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Sweet Home: A Horror Webtoon Comic of the Moment
The 143-chapter comic has 1.2 billion views on Webtoon, and more than that number has read it by now. Sweet Home, from WEBTOON A depressed teenager moves into a rundown apartment building alone after a family tragedy to shut himself away The place is miserable The walls are so thin he can hear his neighbours next to[...]
True Beauty: Hit Webtoon Gets Live Action TV Series on Viki
True Beauty, the popular Webtoon series is getting a live-action South Korean TV series that will be simulcast to the US on Rakuten Viki, a leading streaming service for Asian content True Beauty, will be exclusively available to U.S viewers on December 9th.  The Webtoon has more than five million followers and the new, live-action,[...]
Deadline reported that Webtoon, the world's most successful digital comic publisher, is expanding with a newly launched production division, Webtoon Studios The new production arm will pair up the publisher's massive library of titles and creators with entertainment platforms, including film, television, interactive entertainment, licensing, and merchandising. WEBTOON logo "Today marks a huge step for Webtoon," CEO[...]
Dean Haspiel's The Red Hook Season 4, Blackout, Published at Webtoon
Dean Haspiel's The Red Hook has launched season 4 this week with Blackout, exclusively at Webtoon, the free webcomics App Dean tells us "Upon finishing Starcross (season 3 of The Red Hook), I considered the natural evolution of New Brooklyn, a seceded republic defined by art and authenticity, and my first thought was "1961." The same[...]
Justin Jordan's Urban Animal Comic Read By 100,000 A Week on WebToons
My actual most popular thing is Urban Animal over at Webtoon, which you can read here: Art from Urban Animal. I'm in a somewhat unique position because I've done a lot of creator-owned, a lot of work for hire, a lot of work in the direct market, and a fair amount of work outside of it[...]
Eisner-nominated Webcomic Let's Play Dominates On Kickstarter
Krecic, known on her platform of choice Webtoon as Mongie, is currently redefining what a Kickstarter stretch goal can be The campaign to fund the second volume of Mongie's Let's Play webcomic is absolutely soaring on Kickstarter, with a current total of $158,881 raised of a set $10,000 goal… and there are still twenty-eight days to[...]
Charlie Adlard And Sir Patrick Vallance In Free Sci-Fi Pandemic Comic
Debuting next week on Webtoon, the world's most popular comic book publisher and distributor  – and completely free to readers. Joined by colourist and designer James Devlin, and superstar letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Planet DIVOC-91 is a nine-part webcomic, which is funded by some of the most prestigious scientific organizations in the UK, an offbeat sci-fi satire[...]
Steve Aoki Envisions a "Neon Future" for Webtoon
You, and Wikipedia, may know him as an "American entertainer, DJ, record producer, and music executive." Now, it's time for you to get to know Steve Aoki as a comic book creator as he brings Neon Future to Webtoon That's right… we have a Steve Aoki comic on our hands. The logo to Neon Future, the new Steve[...]
ET-ER Cover
Until then, AWA is releasing it as a free online serial on WEBTOON and Tapas The online serialization begins on Wednesday, April 22nd Readers can read on their web browsers via the WEBTOON and Tapas apps on their smartphones. "S​evered tentacle won't grow back? Intergalactic virus has liquefied one of your heads? Feeling a bit woozy[...]
The comic will be available to read on the publisher's website and on WEBTOON and Tapas. AWA are converting their comics into a vertical reading format to make it easy to read on computers, tablets and phones In their statement, they said that digital serialization is one wa to get the comics to readers during the[...]
WEBTOON Announces Return of “Acursian” by and Starring John Barrowman
Musical theatre star. And comics creator. Legendary Comics/WEBTOON Arcursian, a fantasy thriller written by Barrowman, his sister Carole Barrowman and Erika Lewis with art by Beni Lobel has been running on WEBTOON Tommy Lee Edwards provided the character designs Publisher Legendary Comics placed the series on popular digital comics publishing platform WEBTOON Now their first new weekly chapter[...]
WEBTOON Partners with Crunchyroll to Develop Animation Series
WEBTOON, the world's leading digital comics publisher, announced a partnership with Crunchyroll, the world's most popular anime streaming service The strategic partnership will see the development and co-production of new animated content Crunchyroll and WEBTOON will also collaborate on the distribution, licensing, and retail of each new series. Korea-owned WEBTOON is currently the most read comics[...]
“Let’s Play” : WEBTOON Debuts Anime Adaptation of Their Popular Webcomic Serial
Let's Play, the popular webcomic serial on WEBTOON has been adapted into an anime short this week. WEBTOON is the most-read comics publisher in the world here They're the most-read digital publisher in the world, and they want to be much more They want to be a multimedia empire and are slowly working away at that[...]