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Doctor Who cover from Big Finish
Big Finish Productions released a preview trailer of their 20th Anniversary livestream this weekend, with a 20-hour livestream on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel – with more than 20 episodes of Doctor Who audio dramas and related spinoffs will be in the stream This includes UNIT, Torchwood, The Gallifrey Chronicles, The Diary of River Song,[...]
"The Omega Factor": Big Finish Releases 40th Anniversary Sequel to BBC Show that Inspired "The X Files"
Now Big Finish Productions has produced a sequel series in audio drama form. The original BBC series starred Louise Jameson as Anne Reynolds and James Hazeldine as Tom Crane Jameson had just finished playing Leela on two series of Doctor Who Tom Crane was a journalist who discovered latent psychic abilities, leading to the secretive Department[...]
Paul Darrow, Star of 'Blake's 7', Passes Away Aged 78
Big Finish Productions has produced several new Blake's 7 audio dramas in 2012 and Darrow was more than happy to play Avon on those. Last year, he was in Big Finish's 40th anniversary production Blake's 7: The Way Ahead. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: BLAKE'S 7: THE WAY AHEAD (40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL) ( That was[...]