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Numskull Reveals A New Quarter Arcades Cabinet For Bubble Bobble
Numskull has revealed a new addition to their Quarter Arcades mini cabinet line with the original Bubble Bobble cabinet This is a replica of the original arcade cabinet that you would have found back when TAITO first released it, but at a 1/6 scale of the original It's a pretty awesome replica in time for[...]
New Wave Toys Announces The Launch Of Asteroids X RepliCade Cabinet
RepliCade revealed this week a new playable, limited edition, 12-inch-tall replica arcade cabinet of Atari's legendary classic Asteroids Much like other replica arcade cabinets they have made in the past, this is about as authentic as you can get as they have recreated two variants of the models you would find when they were brand[...]
New Wave Toys Reveals Asteroids Mini Arcade Cabinet
New Wave Toys revealed a brand new mini arcade cabinet today as they are giving the miniature treatment to Asteroids In partnership with RepliCade and Atari, they have created a 12-inch-tall replica of the legendary arcade classic, fully playable, and detailed down to the stickers on the side This is designed to match the cabinets[...]
AtGames Reveals The Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet
Some interesting retro games news this week as AtGames has announced they're adding 47 titles from the TAITO library to Legends Arcade AtGames has slowly been working to add several old-school gaming libraries to their arcade machines, both the at-home and arcade boards you can buy in retail, as well as the machines you can[...]
AtGames Reveals The Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet
AtGames revealed a brand new ultimate arcade item for players as they are releasing the Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet This beast is a full-size machine standing over 66" tall and 29" wide It features a top-of-the-line premium two-player arcade control board, a 24" HD LCD monitor, down-firing stereo speakers, and Wi-Fi connectivity The unit comes[...]
An iconic location in Tokyo is going away at the end of the month as the SEGA Arcade in Akihabara is shutting down on August 30th If you're not familiar with the location, you might be if you pour through any of the cyberpunk anime in your collection as many of the environments over the[...]
Someone Made The Arcade Version Of Quake Playable On PC
One of the weird tidbits to the history of Quake is that there once was an arcade version of the game back in the late '90s The official name of it was Quake Arcade Tournament, which was developed by Lazer-Tron using the game's format from id Software As you might suspect, it didn't quite play[...]
Numskull Shows Off Their New Dig Dug Quarter Arcades Cabinet
Numskull has a new '80s arcade cabinet to show off as there's a new Quarter Arcades cabinet in their collection for the game Dig Dug Officially licensed by Bandai Namco, this is a 1/4 scale replica of the original arcade machine Made for durability, playability, and portability, it plays like the original in every way[...]
New Wave Toys Reveals Dragon’s Lair X RepliCade Arcade Cabinet
New Wave Toys has a new arcade cabinet on the way as they are releasing a Dragon's Lair x RepliCade 1/6-scale arcade cabinet This is a pretty awesome replica of what is essentially a 12" tall replica of Don Bluth's original 1983 cabinet Whether you're an old-school gamer who wasted tons of quarters on this[...]
Stern Pinball's new TMNT Machine Will Make You Say 'Cowabunga'!
This exciting new machine takes players into the world of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo as they battle their mortal enemies — such as Shredder, the Krang, and other powerful mutants! Helping the turtles are their friends April O'Neil and Casey Jones, who are all guided by the wise and revered Master Splinter. Stern Pinball, the[...]
My Arcade Celebrates Pac-Man's 40th With Golden Micro Player
My Arcade revealed this week they're releasing a 40th Anniversary Pac-Man arcade micro player that's been gold-plated You can see the design below as the company has partnered with Bandai Namco to bring the classic arcade game back into their collection to make this gold-clad version of the popular micro player line This particular one[...]
AtGames Announces The Connected Arcade For CES 2020
AtGames is bringing an awesome arcade unit with them to CES 2020 this week as we get a look at the Connected Arcade cabinet This thing has 350 classic arcade and home console games spanning multiple consoles with the appropriate joysticks, buttons, dials, and a rollerball to accommodate them What's more, it comes with a[...]
Arcade1Up Officially Releases The Star Wars At-Home Arcade
Just in time for the last movie in the latest trilogy, Arcade1IUp has released the Star Wars At-Home Arcade with three retro arcade titles Featuring three titles from the past, along with the original control stick shaped like a TIE Fighter's controls, this is about as good a reproduction you can get for the home[...]