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Jamie Lee Curtis Reflects on 'Final Girl' Importance After Halloween
The notion of a resilient, spirited, final girl overcoming the chaos of a genre film is one of the coolest things to come from horror cinema – often spotlighting survivors of trauma and the importance of inner strength For decades and decades, we've seen women absolutely dominate the genre and keep horror afloat, with some[...]
Fear Street Trailer: Three Films To Spook Us On Netflix In July
Now, after finding its audience in record time, there's a chance we could see the return of Fear Street films… Well, possibly. Originally based on the best-selling book series by youthful horror author and genius R.L Stine, the Fear Street children's novels initially began circulation in 1989, with periodic moments without new content – but as[...]
Saint Seiya Live Action Film Gets Several New Cast Additions
To make the occasion feel even more concrete, the official San Diego Comic-Con website has listed that the film will be on their roster of featured exclusives – with a date, time, and description that teases what's to come for Saint Seiya fans. Saint Seiya – Toei Animation The film, which is currently titled Knights of the[...]
Doctor Strange 2: Elizabeth Olsen Offers Blunt Tease on Film
We've witnessed the ramifications in Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Hawkeye, WandaVision, and more, all taking the time to deal with some ramifications of the influential MCU film Now that particular detail is being discussed and how it has uniquely manifested with fan-favorite Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch. In[...]
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Reveals Most of Illuminati
Director Sam Raimi also shared his take on the film's selected lineup and noted that there was some degree of consideration from fan chatter, noting, "So, we did take into account what the fans wanted to see We wanted the fans to go, 'Oh, how cool!' I mean, that really was our goal We wanted[...]
An Ultimate Fan Favorite Scream Character to Return for Scream 6
Back in when it was confirmed that Scream 4, Heroes, and Nashville alum Hayden Panettiere was officially returning to the upcoming slasher film Scream 6 (title TBA), the fandom nearly exploded. After horror icon Wes Craven eventually teased her survival on Twitter and the Scream 4 commentary, fans maintained hope that the next-gen movie buff could have[...]
Sure, not every film has been a major high point for cinema or the franchise itself, but in all sincerity, the Michael Bay-originated world has truly made its mark. The 2007 Transformers film itself found mixed to positive reception, with praise for its action sequences and special effects – earning a total of five sequels and[...]
8 High-Quality Images from Avatar: The Way of Water
James Cameron isn't exactly known for releasing short films, with successful titles like Avatar and Titanic being more reputable in quality and length Now, ahead of the sequel to Avatar, titled Avatar: The Way of Water, Cameron is confident that the average moviegoer shouldn't have any complaints about runtime after the complete normalization of binge-watching. Ronal in[...]
All Rights Reserved. "I wanted [the Predator] to be scarier than we've seen it before," the filmmaker exclusively tells TimeOut, adding, "It's intelligent, and it has advanced technology, and that makes it even more difficult to take on But because the movie is set 300 years in the past, those things need to feel a little[...]
Viz Media Releases List of December 2021 Manga and Book Titles
So much so that it's a rare series to receive multiple interactions (Full Metal Alchemist and the more continuity-focused Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood). Even though its initial story has appropriately concluded, Full Metal Alchemist still remains a highly discussed story, even earning itself a 2017 live-action film in Japan Though the film's box office total was just[...]
Jordan Peele Sheds Light on Nope Plot and a "Great American UFO Story"
The secretive horror film Nope by writer and director Jordan Peele is one of the most anticipated upcoming standalone (or non-franchise) films down the pipeline Thanks to his previous work, there's an extra respectable layer of excitement With his first film, Get Out, he thoroughly impressed audiences with the duality of its themes, and with his[...]
Mad Max Furiosa Spinoff is Happening, Anya Taylor-Joy Cast as the Lead
It's been over seven years since the release of the previous Mad Max franchise film, Mad Max: Fury Road, and ever since its release fans have anticipated a Furiosa-centric story As things slowly came together over time, there was a promise that a prequel story would be told, however, the sense of mystery and ambiguity[...]
Rumors About Phyla-Vell And Gamora In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3
It's pretty wild to think about how far the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has come since the first film's theatrical release in 2014, earning nearly $800 million at the time The apparent success then led to a second chapter titled Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 in 2017, earning nearly $100 million more than[...]
Robert Englund Freddy Goldbergs Still 5
Though there have been discussions surrounding the rights and rumors regarding series, films, and more, we've yet to obtain anything concrete enough to really appease our Freddy Krueger love in over a decade Despite this, if Blumhouse head Jason Blum has things pan out his own ideal way, we'd receive yet another legacy horror gift[...]
The Black Phone Poster Introduces Us To Ethan Hawke's Creepy Killer
With every successful film comes a studio's interest in expanding a movie into a franchise Even creatives tend to lean into those ideas, which sometimes work and are occasionally disheartening In terms of the horror genre, success very often calls for sequels because of the genre's smaller pool of releases to choose from (at least[...]