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Cover image for KANG THE CONQUEROR #3 (OF 5)
Kang the Conqueror #3 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, begging the question: does Kang ever think about anything but conquering? For thousands of years trapped in a magical long-way time-traveling sarcophagus, the answer is no, as Kang considers only his impending victories And in this preview, Kang arrives in the silver age[...]
PrintWatch: The Third Printing You Love In The Dark, And More
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics has a bunch of new second printings, for Shang-Chi #3 and #4, the Death Of Doctor Strange #1, Kang The Conqueror #2 and Moon Knight#3,  the Shang-Chi issues coming to stores for the 20th of Octobver, the others probably for the 27th of October. PrintWatch: Image Comics is seeing Primordial #1 by Jeff[...]
Now Ravonna Lexus Renslayer Gets A New Origin In Kang The Conqueror
We've only just talked about Fantastic Four #35 using terms like Variants and Sacred Timeline around Kang this week, as Marvel Comics decides to start reflecting the TVA terminology of the Loki TV series Well, it seems that it is quite the week for that Because over in Kang The Conqueror #2, we get a[...]
Fantastic Four Establishes Sacred Timeline For Marvel Comics As Well
Today's Fantastic Four #35 is a riotous run around the history of the Fantastic Four, with a variety of Kangs at different points in their life attacking the Baxter Building to steal the same artifact, again and again, killing any Fantastic Four members they can Which means a trip to sixties FF, nineties FF, Hickman[...]
Marvel Comics Calls Alternate Versions "Variants" For The First Time
As Kang, all timelines, variants, and versions of the time-travelling conqueror gather together. Variants in Fantastic Four #35 by Dan Slott and John Romita With Scion representing himself as the Kang At The End Of Time Of course, there's no reason anyone actually has to believe him… FANTASTIC FOUR #35 MARVEL COMICS JUN210510 (W) Dan Slott, Mark Waid (A) John Romita,[...]
Kang The Conqueror #1 Review: Solid Timing
With solid timing on the heels of the Loki Disney+ series, Kang the Conqueror #1 is a character piece that digs into the forging of the chronal criminal and framing the concept for readers new and old While the cinematic version may have differences from this take, the roots of the concept remain clear for[...]
PrintWatch: We get news of second printings for Nocterra #6 and Radiant Black #7 from Image Comics, as well as Dark Blood #2 from Boom Studios, Marvel Comics ramping back up their second printings with Kang #1, Moon Knight #2, Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters #3 and Star Wars High Republic #8. Nocterra #6 PrintWatch: [...]
How Kang Got His Stripes (Kang The Conqueror #1 Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of Kang The Conqueror by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Carlos Magno from Marvel Comics,  Kang's first comic book of his own, in the wake of the Loki TV series And we get to see his origin But because we are dealing with a Time Traveller, no matter where you start,[...]
Cover image for KANG THE CONQUEROR #1 (OF 5)
Kang the Conqueror #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and the titular conqueror has a new strategy for his titular conquering: flooding the market with variant covers Check out a preview of the first of this five-issue mini-series below. KANG THE CONQUEROR #1 (OF 5) MARVEL COMICS JUN210542 JUN210544 – KANG THE CONQUEROR #1 (OF 5)[...]
FCBD: Venom Spoilers
from Kang down, it looks like being a god isn't going to save King Eddie The First from a lot of pain. It's tough to be the king The FCBD Spider-Man/Venom 2021 comic is available today for Free Comic Book Day, the 14th of August. FCBD 2021 MARVEL SILVER SPIDER-MAN VENOM #1 (NET) MARVEL COMICS (BUY – SELL) APR210031 (W)[...]
Marvel Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations For August 2021
And with Kang beating out the Trial of Magneto, but the success of the first issue of Moon Knight boosting orders for the second There should be plenty of King Spawn to go around as well. Kang The Conqueror #1 Tops Advance Reorders TOP 25 ADVANCE REORDERS COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPS Publication Price Publisher KANG THE CONQUEROR #1 (OF 5) $4.99 MARVEL COMICS X-MEN TRIAL OF[...]
Thank FOC It's Friday, the 23rd of July 2021
But will the Scarlet Witch attend? Marvel Comics is launching Kang The Conqueror #1, you all saw Loki, right? So many variants. How did Moon Knight #1 do? #2 is up. How did Barbarella #1 do? #2 is up. DC Comics pushes out Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter, Superman Vs Lobo #1 with this 1:25 cover as well, by Philip[...]
Speaking with Deadline Hollywood in addition to confirming that she won't return for season two, the director broke down and clarified Jonathan Majors' role in the season finale as He Who Remains and the comic tie ins his character may or may not be involved with. Image: Screencap The first question asked since it's been pretty well-established[...]
Now if only there was a movie on the way about a special doctor looking to cure the madness caused by the multiverse… hmmm… But however things turn out, we're sure that He Who Remains is very Kang-ful… thankful… for being honored. Image: Marvel Studios Last week, series director and executive producer Kate Herron confirmed to Deadline[...]
Comic Creator Credits For Final Episode Of Loki Reveal All (Spoilers)
Gillen also wrote Young Avengers, drawn by Jamie McKelvie that gave us the YA version. Al Ewing wrote Loki, Agent Of Asgard, drawn by Lee Garbett, that established the genderfluid Loki. Avengers #12 1962Ravonna Lexus Renslayer was created in Avengers #12 by Stan Lee and Don Heck as a reluctant love interest for and opponent of Kang The Conqueror. Thor #300 Ralph Macchio, Mark Gruenwald, and Keith Pollard worked on the Thor comic[...]