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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Image courtesy of 20th Century Studiosv
Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios Deadpool 3: Can We Get a Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Reunion? In Jackman's latest tweet, The Wolverine star offered "advice" from an NYPD officer on what Reynolds should do for the untitled third Deadpool film "Officer [John] Dobkowski is doling out incredibly smart career advice for @VancityReynolds Sharing is caring."[...]
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Image courtesy of 20th Century Studiosv
In case that's not enough, before Disney bought Fox, Deadpool 3 was gonna be a road trip between Deadpool and Logan Rashomon style For real." For those not aware, Rashomon style is based on the 1950 original Akira Kurosawa film that pioneered the genre involving a story told through multiple points of view Each perspective[...]
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Image courtesy of 20th Century Studiosv
Coming off the heels of Marvel's Kevin Feige's redundant announcement from Disney exec Bob Iger reassuring fans that Deadpool 3 will remain rated-R, the script is being worked on, and join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, franchise star Ryan Reynolds crafted the kind of response we expected him to make "Full disclosure: I showed them[...]
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Image courtesy of 20th Century Studiosv
You are welcome for bringing you this update that really did not update you at all. Deadpool 3 will come at you Someday At some point. Deadpool fans, for some reason, still have questions about the third film outing for the Merc With A Mouth Since the purchase of Fox by Disney, it seems like every[...]
Rob Liefeld attends the premiere of Disney's "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" on December 16, 2019 in Hollywood, California. Editorial credit: Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro /
Editorial credit: Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro / Rob Liefeld Will Probably Lie About Deadpool if You Ask Him "Do I know that there is no movement on a Deadpool 3 right now? I know that Yes," explained Rob Liefeld "And does that worry me? No Not at all What I did was I answered a question honestly[...]
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Image courtesy of 20th Century Studiosv
All sorts of plans for more of the Merc With a Mouth were bandied about after, from Deadpool 3 to an X-Force film Then, Disney bought Fox While there have been an exhaustive amount of rumors about which direction they may go with Deadpool, creator Rob Liefeld came out in a chat with Comic Book's[...]
The 43-year old Canuck appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan on December 24 to confirm development on Deadpool 3 Initial concerns were the PG-13 Marvel Cinematic Universe might not be as receptive, but the actor assured fans the studio's cooperation. Twentieth Century Fox. Following Disney's acquisition of Fox, Marvel's Kevin Feige did not announce any plans[...]
Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick Provide an Update on X-Force and Deadpool 3
However, no one really has a timeline for that and that leaves a lot of projects in limbo. Two of those projects are the next Deadpool movies; X-Force and Deadpool 3 It's too early to really know much about either project, but Screen Rant spoke to writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick recently and they clarified[...]
Report Says Deadpool 3 Will Feature X-Force
Of course though, it is a super hero movie that did really well, so there is already a large future planned for the character on screen. In fact, we are already getting details about a Deadpool 3 it seems The Hollywood Reporter are saying that there are plans to ready a 'filmmaker search' for a storyline[...]