plethora of releases The two latest, Muckman and Mondo Gecko, are Ultimate editions, packed with extras in the already iconic old-school VHS style packaging.  Of the two, Muckman was iffy to me[...]
Star Wars Prop Replicas Coming Soon from Rubies and NECA
New Star Wars collectibles are on the way as Rubies and NECA team up to create some new prop replicas The two companies have teamed up to create Denuo Novo LLC., which will specialize in high-end replicas and costumes They plan on covering a wide variety of franchises, but Star Wars kicks things off first[...]
NECA's Latest Version Of TMNT 2 Super Shredder Is Hard To Beat
NECA is really getting their money's worth out of this mold, huh? The third release of their awesome Super Shredder figure is here, as a Walmart exclusive, of course, and this time the changes are again more cosmetic than anything The first release was one of the most amazing action figures released last year, and[...]
NECA Comic Con Panel Reveals: TMNT, Gargoyles, Horror, And More
NECA just wrapped up their big online Comic-Con panel on their YouTube channel, where they revealed some of what is coming in the fall in some of their most popular lines Horror, Defenders of the Earth, TMNT, and Gargoyles were the big major focuses today, and they also revealed what would have been their SDCC[...]
NECA Announces Second TMNT Frog Cartoon Pack Releases In August
NECA has just shown off a ton of new pics and details for their second TMNT cartoon Frog pack We already got the release of Rasputin and Genghis Frog earlier this year, and now we have details on Napoleon and Atilla, which will come to Target stores this August Just like that first pack, they[...]
NECA's Final Wave Of Alien 40th Anniversary Figures Is Hitting Stores
NECA has been releasing a few waves of Alien figures this past year or so in celebration of last year's 40th anniversary of the film All of them have been great, and it has been awesome to be able to complete the Nostromo crew in my figure display The final wave is hitting stores now,[...]
TMNT Cartoon Ultimate Foot Soldier From NECA Is A Must Own
Now showing up in stores, the newest addition to the NECA TMNT cartoon line is a familiar figure The Foot Soldier has been released a couple of times already in a two-pack, as well as damaged versions So when they announced that they were doing a single-pack Ultimate version, I kind of just shrugged it[...]
NECA's New Jaws Quint Figure Will Thrill You, And Make You Sad
NECA is trying, as they have a new Quint figure in stores, and they tried to do Sheriff Brody, but they ran into the same problem most companies have, the Roy Scheider estate blocked the release While they also have a massive Bruce the Shark in development, this Quint may be it for figures to[...]
NECA Fully Reveals Their TMNT Cartoon Chrome Dome Figure
NECA has fully revealed their upcoming TMNT cartoon Chrome Dome figure, and boy is he massive Taller than their Krang robot from earlier in the line, he stands at about ten inches tall and comes with multiple points of articulation He also will come with a computer, swords and sheaths, a blaster, and 5 sets[...]
Another New Kong Figure Is Here From NECA, And It Is Still Great
Kong and NECA are having a huge moment with each other, as the big ape has seen no less than four releases in less than a year Each has been unique as far as pack ins are concerned, and since he is one of the beasts we always hoped for from NECA, we are not[...]