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Gargoyles Fav Hudson Figure From NECA Sees Preorders Open
Gargoyles fan favorite Hudson is the latest figure from the show to go up for preorder from NECA New peeks at the figure were revealed last weekend, and preorders have now begun Hudson will arrive with a pair of attachable wings, 2 different heads, three pairs of hands, an additional left hand, and a sword[...]
ALF Ultimate Figure From NECA Now Up For Preorder
Apparently, neither has NECA Announced on their social media channels last fall, they will have an Ultimate ALF figure in stores in 2022 Preorders are open, and ALF will come with a cat on a bun, a Hawaiian shirt, a bowl of popcorn, sunglasses, a radio, a picture frame, a drink can, and interchangeable hands[...]
NECA Toy Fair Reveals: TMNT, Predator, Toony Terrors, More
NECA had themselves a weekend, as they had all of their Toy Fair reveals come out across three days We ourselves partook in the festivities, and some of our good friends did as well Here, we will gather all of the exciting reveals, including the jaw-dropping TMNT ones, down below. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]
Predator 2 Shaman Predator, A NECA Toy Fair BC Exclusive Reveal
Predator figures from NECA have some of the most fervent fans in collecting, and that there are over 100 figures in the line now speaks to that enthusiasm In some ways, NECA themselves are responsible for keeping Predator as relevant as the property has been the last decade or so And the figures aren't stopping[...]
NECA's Second Gargoyles Figure Is Familiar, Yet Cool
Gargoyles was the last line most figured would go to NECA, but in 2021 not only was the line announced, but the first figure, Goliath, came to stores Ambitious plans are afoot for this line, as at least four more figures have been shown off the top of my head The second figure, Thailog, is[...]
NECA's Ace Duck/Mutagen Man Continues Steller TMNT Cartoon Line
TMNT's continuing cartoon line from NECA shows no signs of stopping, and today we will take a look at one of the sets I personally was not looking forward to I know I watched every episode of the old TMNT cartoon, but I do not remember Mutagen Man or Ace Duck being in there for[...]
TMNT/Universal Monsters NECA Raphael Figure Is Early Fig Of The Year
TMNT and Universal Monsters are in for a treat this year thanks to NECA and their new line of mash-up figures A dream line for me personally, NECA is not the first to produce a collaboration between the two entities, as Playmates has made Turtle Monsters a few times over the years, but to have[...]
Pre-Orders Arrive for Predator 2 Ultimate Warrior Predator from NECA
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Predator 2, NECA has been slowly releasing each of these Lost Tribe hunters in figure form and a new one has arrived Pre-orders have just arrived here for the new Ultimate Warrior Predator that stands 8" and features 30 points of articulation From swappable parts and an arsenal of[...]
NECA Fully Reveals TMNT Universal Monsters Leo As Hunchback Figure
NECA has fully revealed the second of their TMNT Universal Monsters figures, Leonardo and the Hunchback They are loaded to the gills with accessories, and the standout here is the sculpting work involved These figures look gnarly and have so many little easter eggs for TMNT and Universal Monsters fans that both sets of collectors[...]
NECA TMNT Fans: Today Is The Last Day To Order Mousers & Foot
TMNT NECA collectors, today is the last day to place an order for their new Mousers pack and Ultimate Foot Soldier directly from NECA themselves The ordering period started on December 21st, and there is no limit on the amount or army builder figures here that you can order The TMNT Mousers packs comes with[...]
Bleeding Cool Top 10 Figures For 2021- Jeremy's Picks: Lots Of NECA
What a year for figures in 2021; even with the shipping issues, shortages, and pandemics, companies like NECA, Hasbro, Super7, McFarlane, Mattel, and so many more pumped out an insane amount of figures these last 12 months When I sat down to make this list, it felt kind of impossible But I did it I[...]
Bring Home Your Love For Home Alone with These Collectibles
NECA holds a lot of the keys, this time with the rerelease of their 1/12 scaled clothed figures featuring Kevin and the Wet Bandits NECA also has two fleece blankets that Home Alone fans can choose from featuring the Filthy Animals phrase or the map that Kevin uses for his traps. One of my favorite Home[...]
The Mummy Black & White Figure On The Way From NECA
Universal Monsters Ultimate figures are going to be some of the big releases for NECA in 2022, after they dazzled with their Frankenstein earlier this year One of the next couple figures will be The Mummy, and while we knew that the colored version was on the way, they have now revealed a black and[...]
NECA Reveals Packaging For TMNT/Universal Monsters Mash-Up
They have always been some of my personal favorites, and since NECA got the license for both, in the back of my mind, I wondered what a NECA TMNT universal Monsters line might look like Well, wonder no more, as they have revealed their first figure, Raphael as Frankenstein's Monster Mikey was the original Turtle[...]
An American Werewolf In London Nightmare Demon Figure Rules
NECA, being the awesome toy company they are, is fixing this situation Not only do they have an Ultimate Kessler wolf figure coming, but they also went and put out the Ultimate Nightmare Demon figure, which it turns out is the coolest army builder of the year Since it was announced, I have been dying[...]