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Thank FOC It's Friday, the 23rd of July 2021
But will the Scarlet Witch attend? Marvel Comics is launching Kang The Conqueror #1, you all saw Loki, right? So many variants. How did Moon Knight #1 do? #2 is up. How did Barbarella #1 do? #2 is up. DC Comics pushes out Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter, Superman Vs Lobo #1 with this 1:25 cover as well, by Philip[...]
Speaking with Deadline Hollywood in addition to confirming that she won't return for season two, the director broke down and clarified Jonathan Majors' role in the season finale as He Who Remains and the comic tie ins his character may or may not be involved with. Image: Screencap The first question asked since it's been pretty well-established[...]
Now if only there was a movie on the way about a special doctor looking to cure the madness caused by the multiverse… hmmm… But however things turn out, we're sure that He Who Remains is very Kang-ful… thankful… for being honored. Image: Marvel Studios Last week, series director and executive producer Kate Herron confirmed to Deadline[...]
Comic Creator Credits For Final Episode Of Loki Reveal All (Spoilers)
Gillen also wrote Young Avengers, drawn by Jamie McKelvie that gave us the YA version. Al Ewing wrote Loki, Agent Of Asgard, drawn by Lee Garbett, that established the genderfluid Loki. Avengers #12 1962Ravonna Lexus Renslayer was created in Avengers #12 by Stan Lee and Don Heck as a reluctant love interest for and opponent of Kang The Conqueror. Thor #300 Ralph Macchio, Mark Gruenwald, and Keith Pollard worked on the Thor comic[...]
Does New Kang Comic Suggest Cameo in Loki TV Show?
Kang The Conqueror is a new comic book series written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, from Joyride, Green Arrow, and Star Trek: Year Five, with art by Avengers: Mech Strike artist Carlos Magno, telling an all-encompassing origin for the time-travelling villain who might be Immortus and might be Doctor Doom. The man called Kang the Conqueror has been a[...]
Avengers #8 CGC Copy On Auction Today At Heritage Auctions
This is the first appearance of Kang, who is looking at some real big plans in the MCU if rumors are to be believed We know he will be the baddie in the next Ant-Man film, but bigger things are being teased past that On auction, today at Heritage Auctions is a CGC graded copy[...]
Moon Knight Annual #1 [Preview]
We've got a preview below. In which we find the titular Moon Knight in an unfamiliar world…   One that's ruled by Kang the Conqueror, finally living up to his namesake! Moon Knight aims to set things right… …but how did this come to be? For that, we look to the past, the Old West… As Kang looks to gain the[...]
Walking Dead at SDCC: Andrew Lincoln's Teary Departure, Samantha Morton Cast as Alpha of the Whisperers, Premiere Date, and More
Lincoln announced it with tears in his eyes at today's panel at SDCC. Samantha Morton has been cast as Alpha, leader of the Whisperers. The Walking Dead officially returns this October 7th. Greg Nicotero will still be directing the show, and Kang will be the writer on the series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBaKVC1wIW4 Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead is introducing four new characters to the series, one of which[...]
Marvel's Mantis 101 Is More Confusing Than Helpful
The Swordsman, the Cotati, the Zodiac, Celestial Madonna, and Kang All of these things need set up before you can tie her story together. Marvel does these short Marvel 101 video for characters in the news and this week they decided to do Mantis And even after having done the research for my article, they video[...]
Thor Gets Left Behind In Latest Marvel's Avengers: Ultron Revolution
Kang seems to have figured out how to mess with the Avengers He's taken out Captain America and while heading for a time portal, he screws up Thor's connection with Mjolnir, causing the Thunder God to get left behind… I'm suddenly picturing Thor played by a young Macaulay Culkin. Marvel's Avengers: Ultron Revolution airs Sunday at[...]