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Now when it comes to The Gang from Paddy's, that's a different story That's because It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dee (Kaitlin Olson), and Frank (Danny DeVito) play the kind of games that would never (but should) make the global games They're the kind of games[...]
We Give Thanks For These Memorable Thanksgiving Episodes
So to properly celebrate Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dee (Kaitlin Olson), and Frank (Danny DeVito), we're offering up a look at our personalized & interactive Paddy's holiday song "The 14 Days of 'Always Sunny'" Following that, there' a deep dive into what may be the gem episode in 14 seasons'[...]
always sunny
That means fans can look forward to updates from Day, McElhenney, Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito as the doors to Paddy's open for business once again So what better time for McElhenney to look back on the past fourteen seasons (as well as a quick look at his current excellent series Mythic Quest) to[...]
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Before WandaVision? CharlieVision (Image: FX Networks screencap)
#SunnyFXX — It's Always Sunny (@alwayssunny) May 19, 2021 But we like to think of Ronald "Mac" McDonald as the "certified badass" he believes himself to be? Need proof? Check out the compilation video below as Mac makes his case for pure awesomeness: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia |[...]
always sunny
With Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dee (Kaitlin Olson), and Frank (Danny DeVito) getting ready to reopen the doors to Paddy's for a record-breaking 15th season (with more to come) of FXX and FX on Hulu's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we've been keeping a track of The Gang's real-life counterparts over[...]
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Helps Fire Donald Trump (Image: FXX)
Also, the list only covers English-language comedies- mostly American, but with some British and Canadian shows included. But rules and scorecards aside, the group was "looking for a consistent group of characters and settings." From there, the group "considered not just how much these series made us laugh, but also how much they influenced the shows[...]
always sunny
Well, it would appear that McElhenney and Olson aren't the only members of the "Paddy's Pub-verse" to take it upon themselves to be the protectors of our four-legged friends In fact, Always Sunny and Mythic Quest star David Hornsby shared with the couple (and the world) via Instagram Stories (should still be here) how he,[...]
always sunny
If you've been following our regular coverage of FXX and FX on Hulu's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then you know that we like to keep up on what The Gang's got going on creatively outside of Paddy's Pub After what's about to become fifteen (record-breaking) seasons, we more than understand the need to pursue[...]