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The Death Of Superman And Changing The Future In Action Comics #1029
Did Jonathan Kent stop one Superman future from happening… …but in the process set up another, the Future State: Worlds At War where Superman is estranged from Earth and trapped on Warworld? Might there be room on WarWorld for a weakened Superman for Darkseid's lot? While in the Midnighter back-up strip, the Future State Midnighter from Warworld[...]
Amanda Waller Hates Superboy - All Of Them
Not for the first time, of course, but this seems to be leading up to something across DC's titles. This week, Amanda Waller appeared in Superman, manipulating an emergency situation to find potential vulnerabilities in Superman and Superboy – potentially threatening Superman's life, if future history has anything to say. In Future State: Suicide Squad, Conner Kent[...]
Out First Look At New Batman Villain, Simon Saint (Spoilers)
Back in January, Bleeding Cool had questions about Simon Saint, the new Batman possible-villain behind the Magistrate in DC Future State. The listing for the first of the DC Infinite Frontier hardcover collections, Batman: The Cowardly Lot, has hit Amazon, with a listing that revealed "Mayor Nakano has a meeting with shadowy billionaire Simon Saint, who has come to Gotham[...]
The City Comes To X-Men - and Other Krakoan Matters Today
DC gets three Future State into the Top Ten, with two other titles, Marvel has four including a surprise Black Panther – and Spawn gets a strong placing too But it's not looking too dissimilar than it would have twenty-five years ago. X-Men #18 Future State: Dark Detective #4 Batman: Black and White #3 Amazing Spider-Man #60 Spawn #315 Black Panther[...]
Future State Superman House Of El #1 Review: Truth and Justice
In Future State #1: Superman: House of El #1, hundreds of years from now, Superman's bloodline will continue the legacies of Krypton and stand to protect the earth from an outpost on the moon Their worst nightmare has amassed some of the most deadly forces in the universe to topple them and complete galactic domination[...]
Future State Legion Of Super-Heroes #2 Review: Hamstrung
There's a very clever bit that connects the work here, showing that things might not be what everyone anticipates, but Future State #2: Legion of Super-Heroes is hamstrung by some visual challenges and somewhat indifferent characterization. Future State #2: Legion of Super-Heroes Cover Credit: DC Comics The issue jumps off with the Legion having tracked Element Lad[...]
Future State Teen Titans Gets A Special Red X Two-Issue Collection
DC Comics has told comic book retailers that, to follow the second printings of both Future State: Teen Titans #1 and #2, DC Comics will, instead of third printings, be collecting the two issues in a 48-page cardstock comic for $5.99, $4 less than the cover price of both original card stock covers, and $2[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
And with Nubia getting a new graphic novel, and being heavily featured in the Immortal Wonder Woman Future State series, she seems the obvious choice. Except it is not Nubia has another role to take up, as the new Queen of Themyscria Yara Flor has her role as Wonder Girl to come And as for the[...]
How Does DC's Linearverse Work Exactly? (Generations Forged Spoilers)
And the replacement characters in those roles shunted over to the Future State titles such as Future State: Gotham Might Future State: Metropolis or Future State: Paradise Island titles follow? Or will the be set in the future of the Linearverse in a place that will never be reached? Will there be other books set[...]
Bruce Wayne Becomes All-Out Terrorist In DC Future State (Spoilers)
Today's Future State comic books from DC Comics sees Bruce Wayne: Batman and Clark Kent: Superman fighting the early days of The Magistrate in Future State: Batman/Superman #2 As a result, it is the soonest of the DC Future State titles And also one of the prettiest. As Bruce Wayne – still operating as Batman –[...]
Lois Lane Casts Doubt On Superman's Sexual Prowess
Superman was, after all, red, white and blue-blooded. But in today's Future State: Superman Vs Imperious Rex #2 published by DC Comics today, it seems that in the future, Clark Kent's star rating may have slipped a little. Looks like Superman still has his super-speed intact at least. FUTURE STATE SUPERMAN VS IMPERIOUS LEX #2 (OF 3) CVR[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
During the DC Future State comic books, we have learned of something big that happened in Gotham that kicked off the anti-mask feeling in Gotham, saw the Magistrate be appointed to run a fascist private police system and lock Gotham down It was called A-Day. The Next Batman #1 solicitation told us "Following the tragedy of[...]
Dan DiDio
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool noted that former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio had been gone for a year at DC Comics, but his influence is still writ large in Future State and how it will continue into Infinite Frontier. Dan DiDio photo by Luigi Novi. Den Of Geek, talking to John Ridley, saw him talk about the origins[...]
Sunday Spoilers: First Appearances In Batman: Black And White #3
And as the solicitation says "reteam to dip into the world of Future State and expand the legend of the next Batman and introduce us to his new-well, she's not exactly Robin". We know that Tim/Jace Fox will continue after Future State with Batman: Second Son, telling the story of his journey to become the Next[...]
The Fox Family In Next Batman
Though thanks to DC, Tuesday Titans too.  If any other retailers would like to report their top sellers, please contact richjohnston@bleedingcool.com. Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Batman/Catwoman artwork Batman/Catwoman tops all the rest of the DC titles, including Future State: Batman, and even The King In Black – though that may have been down[...]