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Space Trash, Jenn Woodall's First Graphic Novel, Picked Up By Oni
Space Trash is a new YA graphic novel by Jenn Woodall to be published by Oni Press in the summer of 2022 Her first graphic novel, Space Trash follows three teenagers attending school on the moon try to keep their boredom and resentments at bay as they stumble across an exciting secret that could change[...]
Tea Dragon's Kay O'Neill Auctions The Moth-Keeper OGN To Random House
The Moth Keeper By K O'Neill Creator of the Tea Dragon graphic novels and Aquicorn Cove from Oni Press, K O'Neill, has auctioned their latest graphic novel The Moth Keeper and two sequels, receiving bids from five publishers The Moth Keeper is a middle-grade fantasy graphic novel, which tells the story of a fennec girl named[...]
Alicia Keys Writes New YA Graphic Novel, Girl On Fire
And now? Now she is writing a YA graphic novel, Girl on Fire Co-written by Andrew Weiner and drawn by Brittney Williams, and based on Alicia Keys' single Girl On Fire, the graphic novel tells the story of 14-year-old Lolo Wright, who discovers she has telekinetic powers she never knew she had while protecting her[...]
 Strange Bedfellows by Ariel Slamet Ries
Two-time Ignatz Award-winning comic creator of webcomic Witchy, Ariel Slamet Ries has sold their YA graphic novel Strange Bedfellows at auction, picked up by Carolina Ortiz at HarperAlley for publication is set for the summer of 2024, with an untitled second book to follow in summer 2026. Strange Bedfellows by Ariel Slamet Ries Strange Bedfellows tells the story of Oberon, finding[...]
 The Miracle Seed by Martin Lemelman
The Miracle Seed by Martin Lemelman is a new middle-grade graphic novel melding history, science, and adventure, about the Judean Date Palm that culminates with its resurrection in 2020 after 2000 years of extinction In 2005, a team of scientists attempted to sprout a preserved 2,000-year-old seed The attempt was a success, the oldest verified human-assisted germination[...]
What If Storyboarder Noor Rasoul Sells Graphic Memoir My January Heart
My January Heart by Noor Rasoul is a new semi-autobiographical YA graphic novel pitched as Giant Days meets Hey, Kiddo It follows 17-year-old Noor's attempt to leave her anxiety behind in the Middle East as she pursues her dream of going to art school in California—only to find that running away won't solve all of[...]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Gets TMNT Hardcover
Collects the complete five-issue miniseries in a new graphic novel, an adventure as fulfilling for longtime Turtles fans as it is accessible for readers just discovering the heroes in a half shell. It has been a long time coming, with plenty of delays but this, at least, should be on time I mean, odds are[...]
Megan Wagner Lloyd & Michelle Mee Nutter Sell Scholastic Two New OGNs
Megan Wagner Lloyd & Michelle Mee Nutter, creators of Allergic and the upcoming Squished graphic novels have sold two more to Scholastic. Cassandra Pelham Fulton at Scholastic/Graphix has acquired world rights to their two standalone middle-grade graphic novels, Luna and Ouch In Luna, a 12-year-old girl and her father have moved to the town where her late mother grew up, and[...]
Sophie Campbell, Latest Creator to Get Substack Grant For New Comic
The estimate for some creative advances for comic creators has been around $600,000, but whatever she has received, she will be using it to revive her graphic novel sequel to Shadoweyes as Shadoweyes For Good. Sophie Campbell's Shadoweyes For Good, From Substack It may also be notable that while Substack has received criticism over allegations of seeking out[...]
Not Light, but Fire: The Story of Mary Bowser (W.T.) by Jay Leslie and Charlot Kristensen
Not Light, but Fire: The Story of Mary Bowser (W.T.) written by Jamie McGhee (writing as Jay Leslie), and drawn by Charlot Kristensen is a YA historical fiction graphic novel is inspired by the life and bravery of Mary Jane Richards, also known as Mary Bowser, was a Union spy during the Civil War[...]
Top 200 Comics And Graphic Novels Ordered Through Diamond, July 2021
While Marvel Comics' Star Wars: The Old Republic Omnibus Volume 1, collecting the Dark Horse Comics series Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by John Jackson Miller and Brian Ching, was July's best-selling graphic novel. Marvel's X-Men tops the Top 200 Comics And Graphic Novels Ordered Through Diamond, July 2021 TOP 200 COMIC BOOKS Based on Total Unit Sales of Products Invoiced[...]
Oddity Woods by Kay Davault 
Oddity Woods by Kay Davault (also known as Kay D) is was a webcomic but is now to be a middle-grade supernatural mystery graphic novel series in which Marietta, an aspiring kid detective investigating her father's sudden disappearance, becomes trapped in a woodland realm filled with ghosts, monsters, and other things that go bump in[...]
Black – A Windrush Autobiographical Graphic Novel
Black is a new graphic novel by Tobias Taitt and Anthony Smith from publisher Soaring Penguin Press, adapting Taitt's autobiographical story as a second-generation British Windrush immigrant- something that's increasingly in the news given the recent UK government policies in action The original title of the book and the adaptation "Black Bastard" appears to have[...]
Jimmy Palmiotti's Rage At Kickstarter Comics With Scott Hampton
With 753 backers and four days to go, Jimmy Palmiotti and Scott Hampton's new graphic novel Rage has more than made its goal, and Palmiotti has a strong reputation for delivering on Kickstarters on time – fifteen of them already Described as an action-packed, dramatic tale of survival amongst global chaos, Rage is a mature[...]
More DC Comics Big Books
DC Comics is publishing an original character graphic novel, Galaxy: The Prettiest Star by Jadzia Axelrod and Jess Taylor, about "an alien princess-in-exile whose home planet is under attack as she is kept safe as a teenaged boy on Earth, with a normal life and a female love interest Her life goes into turmoil when[...]