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Photo Credit: Dimension Films - Spyglass Media Group
We're inching our way towards a puzzle box of terrors thanks to the Hellraiser reboot, so it's becoming harder to contain our anticipation as cast additions are announced and confirmation that filming is set to kick off this month! The upcoming Hulu resurrection of Hellraiser is quite an exciting opportunity for horror fans and longtime Hellraiser[...]
New Venom: Let There Be Carnage Poster Teases the Entire Cast
Regardless of the new additions, production notes for the film (shared exclusively over at ComicBook) from the film's director Andy Serkis suggest that the core of the film will still very much be tied to the forced relationship between Eddie and Venom. Venom: Let There Be Carnage Poster COPYRIGHT: ©2021 CTMG All Rights Reserved MARVEL and[...]
Blade Nightstalking Cover
The upcoming Blade reboot will add the fan-favorite character to the current MCU but don't expect to see Blade depend on the comic iterations to find a storyline. Back in July, we learned that director Bassam Tariq was tapped to helm the upcoming Blade film for Marvel; however, aside from his involvement and that Mahershala Ali would[...]
New Paranormal Activity Will Arrive Before Halloween on Paramount+
The iconic found-footage horror film series Paranormal Activity is creeping its way back onto our screens, and now we know when we can expect the upcoming installment. When we learned that Paranormal Activity would be getting another chapter, many franchise fans wondered where the story might go next, but we quickly learned that this version would[...]
First Images and Summary of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
Now the director of the film is explaining the obstacles associated with casting for these iconic characters. With the upcoming theatrical release of Resident Evil, fans have been curious to get a taste of what's to come In the past, we've had six films without virtually any connection to the plot of the video game franchise[...]
Daniel Destin Cretton Talks Shang-Chi and Katy's Friendship
The Sorceror Supreme has fought Thanos, helmed his own film, and has an upcoming sequel that elaborates on the Multiverse, so it's safe to say he's been busy in the MCU Regardless, fans waited week after week for a cameo on WandaVision, then again in Shang-Chi, leaving it very clear that he's just becoming an[...]
2 New High-Res Images from The Suicide Squad Shows Off The Cast
Pictures release. If you've already seen The Suicide Squad, you know that the film's introduction acts as fun misdirect, nearly wiping out the entire team introduced in the first few minutes The Suicide Squad then introduces the real team (plus an added bonus of survivor Harley Quinn), and even this variation is touched by death at[...]
First Images and Summary of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
We now know she's an important character in the upcoming story. With the very few select photos, there was quite a revelation for long-time Resident Evil fans when we discovered that Lisa Trevor was not only in the film – but that director Johannes Roberts was genuinely committing to her mutated look In the video games,[...]
7 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
For now, at least… While holding a live viewing party on Twitter to celebrate The Suicide Squad, Gunn took to his social media to share his stories on the film and address both upcoming content and rumored content When asked about the rumors for a potential for a Bloodsport film in the works, Gunn responded to[...]
A New Alita: Battle Angel Poster Has Dropped for the Re-Release
Alita: Battle Angel fans have remained consistently hopeful for news about the proposed sequel, and the film's director is hoping to see our hopes become a reality. In 2019, director Robert Rodriguez dropped his epic film Alita: Battle Angel, which on a budget of $150-$200 million, earned just over $400 million worldwide While the film was[...]
Candyman Moves From October 2020 to Sometime in 2021
Now the stars of the upcoming film are opening up about why this property has been able to survive this long – and what makes it still feel relevant. The official poster for Candyman Credit: Universal Pictures With Candyman's (very) close release date, the horrors will soon be resurfacing, and the stars of the film recently expressed[...]
Netflix Slasher, There's Someone Inside Your House is Coming in October
We're always eager to see what a new slasher film will bring to the table, and Netflix will be bringing their upcoming film There's Someone Inside Your House to the streaming service just in time for Halloween! Back in 2018, it was reported that there would be a film adaptation of the novel, There's Someone Inside[...]
Army Of Thieves Is Coming To Netflix Just Before Halloween
Rejoice, Army of the Dead fans! The upcoming Zack Snyder prequel to the hit Netflix film is coming this October, so another zombie installment is just around the corner. After Snyder released Army of the Dead on Netflix, we immediately knew that if given the chance to continue, the filmmaker would take the opportunity to expand[...]
Séance Director Simon Barrett on Going Above and Beyond for Film
The 2021 horror film Séance by Simon Barrett (screenwriter behind You're Next) will arrive on the streaming platform Shudder starting next month. Image courtesy of RLJE Films and Shudder After receiving a limited theatrical release and On-Demand option back in May, Séance is relocating to Shudder, which has continued to rapidly expand with exclusives, originals, and cult classics[...]
2K Games Let Us Play "Borderlands 3" For A Bit At E3 2019
The popular video game franchise Borderlands is making the leap into live-action, with the upcoming film proving to be a buzz-worthy adaptation Now, one of the film's stars is opening up about how their character might feel different from the video game version that we're familiar with. Credit: 2K Games Though the title Borderlands will obviously stay[...]