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The Great North Season 2 Episode 8 Review:
The Great North joined the Holiday forces behind FOX's Animation Domination lineup with their eighth episode of the second season, "Good Beef Hunting Adventure" As per usual, turn back now unless you're ok with spoilers… you have been warned! Source: Animation Domination/ YouTube Tradition arrived with the turkey for the Tobin kids and Honeybee on the recent[...]
The Great North Season 2 E07 Review:
FOX's The Great North season two introduced a new hilarious fear of mine in Noodie a mascot for a restaurant ham tries out for school in the seventh episode But more than that, my fear is giving out any major spoilers to those who have yet to watch the episode, so turn back now or I'll send[...]
The Great North Season 2 E06 Review: Pizza & Murder Mystery Parties
There's nothing like some old underwear in a pizza box to throw everyone for a loop, and that's exactly what happened in this episode of FOX's The Great North If you prefer to avoid spoilers of any kind & at any cost, turn back now and watch before you read any further Otherwise… Source: FOX While Beef[...]
The Great North Season 2 E05 Review: Put Will Forte In Everything
A special time of the year has come to town for the Tobin family and their home in Lone Moose, as FOX's The Great North explores Ham's obsession with a singing fish and competition that has Beef paranoid This episode, "Beef's Craig Beef Adventure," focuses on the Tobin kids and Honeybee reaching out to Beef[...]
The Great North Season 2 E04 Review: Delmer & Beef Are Iconic Friends
Aliens, summer camp, poop, pee, and more were included in the fourth episode of the second season of FOX's The Great North, and it was an odd yet lovable way to see the Tobin family connect through storytelling Beef Tobin is set to pick up a longtime friend, Delmer who is an adorable 80 years[...]
The Great North Season 2 E03 Review: A Fantastic First Halloween
The Great North had their own first Halloween-themed episode of their series on FOX, making a great first impression and setting a unique standard for the Animation Domination lineup While Beef Tobin sleeps during the dark Alaskan day, his children each have their own set of spooky and shellfish adventures When Wolf accidentally spilled something on[...]
The Great North Season 2 E02 Review: Parents Can Be Punk Rock
FOX's The Great North explored the ups and downs of rebellious expectations in the second episode of their second season Ham gets invited to audition for a punk band featuring kids from his school, while the rest of the family plans on putting together an ambitious video celebrating their town, Lone Moose There's a part[...]
The Great North Season 2 E01 Review: Judy Worries About Growing Up
The second season premiere of FOX's The Great North was a calm and reassuring reminder of the humanity in being fearful of new things and growing up Be aware, there will be spoilers going forward! Source: FOX From the mother & son dentists to the ending credits featuring a slam poem about a boy's hamster named "Peanut Butter", Judy's[...]
masked singer
Then three days later (September 26), FOX's killer animated Sunday line-up returns to start new seasons: The Simpsons at 8 p.m., The Great North at 8:30 p.m., Bob's Burgers at 9 p.m., and Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy at 9:30 p.m In addition, Thursday Night Football will begin its run on October 7 (Los Angeles Rams /[...]
The Great North: Comic-Con Panel (draft)
The cast and crew of FOX's The Great North spoke to one another for 2021 Comic-Con at Home, both about the difficulty in navigating development during the pandemic and the expectations for the second season From discussing memories of favorite jokes, such as laughing to cover up a fart, to explaining moving moments in episodes,[...]
The Great North S01E09 Proves Meeting Your Heroes Can Suck: Review
Although a fun joke was made that they went into Wendy's backyard and did some spellcasting, the relief was grand when they heard she was excited to join the team. First impressions of The Great North's script from the cast were given, going from Dulcé to Jenny, and finally to Nick Dulcé talked about receiving the[...]
The Great North Gave Fans A Fantastic Season 1 Finale: Review
FOX's The Great North recently aired their season one finale, making a total of eleven episodes for their series debut, and obviously, they're making impressions since receiving the go-ahead for a third season The episode, "My Fart Will Go On", written by Laura Hooper Beck and Mike Olsen, revolves around the wedding of Wolf and Honeybee[...]
'The Great North' Gives Us Another Teaser Ahead Of A February
Ahead of the second season, and at the end of the first, The Great North has received some fantastic news among the many recent series cancellations…they're getting a third season. FOX has altered and updated their animation domination lineup many times over the years, with some succeeding and staying on for many seasons while others might only[...]
The Great North Tobin Family Game Night Meets A Blizzard: Review
The recent episode of The Great North on FOX witnessed a game night for the Tobins goes awry when a blizzard makes its way into town While Beef experiences the beginnings of a cold, Wolf and Honeybee attempt to travel from the guest house with their liquor and 14 layer dip treats The storm gets so bad[...]
The Great North S01E09 Proves Meeting Your Heroes Can Suck: Review
The recent episode of The Great North on FOX, "Tusk in the Wind Adventure", saw the Tobin family examine the fun moments of bonding over a TV show and the extent to which we try to see our heroes through rose-colored glasses as long as we can sometimes The episode, written by Kevin Avery, who wrote previously[...]