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Marvel PrintWatch: Way Of X, Alien, Carnage Gets Second Prints
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics has sent Way Of X #1, Alien #2 and Carnage: Red, White And Blood #2 back to the printers for a second printing All will be available in comic book stores on the 2nd of June – no covers yet (updated with one) but we have a few from previous Marvel PrintWatch. Marvel[...]
Venom is Getting New Marvel Replica Head Kit From LEGO
Joining his unconventional and murderous offspring Carnage, the King in Black himself, Venom has arrived Coming in at 565 pieces, Marvel fans will be able to build this iconic symbiote with his classic razor teeth look Standing 7" high, fans will be able to build this alien's head with his unique features like his oversized[...]
Clay McLeod Chapman & Chris Mooneyham On Extreme Carnage: Scream
Marvel Comics just announced Extreme Carnage Alpha, kicking off a mini-Carnage event for July, with the new Flash Thompson Anti-Venom joining the cast of symbiotes on the out. With writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Chris Mooneyham reuniting to return to Carnage symbiote spinoff, Scream Her previous title was cancelled as part of the pandemic, with[...]
Flash Thompson Joins Extreme Carnage
Exxxtreme Carnage time! Once upon a time, in Amazing Spider-Man #800, former host of the Venom symbiote, Flash Thompson, died In his role as The Anti-Venom, in battle against the Red Goblin – Norman Osborn in the Carnage symbiote. And even though Eddie Brock, Venom, went to Flash Thompson's funeral… However, in subsequent comic books, the more standard[...]
Marvel Full May 2021 Solicits - Heroes Reborn
Carnage: Black White And Blood #3 was solicited as written by Dan Slott and more, and drawn by Greg Smallwood and more. Well, we now know some of those "more" Another story in the supervillain horror anthology will be by Alyssa Wong and Christopher Mooneyham, with a third by Karla Pacheco and Gerardo Sandoval. Alyssa Wong's prose fiction has won[...]
New Marvel ToyBox Figures Arrive From Disney With Carnage and More
This includes the next Marvel Toybox villain as Carnage is ready to go absolute This powerful and wicked Spider-Man figure features symbiote weapons, amazing color, and a wicked design that any Carnage fan can appreciate. Each of the Marvel ToyBox figures from shopDisney is priced at $12.99; however, Scarlet Witch and Vision are bundled together in[...]
PrintWatch: Nightwing, Detective Comics, Carnage, We Live 2nd Prints
Plus, in the second and concluding chapter of "Demon or Detective," Damian Wayne meets a startling new faction from his family's checkered past…but what is the League of Lazarus? Retail: $4.99 FOC Date: 04/04/2021 In-Store Date: 04/27/2021 PrintWatch: While Marvel Comics sends Carnage: Black White And Blood back for seconds, with a new cover by Patrick[...]
Extreme Carnage
Extreme Carnage time – Marvel Comics knows how much Bleeding Cool loves a silhouette mystery Presumably we'll get a clue as to their identity in the conclusion of King In Black or in Venom #200, but who knows? Our mystery guest will be joining symbiote beings Phage, Scream, Lasher, Riot and Agony in Extreme Carnage[...]
Carnage Gets Special Buildable Replica Head From LEGO
The town is about to be painted red as Carnage is back and ready for some fun with LEGO Standing 7" tall, Carnage contains 545 bricks and his terrifying sharp teeth as with an included study base with plaque This replica head is packed with detail that will please any fan of this deadly symbiote,[...]
Carnage and Curse Of Man-Thing Both Have Messy Creative Changes
The new anthology series Carnage: Black, White And Blood, being published by Marvel Comics in March, has undergone a number of creative changes. The first issue was solicited as being written by Donny Cates, Benjamin Percy and Tini Howard, and drawn by Sara Pichelli and Ken Lashley. Now Marvel is telling retailers that the first issue will[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes: Francesco Mobili Replaces Marco Fialla On Man-Thing
And coincidentally they involve comics with Patrick Gleason Webhead covers. Avengers: The Curse Of The Man-Thing #1 will now be drawn by Marco Fialla and not the previously solicited Francesco Mobili. While Carnage: Black, White And Blood #1 will be drawn by Kyle Hotz as well as the previously solicited Sara Pichelli and Ken Lashley. Ch-Ch-Changes: Francesco Mobili Replaces[...]
King In Black
Spider-Gwen is fighting a Mary Jane Carnage – Marnage? Who has her own way of constructing an axe, Spider-Gwen Vs Carnage #2 It's enough to call Knull down from the heavens, such as they are. Spider-Gwen Vs Carnage #2 Knull must have a lot on his plate, as well as talking to Spider-Gwen and Danielle Moonstar, he has a[...]
Patrick Gleason Will Now Always Be Drawing Webhead Cover Variants
After the insane success of The Amazing Spider-Man #55 cover by Patrick Gleason – which has led to a second printing that far outstripped orders for the first printing  – he will be doing a similarly-styled cover for the new anthology series Carnage: Red, White, & Blood #1 for March And also naming what these[...]
The King In Black
But there are plenty of spin-offs, Gwenom Vs Carnage #1, Planet Of The Symbiotes #1, The Union #2, SWORD #2 and Thunderbolts #1. SWORD #2 So the earth is covered in alien goo on the ground, while the sky is blanketed by symbiote dragons Which is handy for SWORD to blow a hole in. SWORD #2 For Star, to[...]
Venom and Carnage Arise as Disney Store Exclusives
Venom and Carnage are back with some brand new Marvel Select 7" figures To prepare fans for the upcoming Venom sequel from Sony Pictures, Shop Disney has announced these two new figures from Diamond Select Toys Both will be featured in that classic Diamond Select widow packing with themed art and backdrop Venom and Carnage[...]