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Today's Best Laid Plans Of Mice And X-Men (XSpoilers)
So what are the latest Orchis plans against the mutants, the X-Men and Krakoa? Ms Marvel: The New Mutant #3 is at the epicentre, as it sees an anti-mutant protest from the young people at Empire State University Looks like mutant hatred is as strong among the young as anywhere else. Ms Marvel: The New Mutant #3 Though[...]
Marvel Comics
But founded by Karima Shapandar, their Omega Sentinel who travelled from the future, where a mutant Krakoan paradise prevented the invasion from an alien techno-organic Dominion race And that will never do Not that anyone else in Orchis knows this In Wolverine #37, Orchis are making the news, both on the TV… Wolverine #37 …and in the[...]
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And dubbed the "beginning of the end of Krakoa" I suspect a Gillen input into that, courtesy of William Churchill, as well as the C60 cassette tape look… as this is intended to be the "final battle of the X-Men's Krakoan Age." You know what? The Krakoan Age has been my favourite X-Men and associated titles'[...]
Marvel Comics
As well as a Hellfire Gala second printing, Marvel Comics has four Krakoan X-Men titles out this week, Astonishing Iceman #2, Children Of The Vault #2, X-Force #44, and X-Men Red #15, all playing out the Fall Of X consequences or Orchis stepping up as a world-recognised and accepted anti-mutant terrorist organisation As one does. In[...]
Married to – and in love with – the missing mutant Typhoid Mary, he is now fully on the Krakoan side of things. Although he has his own power plays to make. Ms Marvel has been going through her own changes, now defined as a mutant, with Kama Khan as an inflitrator of Orchis's activities in New[...]
Marvel Comics
Spoilers ahead, of course. Ms Marvel, a recently revealed mutant, is working with the X-Men, infiltrating a university that has been sponsored by Orchis, the state-approved anti-mutant terrorists from the future, who have established a modern-day presence and have managed to get state involvement, despite committing an act of genocide on the mutant island of Krakoa. In[...]
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But the tiniest steps back up are being taken in this week's X-Men comic books and more. Immortal Thor #1 While Invincible Iron Man #9 sees even the implied threat of Thor saving Tony Stark's skin from Orchis. Invincible Iron Man #9 So what more happened to the mutants evacuated from Krakoa by Professor Xavier, whom he now believes[...]
Tony stark And Emma Frost Are Getting An Arranged Marriage
Emma Frost has already signed papers to make Wilson Fisk, the new White King of the Hellfire Club, it was her business interests that funded the Krakoan economy, but she is a mutant and banned from the USA Tony Stark remains an American citizen This is a marriage of economics, or convenience, arranged for property[...]
The 10-Part Twice-Monthly Sabretooth War Story in Wolverine #41-#50
"The Sabretooth war begins here as Logan finally faces his nemesis once again! Wolverine faces off against his arch-nemesis for the first time in the Krakoan era! Now deadlier than ever before, Sabretooth is ready to tear Logan's world apart! " And now Marvel has pushed out the confirmation of Sabretooth War by Benjamin Percy[...]
Marvel Comics
During which, Orchis attacked in a major planned-out fashion, killed many, displaced many more, and destroyed the island nation of Krakoa And the events spill out across the Marvel Universe Mostly With a look at X-Men Red #14, Ghost Rider #17, Iron Man Annual 2023, Marvel Voices: X-Men #1, and launches for Alpha Flight #1,[...]
Tom Brevoort Has Been Put In Charge Of The X-Men At Marvel
I'm excited for what's to come." Naturally, there has been a lot of speculation as to what this might mean to the Krakoan Age of the X-Men, as well as how it might tie into upcoming Marvel Studios plans for the X-Men, as Kevin Feige is the CCO of all of Marvel these days Tom Brevoort[...]
X-Men, Orchis, Krakoa, Kingpin & The Childen Of The Vault #XSpoilers
Why does Charles Xavier, left alone on Krakoa (apart from whoever is left in The Pit) after X number of weeks, look more and more like Immortal X-Men's writer Kieron Gillen? All you need is some old NHS spectacles, and he's the spitting image Especially after Kieron has been suffering the vagaries of international delayed[...]
Is Iron Man Getting A Suit Made Out of Mysterium?
Including that Iron Man will be getting a brand new costume as Tony Stark continues his association with his new wife, Emma Frost, and it appears to be made up of the mutant alien material of Mysterium. Mysterium is a unique metallic meta-material formed by condensing kirbons and harvested from the White Hot Room accessible by[...]
Savretooth Vs Wolverine
Giving us  Wolverine vs Sabretooth for the first time in the X-Men's Krakoan era and yes, for Rob Liefeld's attention, this is still being referred to by Marvel Comics as the Krakoan era in 2024 solicitations Make sure you mention that in your Robservations! While X-Force are still on the hunt for Hank McCoy, up[...]
Marvel Comics
Although what the actual difference between a Sinister clone ans a Krakoan resurrected person is not something we're going to go into now Especially not Ms Marvel, as she returns home. X-Men #25 Not everyone has a home to go to now, though The Limbo Embassy can only take so much. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2023 #1 And Arakko had[...]
What Comes Next For The X-Men After The Hellfire Gala (XSpoilers)
You can get a recap of what has happened below, as we look at what might happen next. How Free Comic Book Day X-Men Joins Up With Hellfire Gala & Iron Man Ms Marvel's Future in the Marvel Universe Jonathan Hickman & Valerio Schiti's G.O.D.S Juggernaut & The Election of The New X-Men Wilson Fisk And The X-Men The Many, Many[...]
X-Men Fall Of X Hellfire Gala Marvel Comics
After many X-Men have been murdered, Professor X has been forced to command all mutants to enter the nearest Krakoan gate to evacuate off planet Or have Orchis order a billion infected humans to their deaths, the blame placed on Krakoa. And has indeed forced other mutants to force those who have managed to resist at[...]
X-Men Fall Of X Hellfire Gala Marvel Comics
Because in today's Hellfire Gala (are you keeping up with the Bleeding Cool Hellfire Gala tag?) with her dying breath, Jean Grey gives Firestar a mission. To become a member of Orchis, to always have been a member of Orchis, for Dr Stasis to have always believed that Firestar was a member of Orchis, and had[...]
X-Men Fall Of X Hellfire Gala Marvel Comics
There are no Krakoan resurrection protocols to engage When mutants die now, that's it Orchis has attacked Krakoa from the off, and everyone is dying From the first blow of Nimrod… Talon seems to rescue Synch, but that's a legless Cannonball, an armless Dazzler, and a liquidised Prodigy Jubilee and Frenzy are right there[...]
Wilson Fisk And The X-Men
Intended to mirror the Met Ball, the Hellfire Gala was a chance for the mutant island of Krakoa and home to the X-Men to show off to the rest of the world, put a first foot forward and announce something extraordinary This year, however, the mutant terrorist group Orchis had some other plans. Even as Jean[...]
X-Men Fall Of X Hellfire Gala Marvel Comics
Concerning Orchis, Krakoa, and the X-Men. This is from House Of X #3, published four years ago A look at what is known as the Omega Cycle, a way of transforming a human into a sentinel, or even hiding a sentinel in a human, until it is needed to take down and kill mutants – the[...]
The Plans Of Orchis
In this year's Free Comic Book Day's X-Men and Avengers stories, we saw a mysterious figure enter the Treehouse Krakoan Embassy of New York on the eve of the third Hellfire Gala Someone with a religious fervour, it seems. Free Comic Book Day X-Men/Avengers 2023 At this point, it may be worth noting that his identity is[...]
X-Men Fall Of X Hellfire Gala Marvel Comics
Wilson Fisk recently fled from New York where he was defeated as Mayor and charged with murder, to seek asylum by dint of marriage to Typhoid Mary on the island of Krakoa. Not everyone was pleased with the arrangement, but this was an island that had taken on Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, Sebastian Shaw, Apocalypse and Omega[...]
Juggernaut & The Election of The New X-Men (Hellfire Gala XSpoilers)
There will be plenty of Hellfire Gala coverage today, all with big Spoiler Warnings and using our Hellfire Gala tag so you can keep up. Intended to mirror the Met Ball, the Hellfire Gala is a chance for the mutant island of Krakoa and home to the X-Men to show off to the rest of the[...]
Ms Marvel
Intended to mirror the Met Ball, the Hellfire Gala is a chance for the mutant island of Krakoa and home to the X-Men to show off to the rest of the world, put a first foot forward and announce something extraordinary Previously that has included terraforming Mars, announcing resurrection technology made available to all, and[...]
Marvel Comics X-Men
The Fall Of X and the Hellfire Gala are coming to the X-Men and to Krakoa Marianna Stern, servant of Morgan Le Fay and of the Coven Akkaba, helped wrest Britain away from Krakoan influences, serving old magic, and in X-Men Red, finding a way to communicate with Apocalypse's former wife Genesis in the demon[...]
Iman Vellani Reads The Death of Ms Marvel
After all, she really loves her comic books, and always has. When we first ran leaks about the death of Ms Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man #26, it has been Bleeding Cool's thesis that the X-Men will bring Kamala Khan back to life, using the Krakoan Protocols We have also suggested that she will come back as[...]
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We know that Orchis has been poisoning Krakoan drugs, turning them into mind-control devices We know that the Krakoan Treehouse embassy of New York will be burned down and the identity of Captain Krakoa taken by Orchis We know that there will be a wedding between Tony Stark and Emma Frost We know that Ms[...]
Did Marvel Leak One Of The X-Men's Oldest Foes As Their New Member?
The X-Men equivalent of the Met Gala in which the mutants of Krakoa dress up in wonderful concoctions and invite the great and the good (or sometimes the bad) to join them Then change the world, whether terraforming the planet Mars into Arakko, revealing to the world the Krakoan resurrection protocols that means mutants can[...]