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With Christopher Eccleston's return as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new Doctor Who audio dramas set for next month, Big Finish has a rather interesting follow-up to their release of the official audio trailer/preview for Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers In the clip below, Eccleston answers a number of questions[...]
doctor who
Earlier this month, Doctor Who fans learned the details behind Christopher Eccleston's return as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new audio dramas from Big Finish Now, they're getting a chance to hear Eccleston himself in the just-released trailer for Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers. Set to release in May 2021, the audio[...]
doctor who
Doctor Who fans have been buzzing with excitement ever since word came down that Christopher Eccleston would be returning as the Ninth Doctor in a series of new audio dramas, and now Big Finish is offering some serious intel on what fans can expect and how to get their hands on it Set to release[...]
Doctor Who: Big Finish to Produce Long-Lost Russell T. Davies Story
Davies has been found by Davies himself, and Big Finish Productions will be producing it as an audio drama It's all in the Mind of the Hodiac! Conceived in 1986 and rediscovered almost 35 years later, Doctor Who: Mind of the Hodiac stars Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford as the Sixth Doctor and Mel The[...]
Doctor Who: Best of Series 2 Video Brings Back the Show’s Heights
But to have a unified Whoniverse with high-quality spinoffs shows, you need a single producer or executive with a coherent vision like the MCU has with Kevin Feige. The Big Finish audio dramas actually provide a roadmap for how a Whoniverse could run Ever wanted to see the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) team up with the[...]
Doctor Who: Big Finish Celebrates Female Producers
Big Finish has been producing Doctor Who audios since 1999, starring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant, and John Hurt Now they're kicking off 2021 by celebrating their newest audio drama producers – all of them female – and their forthcoming work on the Doctor Who and Torchwood audio[...]
Christopher Eccleston, the Doctor Who Got Away, Returns in Audio
To the surprise and joy of fans, he will play the 9th Doctor once again, for Big Finish audio dramas later this year- and now we have the details. "Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures – The Ravagers" key art courtesy of Big Finish Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers is a full-cast audio drama box[...]
Christopher Eccleston TV Doctor Who Return "When Hell Freezes Over"
But he also talked about returning to the role of the Doctor in the Big Finish Doctor Who radio dramas – which was why he was calling in to the show from a parked car, he was on the way to work. Christopher Eccleston screencap: Lorraine "That's why I'm in a carpark in Acton I'm on my[...]
Christopher Eccleston Returns to Doctor Who as The Doctor in 2022
He has also declined to participate in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas that have seen many Doctor Who actors reprise their roles, including unlikely combinations such as Tom Baker's Doctor and Alex Kingston's River Song But as of today, all bets are off, as Christopher Eccleston has confirmed a twelve-episode series of Doctor[...]
A look at Big Finish's audio dramas for Doctor Who event "Time Lord Victorious", courtesy Big Finish.
Less than a month after BBC Books announced their contributions to BBC Studios' upcoming massive multi-platform event "Time Lord Victorious," Big Finish has stepped up to announce their role in the 12-week immersive experience Paul McGann returns as the Eighth Doctor in a trilogy of full-cast audio drama adventures, facing off against his sworn enemies,[...]
Doctor Who cover from Big Finish
Big Finish has been producing original Doctor Who audio dramas for more than 20 years now After the original show went off the air on the BBC, the gap was filled by original and slightly more adult-oriented novels published by Virgin Books and new audio dramas produced by Big Finish The production company began with[...]
doctor who
Davies / Produced by Emily Cook / Music by Joe Kraemer Special thanks to Big Finish Productions & Richard Atkinson BBC Here's a look at Davies' letter to the prequel he posted earlier today: This was never meant to exist. Way back, maybe early 2013, Tom Spilsbury, the editor of Doctor Who Magazine, asked me if I wanted to contribute[...]
“Doctor Who”: Big Finish To Produce “Lost” Cyberman Story From Tom Baker Era As Audio Drama
That story might be apocryphal, entertaining as it is. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Return of the Cybermen teaser ( "Doctor Who": Classic Spooky Cybermen According to the Radio Times, Big Finish unearthed Davis' original script and made the decision to produce it as an audio drama[...]