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Venom Gets a Carnage Twist with Hot Toys Designer Artist Mix Figure
Venom: Let There Be Carnage is almost here, and fans are pretty excited to finally see Carnage hit the big screen for the first time It looks like Hot Toys is also preparing for the occasion, as reveals their new Venom Artist Mix Figure that is designed after the iconic red symbiote Ring him both[...]
It’s Time for Some Carnage with Iron Studios Newest Marvel Statue
I am stoked for Venom: Let There Be Carnage as it gives me my two favorite Spider-Man villain time back up on the big screen Woody Harrelson is a wicked actor, and he will bring his psychic nature of Cletus to life like never before Oddly enough, the live-action Venom series does not have a[...]
Marvel Launches Venom/Carnage Digital Series on Marvel Unlimited
Marvel continues to push its revamped Marvel Unlimited app with another digital comic, Venom/Carnage, available on the platform today You can read the first issue of Venom/Carnage now, from Karla Pacheco, Scott Hepburn, and Ian Herring New issues will come out every Wedenesday, like the other weekly digital comics designed for phones and tablets that[...]
New Venom: Let There Be Carnage Poster is Actually Good Looking
Soon we'll be getting to witness the first major live-action version of the beloved Spider-Man character Carnage, but as it turns out, the character's introduction wasn't a thoughtless endeavor for actor Woody Harrelson. When you think about Harrelson's long and established filmography, it's hard to affiliate the actor with any possibility of nerves He previously played[...]
Carnage Is Looking for Blood with New ARTFX+ Statue from Kotobukiya
We are just weeks away from seeing Carnage finally come to life right before our eyes with Venom: Let There Be Carnage Kotobukiya is prepping the release of this mad man by announcing a new updated version of their popular Carnage statue Cletus Kassady is back with an updated base, legs, and head sculpt, giving[...]
Carnage Wants Some Spider-Man Blood With New Sideshow Statue
We are not far away from seeing Carnage finally bless the big screen with Venom: Let There Be Carnage This deadly Spider-Man villain had been quite a monster since his bloody Marvel Comics debut back in 1992 Sideshow Collectibles has unleashed the power of Carnage once again as they reveal their newest Premium Format Marvel[...]
I saw the Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage trailer on the IMAX screen ahead of The Suicide Squad last night Carnage does look good on the screen And with the movie nearing releases, this is clearly a good time to sell his first appearance in the comics back in Amazing Spider-Man #361 Written by[...]
Canage Black White and Blood concludes on Wednesday with the release of Carnage Black White and Blood #4 Normally, we might be inclined to believe that Marvel has, perhaps, overextended itself in terms of exactly how many Carnage comics the market can support in the long term, which we would be inclined to guess would[...]
Cover image for EXTREME CARNAGE ALPHA #1
Extreme Carnage Alpha is in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, and… wait a minute… Hasn't Marvel already published this super-mega-crossover event already?! Are they trying to pull a fast one on us here, like when I publish the same Dave Bautista tweet article over and over again here at Bleeding Cool?! Let's check the[...]
Absolute Carnage Rises As Beast Kingdom’s Newest Marvel Figure
Carnage has recently played a huge role in Marvel Comics as he awoken the Symbiote God Knull Knull recently sent the world into a black abyss which changed the world of the popular anti-hero Venom forever Beast Kingdom is unleashing this deadly symbiote once again with their newest Marvel Comic Egg Attack Action figure Absolute[...]
Carnage Paints The Town Red With New Beast Kingdom EAA Figure
Carnage has arrived and he wants to paint the town red as Beast Kingdom releases their newest Marvel Comic Egg Attack Action figure Carnage is only months away from his on-screen debut in Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Beast Kingdom is preparing for the event The serial killer Cletus Kasady returns for this bloody[...]
Funko Unleashes Venom With Let There Be Carnage Pop Vinyls
Venom: Let There Be Carnage has finally released its first teaser trailer, and fans can't wait to see more symbiote action on the big screen The film will finally give us the long-awaited debut on the bloodthirsty symbiotic Carnage portrayed by the talented Woody Harrelson After Natural Born Killers, we know Woody is up to[...]
Venom 2 Poster Revealed, Director Andy Serkis Breaks Trailer Down
With Sony Pictures' release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer, we also got the sequel's first poster showing off the title character wrapped up against the film's antagonist Carnage in a point-of-view shot tweeting with the words "Opening wide only in theaters September 24 #Venom: Let There Be Carnage" Credited on the poster, the[...]
Carnage: Black White and Blood #3 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, and the House of Ideas has released a preview with some art from each of the three stories contained therein In the first one, Carnage becomes a music critic and gives a heavy metal band a negative review In the second,[...]
Marvel PrintWatch: Way Of X, Alien, Carnage Gets Second Prints
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics has sent Way Of X #1, Alien #2 and Carnage: Red, White And Blood #2 back to the printers for a second printing All will be available in comic book stores on the 2nd of June – no covers yet (updated with one) but we have a few from previous Marvel PrintWatch. Marvel[...]