Nailed It Host Nicole Byer Stepped Into the Kitchen and Sleighed It [REVIEW]

"Nailed It!" Host Nicole Byer Stepped Into the Kitchen and "Sleighed It!" [REVIEW]

Finally, we get to see Nicole get in the kitchen, just how much has co-host Jacques Torres taught her?Apparently, a lot... "Sleighed It!" Episode 3: For the first time ever, Nicole Byer participates in a baking challenge with Sugar Rush Christmas host Hunter March for this special episode of Sleighed It![...]

Nailed It Holiday Spinoff Sleighed It: Kiernan Shipka &#038 Let It Snow Casts Gingerbread House Should Be Condemned [REVIEW]

"Nailed It!" Holiday Spinoff "Sleighed It!": Kiernan Shipka & "Let It Snow" Cast's Gingerbread House Should Be Condemned [REVIEW]

This week on a disastrous, hedonistic new episode of online holiday spinoff Sleighed It!, Netflix‘s Nailed It! host-comedian Nicole Byer and co-host Jacques Torres invited Let It Snow stars Kiernan Shipka, Isabela Merced, and Jacob Batalon to obliterate the Nailed It! kitchen and give the judges their "best" gingerbread waffle houses.Don't believe me? Check it out for yourselves below[...]

Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge Episode 4 $25000 Thanksgiving Vibes with South Creole Flavor [SPOILER REVIEW]

"Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge" Episode 4 "$25,000 Thanksgiving" Vibes with South Creole Flavor [SPOILER REVIEW]

The final episode of Food Network's Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge had the remaining three contestants expressing touching moments of inspiration and creating intricately beautiful meals to represent their family Thanksgiving.  Host Giada De Laurentiis tasked them to use squash as their muse and all three created meals that made my mouth water. Judges Alex Guarnaschelli, Carla […]

Nailed It Holiday Spinoff Sleighed It: One Looks Promising &#8211 The Other Like Rave Gandalf Trippin on Acid [REVIEW]

"Nailed It!" Holiday Spinoff "Sleighed It!": One Looks Promising – The Other, Like "Rave Gandalf" Trippin' on Acid [REVIEW]

Netflix's Nailed It! host/comedian Nicole Byer and co-host Jacques Torres invite Ashley Tisdale and Brent Morin from Merry Happy Whatever to compete in Sleighed It!, a new online holiday spinoff original where stars from the streaming service showcase their baking disasters in the Nailed It! kitchen.[caption id="attachment_1124409" align="aligncenter" width="821"] Netflix[/caption]A hilarious undertaking which resembles a[...]

Freakshow Cakes Ends En Fuego with Season Wrap-Up Flame Show [SPOILER REVIEW]

"Freakshow Cakes" Ends "En Fuego" with Season Wrap-Up "Flame Show" [SPOILER REVIEW]

This week's edition of Cooking Channel's Freakshow Cakes was inspired a sizzling fire eater, with contestants charged to create their best "Flame Show" sculpture with a tasty "kissed by the heat" treat. They went all-out, with spinning displays and sparklers. I will say, I was hoping that a blow torch would somehow be incorporated into […]

Halloween Baking Championship Episode 5 Gravely Delicious Desserts: Wheres the Halloween in Their Baking [SPOILER REVIEW]

"Halloween Baking Championship" Episode 5 "Gravely Delicious Desserts": Where's the "Halloween" in Their "Baking"? [SPOILER REVIEW]

This week’s episode of Food Network's Halloween Baking Championship offered up one of my favorite themes, Grave Robbing "Gravely Delicious Desserts" had the contestants digging through dirt for… vegetables?  Not exactly where I thought that was going: limbs, insects possibly, but not carrots, fennel, beats and sweet potatoes.  Were they grave robbing or digging in[...]