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Stumble Guys Launches New Nerf-Themed First-Person Game Mode
Scopely has added a brand new mode to the game Stumble Guys as players can now get in on a first-person mode featuring Nerf gear and weapons If you love anything Nerf has created over the years, this will be the mode for you, as they have essentially created a battle mode within the game[...]
Monopoly GO! Launches As Free-To-Play Mobile Title
Scopely and Hasbro have come together to release a brand new free-to-play mobile game today as  Monopoly GO! has launched for iOS and Android The two have come together to offer players a version of the classic board game with modern additions, giving you a chance to play against others online, totally free There are[...]
Marvel Strike Force
Scopely revealed all new plans for Marvel Strike Force content this month as the game is officially celebrating its fifth anniversary The team has added several new events for you to check out, celebrating every year they've been around, a new character, the end to the Age of Apocalypse storyline they have going on, and[...]
Marvel Strike Force & 2K’s Midnight Suns Launch New Collaboration
Scopely and 2K Games have partnered together for a brand new collaboration between Marvel Strike Force and Marvel's Midnight Suns Yes, it's true, the latter hasn't even been released yet, so you're looking at a few characters ad their inclusion which doesn't make sense yet But hey, who cares? Let's just have some fun, right?[...]
Marvel Strike Force Reveals Red Hulk In The Age Of Apocalypse At D23
Scopely revealed a first-look trailer for Red Hulk in the Age of Apocalypse for Marvel Strike Force during the D23 Expo today There weren't a lot of details revealed about this beyond the fact that we'll be getting the "Thunderbolt" Ross version of the character in all his fury, as he comes face to face[...]
Auto Draft
Scopely has officially launched their latest game, Kingdom Maker, giving mobile players a brand new free-to-play strategy title In case you haven't seen this one, the game mixes up RPG and RTS elements in with simul simulation gameplay, as you're getting a humorously stylized world in which you are encouraged to "reign your way." This[...]
Star Trek Fleet Command Adds New Lower Decks Content
Scopely revealed they have new content coming to Star Trek Fleet Command as they have new additions from Lower Decks Yes, the animated series will be making its way into the game with some special content fans will enjoy in all of its 2D glory! The latest content expansion will allow commanders to unlock a[...]
Auto Draft
Prior to joining the company, Webley had overseen the global marketing for the games division at Facebook, as well as been in senior leadership roles at Zynga and Electronic Arts, According to the company, Webley will "lead and further build on the work of Scopely's advertising, growth, marketing, customer service, creative and user acquisition departments[...]
Marvel Strike Force Adds Three New X-Men: Psylocke, Colossus, and Dark Phoenix
After months of speculation as to what Disney was going to do with FoxNext, we now know the company is going to be sold off to Scopely The word came down this morning as they will also acquire Cold Iron Studios in San Jose from them as well As the company continues to purge all[...]
Star Trek Fleet Command is Earning $10 Million Monthly
Scopely has decided to acquire mobile developer studio DIGIT Game Studios after the success they've seen in Star Trek Fleet Command The details of the purchase weren't revealed right away, but they did make note in their press release that DIGIT founder and Chief Executive Richard Barnwell will continue to manage the operations of the[...]
Star Trek Fleet Command is Earning $10 Million Monthly
Some cool news for Scopely this week as their mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command has been raking in over $10 million per month The news comes from Sensor Tower, who has been monitoring the app ever since it's launch on iOS and Android back in November, showing the game has had stable and steady[...]
Steve Aoki Will Be Added to Star Trek Fleet Command
Scopely will be dropping a new character into Star Trek Fleet Command soon as musician Steve Aoki will be included as a new enemy The DJ will be added to the game as D'jaoki, a member of the Romulan Patriots, as you can see his character art below. Aoki had also recently starred in the Star Trek Fleet[...]
The Walking Dead: Road To Survival Adds World At War Update
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is getting a massive World At War update. Scopely and Skybound expand The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game universe with new interactive experiences available today World at War is the largest update for the mobile game and introduces a five-week long story arc reflecting the "All Out War"[...]
New The Walking Dead Short Story Available For Free
I don't think it gets must more meta than this… here we have a multi-part prose story being released based on a video game that is based on a television series which is based on a comic book. Did you get all that? Scopely and Wattpad have released an exclusive original story called Fork in the Road:[...]