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The Walking Dead Series Finale BTS Look; AMC Fuels Spoiler Concerns
Okay, before we get to look at the preview for tonight's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead as well as a very interesting Instagram post from DoP Duane Charles Manwiller from the final days of filming? We need to jump on our soapbox, grab our bullhorn & start making more noise about the series finale[...]
The Walking Dead S11E13 Time-Traveled More Than Doctor Who: Review
As we've seen already heading into this weekend's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 11, "Warlords" finds Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) agreeing to serve as "ambassadors" for the Commonwealth (though it seems more to curry favor with Josh Hamilton's Hornsby) to make contact with a new community Well, it looks like[...]
Walking Dead's Clementine & Gargoyles On Next Week's Previews Covers
Diamond Previews cover time! Graphic novelist Tillie Walden carries on the story of Clementine from The Walking Dead video games in Image Comics' Clementine Book One, the first volume of a young adult graphic novel trilogy, and appearing on the cover of next week's Diamond Previews catalogue for June-shipping titles. Walking Dead's Clementine & Gargoyles On Next[...]
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As production on the 11th and final season of AMC's The Walking Dead continues on, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that series star Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) suffered a head injury on the set of the long-running series on March 11th "Norman suffered a concussion on set He is recovering well and will return to work[...]
The Walking Dead's Maggie Wonders If She Still Loves Glen
One of the most interesting trending news items this week was AMC's order of the new The Walking Dead spinoff, Isle of the Dead It wasn't the fact that there would be a new spinoff that got people talking, as that was expected, but rather the characters involved: Maggie and Negan Those who haven't stayed up-to-date with[...]
Giveaway: Win A Copy Of The Walking Dead: World Beyond Final Season
Would you like to win a Blu-ray copy of the final season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond? All you need is a Twitter account to take part in this giveaway RJLE Films has provided us with a couple of copies of the second and final season to give away, which was released for home[...]
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Having already firmly established himself forever in the series' lore for his heroically tragic portrayal of Abraham Ford, Cudlitz has quickly become a primary go-to director with now four episodes of TWD and two episodes of limited series spinoff The Walking Dead: World Beyond on his filmography so far As for the reasons why we[...]
Skybound & Facebook Gaming Reveal The Walking Dead: The Last Mile
Skybound Entertainment and Genvid Entertainment announced a new interactive experience today with The Walking Dead: Last Mile The game will be presented as a new massively interactive live event (MILE) that will stretch out over a period of time and give players a much more enriching experience over several weeks The MILE format also allows[...]
The Walking Dead: JDM & Melissa McBride Image Hits Our Hearts Hard
With the next chapter of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2 (check out our review of S11E09 here) set to cable screens this weekend, production on the long-running series rolls along And while we're still doing a pretty decent job keeping our "feels" in check, the cast and creative team aren't exactly making[...]
Our line-up of news & opinion topics for today includes Community star Yvette Nicole Brown supporting Futurama star John DiMaggio in his negotiations to return for Hulu's Futurama revival, new Superman & Lois portrait images & episode overview from The CW, AMC's The Walking Dead returns… and it joins Killing Eve and Better Call Saul[...]
Our line-up of news & opinion topics for today includes HBO/HBO Max's Casey Bloys updating Westworld, True Detective, True Blood & more; Stephen Amell smacks down John Cena's "Green Arrow" diss, AMC's The Walking Dead offers an S11E10 preview with Connie asking some Commonwealth questions, HBO Max's Peacemaker having Rick and Morty and Batman and[...]
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Just today, we learned who the first wave of actors and directors would be for the upcoming anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead And then not long after that, we were treated to a look at the titles, writers/directors, and overviews for the first two episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 11 Part[...]
Clementine Book One: Walking Dead Spinoff Graphic Novel Gets Trailer
Clementine is one of the most beloved characters in the Walking Dead universe, initially introduced in a series of Telltale video games She started an innocent child that the first game's hero Lee had to protect and teach and grew up into an increasingly practical and hardened survivor in the world of the zombie apocalypse[...]
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Reveals Chapter Two Plans
Skydance Interactive and Skybound Interactive have revealed new plans for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners with Chapter 2: Retribution.  The second chapter will coincide with the game's second anniversary To kick off the game's momentous second anniversary, as they plan to bring more goes and a stronger advancement to the story as you make your[...]
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Based on the previously-released "Part 2" teaser for the 11th and final season of AMC's The Walking Dead, we know that whoever's left standing from the face-off with Leah (Lynn Collins) & the Reapers as well as Mother Nature has a date with Mercer (Michael James Shaw) and the rest of the Commonwealth's "welcoming committee"[...]