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Funko Wins Award For Worst New York Comic Con 2021 Experience
However, Funko has outdone itself with this year's 2021 NYCC event, which included no lottery system, a new waiting queue, and last-minute reveals After last year's fiasco, it seemed like these Virtual Cons were starting to get better with a smooth lottery system, winner and loser notifications, and a nice assortment of reveals These past[...]
New York Comic Con 2021 Logo
LEARN MORE ABOUT ALL NEW STAR TREK FICTION AND WHAT THE CHARACTERS OF YOUR FAVOURITE UNIVERSE GET UP TO BEHIND THE CAMERAS! MAGAZINE LAUNCHING EARLY NOVEMBER 2021!   If you plan to attend NYCC this year or are excited about any of these panels from Titan Comics, let us know in the comments. Titan Comics announced their[...]
Funko Announces No NYCC Lottery System: Expect the Worst
The event will be filled with giveaways, live stream events, and of course, their 2021 NYCC Exclusive collectibles Funko has really waited to the last minute with this year's Virtual Con as exclusives go live this Thursday, October 7, 2021, at 12 EST However, unlike previous conventions, Funko WILL NOT be hosting a Lottery System[...]
Scott Snyder's #Scottober ComiXology Party At NYCC Next Week
This is why I won't be attending Scott Snyder's Scottober party at NYCC, run by ComiXology, to launch his new digital-first comics out next month And will be jealous of everyone else, like Heidi MacDonald who will be going Scott won't even one able to go to Thought Bubble in November, as originally planned, and[...]
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Homages Comic Covers For NYCC Posters
Drawn by Shane Campos, and art directed by Mike Federali, these classic comic book tribute posters feature Crow, Servo, Growler, and Waverly takes on Batman, Superman, and the Silver Surfer. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Homages Comic Covers For NYCC 2021 Posters The cover of Batman #9 from 1942, in the spotlight. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Homages Comic Covers[...]
Funko Will Not Be At NYCC and Announces New Virtual Con Event
Funko has some big news for fans and NYCC 2021 attendees as they announce that they will not be attending the convention this year With the rise of growing Delta Variant cases and the shifting view of the public on vaccine protocols, this is not unexpected It is a lot of time and effort to[...]
Source Point Press Are Official Badge Sponsor For NYCC 2021
And that NYCC 2021 show badges will feature art from Source Point Press' comics including Gloomhaven, Winchester Mystery House, Felix the Cat, Legend of the Five Rings, Cult Of Dracula, Haunted High-Ons, Brooklyn Gargoyles, Mons Draw Sity, Darling, Good Boy, Suicide Jockeys, Unborn, Butts in Seats, Rat Queens, Trash Can-It, Boston Metaphysical Society, Warcorns, and more[...]
Masks, Shots & Tests Needed For NYCC, ECCC, Florida, C2E2 Comic Con
ReedPop has today announced updated health and safety protocols that will be implemented at upcoming 2021 events, including New York Comic Con (NYCC), Florida Supercon, Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) and Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) They state that "at all ReedPop events, the health and safety of attendees is the team's top priority[...]
2021 New York Comic Con Badges Sell Out In Less Than 12 Hours
 And it would seem being forced to sit out NYCC last year has fans at a fever pitch to return, as ReedPop has announced that all badges to this year's event have sold out in just under 12 hours. The official logo of New York Comic Con (NYCC) An update was posted on New York Comic Con's official social media[...]
New York Comic Con 2020 Cancelled - I Know You Thought It Already Was
Some folks have been "how will poor people be able to attend NYCC now." Whereas I have been more in the "when have poor people ever been able to attend NYCC?" camp And $99 is a pittance compared to the total combined cost of going to the show Because today, ReedPOP opened up their Metaverse[...]