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Arcade1Up Reveals The Fast & The Furious Deluxe Arcade Game
Arcade1Up has dropped an amazing surprise for fans of The Fast & The Furious franchise, as they are releasing a deluxe arcade cabinet for the game This is the 2004 arcade title based on the film franchise made by Raw Thrills and Universal that did pretty well for itself at the time but was never[...]
Arcade1Up Releases Their New Infinity Game Board
Arcade1Up has officially released its own digital answer to a board gamer's library, as the Infinity Game Board is now available for purchase The company has created this monitor setup that can either be set on any table to free-standing with its own legs giving you an entire library of classic titles at your fingertips[...]
Arcade1Up Releases Deluxe Edition Arcade Cabinets
Arcade1Up has released a new line of arcade cabinets this month, which they are referring to as Deluxe Editions of previously released models from the past These new Deluxe Edition cabinets are more than what they originally were, as you're getting not just the primary game they house or the additional titles they came with,[...]
Orlando Magic Announces New Partnership With Arcade1Up
The NBA's Orlando Magic announced a brand new partnership this week as the company will work with Arcade1Up at their arena The shorthand of the deal is that Arcade1Up will be providing their line of retro arcade games which will be featured throughout the Magic's home arena, the Amway Center Essentially givi9ing their fans free[...]
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After weeks of rumors and their own promo teasing, Arcade1Up confirmed this morning they're releasing the NFL Blitz Legends arcade cabinet A remake of the original Midway Games/EA Sports title from 1997, this is a top-to-bottom recreation of the cabinet that became one of the most popular arcade sports titles of the '90s[...]
Arcade1Up Finally Get To Release Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Arcade1Up has announced one of the biggest arcade titles we were hoping they'd get to work on as we're getting a Marvel Vs Capcom 2 cabinet A surprise announcement in time for Evo 2022, the company is finally releasing what has to be one of the most-requested items at any convention The Capcom classic fighter[...]
Arcade1Up Debuts New Batman Monopoly For Infinity Game Table
Arcade1Up has revealed a brand new board game for their Infinity Game Table as they're releasing Batman Monopoly The table was released last Fall and it came with a bevy of games that were both familiar and new, as well as being interactive and innovative as a fully automated touch game table But we were[...]
Arcade1Up Announces Golden Tee 3D At-Home Arcade Cabinet
The unit is currently up for pre-order for $700. Credit: Arcade1Up Tee time is anytime with the new Golden Tee 3D home arcade machine, from Arcade1Up! Play on your own, or grab some friends and hit the links on this massive 66" tall single piece game cabinet, sportin' a 19" screen for the first time on an[...]
Arcade1Up Reveals Pro Edition Cabinets & More During CES 2022
Arcade1Up had a few surprises up their sleeves for CES 2022, as they revealed a few new cabinets and a brand new line for 2022 The big reveal from the company is the brand new Pro Series for those who wish to have the full-on arcade experience No longer a smaller version with a booster[...]
Arcade1Up Launches First Brick & Mortar Retail Spot
Arcade1Up had some cool news today as they have decided to open their first physical brick and mortar locations in the United States The company has partnered up with Showfields for this brand new collaboration as they bring their brand to consumers with two different locations people can check out in New York and Miami[...]
Arcade1Up Has Put The Terminator 2 Arcade Cabinet On Pre-Order
Arcade1Up announced today that their latest arcade cabinet for Terminator 2: Judgment Day is going up for pre-order next week The company has yet to put a price tag on it, but if it holds to the more recent prices of cabinets made, you're looking at somewhere between $400-600 for this one As you can[...]
Arcade1Up & Miami Dolphins Partner On Hard Rock Stadium Lounge
An interesting partnership this week from Arcade1Up as they have partnered with the Miami Dolphins to make a gaming lounge Located in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the "Arcade1Up Game Lounge " will feature 50 retro arcade machines for people to play and relax with from their library of cabinets they have re-created with the help[...]
Arcade1Up Announces Killer Instinct & Tron Cabinets
Arcade1Up has revealed three new cabinets coming this holiday season as fans will be able to get in on their own home versions of Tron and Killer Instinct For '80s gamers, the Tron cabinet was both fun and innovative as they tried to mimic what was in the movie, which made it a popular title[...]
Arcade1Up Unveils Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Split Class Of ‘81 Arcade Cabinet
Arcade1Up has put a brand new retro cabinet up for pre-order as they unveiled the new Ms Pac-Man/Galaga Split Class Of '81 arcade cabinet As you can see from the images below, they have gone out of their way to recreate the classic cabinet with both titles in one But unlike the original made clear[...]
Arcade1Up Expands Their Lineup With Junior Cabinet Designs
Arcade1Up revealed today they will be releasing two new arcade cabinets as part of their brand new Junior line of designs As you can see from the image below, they have created these new arcade cabinet designs that stand three feet tall and are designed for toddlers and younger children to give them the experience[...]
Arcade1Up Releases Details For Four-Player X-Men Cabinet
Arcade1Up has released new details about the release of the four-player cabinet for the classic X-Men arcade title from Konami For a short period of time in the early '90s, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing one of these as the machine populated every arcade, amusement park, and practically Pizza Hut in North America[...]
Arcade1Up Adds Three New Cabinets Including Turtles In Time
Arcade1Up revealed three more classic arcade machines ahead of E3 2021 this week on top of The Simpsons on they already unveiled These three are going to evoke a lot of memories for longtime arcade players as we're getting the Street Fighter II Big Blue Arcade Machine, the Ms Pac-Man/Galaga Class of 81' Arcade Machine,[...]
Arcade1Up Announces Konami's The Simpsons Game Is Up Next
Arcade1Up has finally secured the rights to produce one of the most-request arcade cabinets of the '90s with Konami's The Simpsons For a small period in time, this was THE machine you had to be at in the arcades and at pizza joints as you had four-player beat'em up action with the four main members[...]
Arcade 1Up Introduces Multiple New Arcade Cabinets At CES 2021
Arcade1Up has revealed the next line of arcade titles on the way for CES 2021, which includes the classic four-player X-Men cabinet The company will be showing off several new cabinets including what you see here and more from the images we have below Which includes a Killer Instinct cabinet and a Dragon's Lair cabinet,[...]
Arcade1Up Officially Releases The Star Wars At-Home Arcade
Here's a few more details on the release. Credit: Arcade1Up The Star Wars Home Arcade Game from Arcade1Up features the artwork from the original arcade machine on the cabinet and the included riser Standing at just over 5' tall (slightly below 4' without the riser), the arcade machine comes with a light-up marquee, full-color 17" display and[...]
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Some interesting retro gaming news today as Atari have signed an exclusive partnership with Arcade1Up for future arcade cabinets The two companies had already been working together on the latter's special 4' tall retro cabinets that store four games in one It appears Atari was so happy with the results, they decided to pen a[...]
Review: Arcade1Up's "Mortal Kombat" Arcade Cabinet
For a while, we've really enjoyed seeing all the classic arcade cabinets that Arcade1Up was able to make from some major companies Recently the company was kind enough to send us one that harkened back to my pivotal gaming years when I was running around arcades We received their Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet for review[...]
Arcade1Up Will Celebrate National Video Day With A Giveaway
Tomorrow is National Video Game Day, and to celebrate it, Arcade1Up will be giving away five arcade machines to one lucky person The company will be running a contest through their social media accounts for a chance to win five cabinets at once Those cabinets, as you can see below, are for Mortal Kombat, Centipede,[...]
Arcade1Up Opens Pre-Orders On "Star Wars" Home Arcade
The folks at Arcade1Up have officially opened up pre-orders for their Star Wars home arcade cabinet which was revealed back at E3 2019 The cabinet will be sold exclusively through GameStop, and will feature all the original Star Wars arcade games from the '80s in the customized build with the special TIE-Fighter controller for $500[...]
Checking Out New Arcade1Up Cabinets During E3 2019
While we were on the floor at E3 this year, we had to pay a visit to the Arcade1Up booth to see what their latest cabinets were coming out of the show There were a few new designs that we absolutely had to have in our home, starting with the four-player cabinet for Teenage Mutant[...]
Arcade1Up Announces New TMNT and Marvel Super Hero Arcade Cabinets
Arcade1Up has made a name for themselves bringing the fun and enjoyment of arcade cabinets home at affordable prices as of late, and now they are bringing two superstars to their line They have announced at E3 that they will be releasing two new cabinets fans will go gaga over- a TMNT cabinet and a[...]
Review: Arcade1Up Rampage Arcade Cabinet
Clear back at last year's E3 we got a chance to visit with the crew of Arcade1Up and check out all the retro arcade cabinets they were coming out with The company was basically getting licenses at the time and building up their collection of smaller arcade cabinets that stand about 4' tall The ultimate[...]
Arcade1Up Introduces Four New Games for 2019 Including Mortal Kombat
More announcements coming out of CES 2019 as Arcade1Up has announced a new set of arcade cabinets that will catch the eye of '90s gamers Starting in February, you'll be seeing four new cabinets come to the line, including Mortal Kombat, Final Fight, Golden Tee, and Space Invaders Like the rest of their lineup, these[...]
Arcade1Up E3 2018-1
When we visited with the crew of Arcade1Up at E3 this year, a feeling of nostalgia hit us like a ton of bricks that we weren't ready for These guys create old-school arcade cabinets, but not in the traditional sense These are shrunken down cabinets that are sold for a cheaper price and can fit[...]