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Curse Of The Sea Rats Receives New Character Trailer
Publisher PQube has given us a couple of game codes to give out for those looking to play the game, as this is your chance to snag it for free What do you need to do to win this? In order for a chance to win it, all you're required to do is two things[...]
Curse Of The Sea Rats Receives New Character Trailer
Petoons Studio and publisher PQube have released a brand new launch trailer for Curse Of The Sea Rats as the game comes out this week The game has officially been released this week; in fact, it came out today across multiple PC platforms as well as all three major consoles And to mark the occasion,[...]
Knight Vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur Announced
PQube and Gambir Studio have revealed a new game on the way as Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur is coming to PC and consoles The game is a bit of an RPG action-adventure game with some roguelite elements as you play a knight who is clearing out enemies throughout the kingdom, including massive monsters[...]
Curse Of The Sea Rats Receives New Character Trailer
Petoons Studio and publisher PQube announced this week that Curse Of The Sea Rats will be coming out in April If you haven't seen the game before, this is a hand-animated Metroidvania adventure in which you play rats who also happen to be pirates This game will take you back to the classic Don Bluth[...]
Pocket Bravery
Publisher PQube and developer Statera Studio revealed today that their fighting game Pocket Bravery will be coming sometime in 2023 If you feel a bit of nostalgia looking at this one, that's perfectly accurate as the developers aimed to make a game that harnesses the embodiment of several classic fighting games but with its own[...]
Curse Of The Sea Rats Receives New Character Trailer
PQube and developer Petoons Studio revealed a new trailer for Curse Of The Sea Rats as we get introduced to the game's characters This is basically a quick way for you to find out more about the four primary people you'll be playing as throughout the adventure, as they all have their own personalities, quirks,[...]
Potion Permit Receives Late September Launch Date
PQube and developer MassHive Media revealed they now have a release date for Potion Permit happening this September Harkening back to a certain era of PC titles, the game will have you running around as a healer for the town, diagnosing each patient's needs, searching for potion ingredients, mixing them together for the right healing[...]
Kitaria Fables Now Has A September Release Date
PQube revealed this week they finally have a release date for Kitaria Fables both for PC and all three major consoles this September The game has kind of been teetering on being released for a while now as we waited for the team to finish work on the game, but now we know it will[...]
Tormented Souls Will Get A Physical Release For Console & PC
PQube revealed this week that Tormented Souls will be getting a physical release even with console cancelations The game was originally supposed to be out on everything across the board, but back in August, they gave the axe to the PS4 and Xbox One versions Now it will be on PC, Switch, and both next-gen[...]
Gal Gun Returns is Headed to Xbox One, Switch, and PC
It's headed to Xbox One, Switch, and PC by way of 2021 thanks to publisher PQube Both the Xbox One and PC versions will be available digitally only, but the Switch version will get both a physical and digital version. Shoot your shot with Gal Gun Returns, which is touching down next year in 2021 Courtesy[...]
Visual Novel "Arcade Spirits" is Headed to Consoles This May
Credit: PQube Looking for a new visual novel to sink your teeth into? You'll want to give Arcade Spirits a try, especially as it's making the leap from PC to consoles this May. Fiction Factory Games' Arcade Spirits is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, and that means you'll get to spend some time checking[...]
"Cat Quest II" Receives An Official Release For Late October
PQube officially announced this week that Cat Quest II would be released on all major consoles this month, as the game will come out on October 24th The game has already been out on PC for a couple of weeks, giving those players a chance to experience the sequel Here's some added into and the[...]
Auto Draft
One of the other games we got to see from PQube at PAX West 2019 was a cool dating simulator we enjoyed called Arcade Spirits The premise behind this one is that somewhere in the future year of 20XX, you find yourself working at an arcade You have a mix of hot employees and people[...]
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Adds Under Night-in-Birth's Seth, Persona 4 Arena's Teddie
 Arc System Works and PQube have announced a release date for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle's upcoming 1.5 update The patch is expected to hit on May 21st, and brings four new characters to the fighting game's roster. The new characters include Naoto Kurogane from BlazBlue, Teddie from Persona 4 Arena, Seth from Under Night In-Birth, and Heart Aino from Arcana Hearts[...]
Omega Labyrinth Z
In what is probably the strangest cancelation we've seen in a minute, Sony has stopped the release of Omega Labyrinth Z by PQube The reason for the cancelation, as noted on the developer's Twitter account today, is that the game's content is too sexual and was deemed inappropriate to release in either Europe or North America. Please[...]
Punch Line Announced for Western Release on PC, PS4, and Vita
Some good news for all you visual novel fans, as PQube announced that the 5pb title Punch Line will be making it's way to Europe and North America later this year The company didn't give out many details beyond the timeframe of Summer 2018, and that it would be released on PC, PS4, and PS[...]
Cat Quest Is Out Now On The Nintendo Switch And PS4
PQube and The Gentlebros are delighted to announce that Cat Quest, the most adorable cat-centric action-RPG, is out now worldwide for the Nintendo Switch and is available in Europe for PlayStation 4 Cat Quest will also be available for PlayStation 4 in North America on November 14, 2017. A 2D action-RPG featuring real-time combat set in the vast open-world of Felingard, Cat Quest sends you on an epic[...]
Take Your High School Horror Story To The Beach With White Day's New DLC Costumes
Thanks to the imminent console release of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, we have the ubiquitous beach costume DLC coming our way. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is an all-time survival-horror classic which was remade and brought to the west thanks to ROI Games and PQube The remake includes new gameplay features and additional content,[...]
It's A Cat Of Fine Tails In Cat Quest's Latest Dev Diary
Engage in intense real-time combat, explore a massive continent, complete dungeons for epic loot, take on challenging quests, level up your spells and save the world of Felingard from certain catastrophe. PQube and The Gentlebros have partnered up to release the adorable indie adventure game, Cat Quest for Steam on August 8, 2017and on PlayStation 4[...]
'White Day: A Labyrinth Named School' Has A New Adventure Trailer
PQube has revealed the new trailer for White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, the Korean horror gem that is being completely remade for modern audiences White Day: A Labyrinth Named School will be releasing on Steam on August 22, 2017 and PlayStation 4 in Europe on August 25, 2017 and in North America on August[...]
Cat Quest's Dev Diary Is Everything We Ever Needed
PQube and The Gentlebros are pawtnering up to release the adorable indie adventure game Cat Quest. It's a wonderfully cute RPG where you play as a cat adventurer in a world full of cats It is basically the ultimate cat person RPG, and I'm pretty psyched for it, given that I am more fond of cats than[...]
Cats! Questing! Puns! We Are So Excited For 'Cat Quest'
PQube and The Gentlebros will be releasing the ultimate cat-venture game, Cat Quest for Steam on August 8th and on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Q4, 2017. And let me tell you, the level of excitement I have for Cat Quest is frankly embarrassing. Cat Quest is a 2D action-RPG where you discover an epic tale of destiny and darkness, collect epic loot, learn new spells, and engage in[...]
The SmartBoy Smart-Phone Gameboy Hybrid Is Coming To Europe
PQube, in partnership with Hyperkin, a video game hardware development company from Los Angeles, has announced it will be releasing the SmartBoy through the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP) to the European Market The hardware kit is essentially a smart-phone accessory that'll turn your lame Samsung into a classic Gameboy. The SmartBoy was originally started[...]
'White Day: A Labyrinth Named School' Is Getting A Steam Release
The last time we checked in with the survival horror game, it was to announce the game's PS4 release date, and it looks like PQube is really pulling out all the stops for the Western release of the game by putting it out on Steam as well That's the two largest gaming platforms covered, so[...]
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Has A Western Release Date
This survival horror classic is being completely remade for current gen hardware with expanded gameplay features and new storylines to please and terrify both grizzled veterans and new scaredy-cats alike. Earlier this week PQube announced the western release date for Roi Games' White Day, which will unleash the game on unsuspecting North American audiences on August 1st,[...]