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Wizards Of The Coast Announces $1.3 Million Donation To Trevor Project
Wizards of the Coast has announced that they have donated proceeds from sales of the Magic The Gathering: Secret Lair drop A donation of $1.3 million has been made to The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people This represents the largest charitable donation in the company's[...]
Magic: The Gathering Teams Up With Post Malone For New Secret Lair
In a move that will likely shock anyone not in the know, Wizards of the Coast has teamed up with esteemed musical artist Post Malone to create an all-new Secret Lair drop for Magic: The Gathering, the premier collectible trading card game Post Malone has been a huge proponent of the game for years now, and this collaboration[...]
Magic: The Gathering Begins Preorders For The Fortnite Secret Lair
Wizards of the Coast, the tabletop gaming company behind Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, to name a few, has begun the preorder process for their newest Secret Lair drop for Magic: Secret Lair x Fortnite This collaboration, which counts as a Universes Beyond release, contains seven reprinted cards (with a whole new flair) in one drop, and five[...]
Magic: The Gathering X Street Fighter At Capcom Pro Tour '21 Final
As a sponsor, Wizards will be officially showcasing the Universes Beyond crossover cards for Magic: The Gathering x Street Fighter, a new drop for their Secret Lair series, during the event. The logo for the Capcom Pro Tour, where this year Wizards of the Coast will be showcasing the Magic: The Gathering x Street Fighter Secret Lair drop[...]
Magic: The Gathering - Could Classic Artists Get Secret Lairs?
One of these days, Wizards of the Coast will run out of material for their Secret Lair initiative This is obviously a long, long way away from now because the fantasy genre is nearly endless, but, as a serious long-term inevitability, we wish to make this point clear from the get-go And when that happens,[...]
Magic: The Gathering - Are Secret Lair Drops Predatory? An Opinion
Beginning that very season, Wizards would begin to sell single cards in major drops known as the Secret Lair series, in order to make certain cards more accessible to those willing to pay for them Furthermore, they would give these cards amazing, new, innovative art in order to not only differentiate these from the cards[...]
Magic: The Gathering Teams Up With MSCHF For New Secret Lair Drop
In those years, Wizards has introduced the Booster Fun initiative, which introduced new styles of Magic card frames to conventional packs of the cards as well as created all-new styles of packs in general, and the Secret Lair drop series, which has included collaborations of all sorts with various artists to create cards that somehow don't conventionally[...]
Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Features Reversed, Numbered Card
A major game store in Roanoke, Virginia, has opened a very special Secret Lair drop card from Magic: The Gathering, the premier trading card game by Wizards of the Coast In turn, this card, never seen before, is raising some interesting questions about the precedents it sets. The reverse-faced copy of Viscera Seer found in the[...]
Magic: The Gathering Showcase 2021 Recap - Tons Of Info Revealed
This will release in 2023 and will not feature the movie properties, but rather use original art focused on the stories. Two Secret Lair releases; one will be a set of reprints with art based on Fortnite, and the second is based on the Street Fighter video game series While not much is known about these cards beyond that, we do[...]
Magic: The Gathering's New Secret Lair Announced For PulseCon 2021
Secret Lair, Wizards of the Coast's most major marketing shift in recent years for their premier trading card game Magic: The Gathering, has seen a ton of different iterations in the past couple of years From tattoo styles to Phyrexian-language editions of the Praetors of New Phyrexia, Secret Lair products have run the gamut of what can[...]
Magic: The Gathering Announces Stranger Things Secret Lair Product
Wizards of the Coast has announced today the reveal of a Secret Lair product for Magic: The Gathering that crosses over with Netflix's original television series Stranger Things This product is part of Wizards' Universes Beyond initiative, which uses intellectual properties licensed by other companies in order to showcase what they'd be like in the worlds of Magic. As-of-yet untitled[...]
Magic: The Gathering Announces "Secret Lair: Smitten", And We Are!
On February 10th, Wizards of the Coast announced their newest Secret Lair superdrop for their ever-popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering, just in time for Valentine's Day It's called Secret Lair: Smitten, and, as expected, we are in love with it! Alongside this announcement came a surprising sub-announcement nestled within, and we will get[...]
Magic: The Gathering activates "Secretversary 2020" on Cyber Monday
Wizards of the Coast has activated another Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair on Cyber Monday this year, and shoppers can find more limited-time prints in the Secretversary, another release featuring thematic reprints We're taking a look to offer a value recap but, be forewarned — these sales have about as much to do with Cyber[...]
Meet Extra Life: 2020, Magic: The Gathering's Next Secret Lair
It's that time of year again where Wizards of the Coast and Extra Life are teaming up for Magic: The Gathering's latest Secret Lair release This means a multi-stage charity event that, unlike last year, won't actually feature My Little Pony cards Instead, this year's run, Extra Life: 2020, offers four alternate art premium foils emphasizing[...]
Magic: The Gathering and Secret Lair: Let's Talk About Lucille
But we need to talk about how Secret Lair is jumping the shark with friggin' Lucille. For those who don't know, Lucille is one of the newest cards from The Secret Lair's latest release featuring The Walking Dead IP On the show, Lucille has one of the deepest backstories, and that's also despite being a baseball[...]
Magic: The Gathering's Full Sleeves Secret Lair Art Showcase
Today, Wizards of the Coast gave us a Secret Lair drop to reveal for Magic: The Gathering, to massive acclaim There were so many images included in our planned initial reveal that we couldn't actually reveal them all to you So, please allow us to indulge a bit more by giving you the full art[...]
Magic: The Gathering - Announcing "Full Sleeves" Secret Lair Drop
From their secret lair in Seattle, Wizards of the Coast entrusted us with a secret of our own – something we wouldn't be allowed to tell you about until now Are you ready for this? Here we go: We are happy to announce Secret Lair's newest drop for Magic: The Gathering: "Full Sleeves"! That's right, folks, it's[...]
Godzilla Lands header
Magic: The Gathering players and fans of the Godzilla, rejoice once more! Wizards Of The Coast has announced the release of a new Secret Lair drop series: Godzilla Lands, and we here at Bleeding Cool couldn't be more excited to write about this! The five land cards from the Secret Lair: Godzilla Lands release for Magic: The Gathering. Each[...]
Wizards Reveals "Thalia"-Themed Secret Lair - "Magic: The Gathering"
Wizards of the Coast has done it again – they've released the second of the March Secret Lair box drops for their card game Magic: The Gathering! The release this time is a full playset of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Source: Wizards of the Coast This four-card special edition release is geared mainly for Eternal players, as Wizards has[...]
"Secret Lair" for World Women's Day 2020! - "Magic: The Gathering"
For International World Women's Day, Wizards of the Coast has decided to release a special Secret Lair drop for their smash-hit trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Source: Wizards of the Coast In this release, those who purchase it will find five different full-art cards, each depicting a female Legendary Creature, perfectly suited for Commander play (or whatever[...]
Secret Lair Series Goes "Stargazing" - "Magic: The Gathering"
I hope you're ready for Magic: The Gathering's newest drop release for Secret Lair: "Stargazing"! Source: Wizards of the Coast The "Stargazing" release, available only for the duration of this weekend alone – and I mean only this weekend – contains five different drops The drops have three cards each and are themed after the gods of the Theroan[...]
Next "Secret Lair" Drop: "Year of the Rat"! - "Magic: The Gathering"
Tomorrow, Wizards of the Coast is putting the next installment of their "Secret Lair" drop series for Magic: The Gathering out for purchase. Source: Wizards of the Coast The drop for January 2020 celebrates the Lunar New Year, which occurred yesterday on the 25th, with the aptly-devised "Year of the Rat" release. Source: Wizards of the Coast The contents of[...]