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One 12 Collective Mark 42 Iron Man 7

Iron Man Model 42 Armor Coming in November From One:12 Collective

Designed with real metal components, the armored Avenger’s comes equipped with a range of booster and blast effects, including a chest beam repulsor that lights up when attached to the arc reactor.Powered by numerous Repulsor Tech cores, the Armor Model 42 was developed by Tony Stark initially for testing new technological developments but was later[...]

Has Tony Stark Ever Looked as Much Like Robert Downey Jr. as He Does in Punisher #1?

Tony Stark himself was a little Howard Hughes and a lot of Errol Flynn But he's pretty much stuck to that model over the years... [gallery ids="906720,906719,906718,906717,906716,906715,906714,906713,906712,906711,906710,906709"] Though he has been known to look a little Keanu Reeves/Adam Levine as well.Despite the success of Robert Downey Jr.'s take on the character which has done more than anything[...]

`Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 cover by Alexander Lozano

Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 Review – Flawed but Fun

Tony Stark is trying to find a new way to get AI assistance in his Iron Man armor without building one into the armor now that he has given Friday her own autonomous body Before this problem can be solved, Stark Unlimited’s security chief reports that Baintronics, a rival tech company, is using Stark technology[...]

The Life of Captain Marvel #1 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

The Life of Captain Marvel #1 Review: A Heartfelt Look at Carol Danvers's Youth

The Life of Captain Marvel may be able to do something clever with that launching point, but we’ll have to see.Tony Stark gets some page time in this comic too, and he’s actually pretty genuine throughout a lot of the book.[caption id="attachment_885962" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Life of Captain Marvel #1 art by Carlos Pacheco, Marguerite[...]

Hot Toys Neon Armor Tech Iron Man 5

Iron Man Gets a Tron-Inspired Look from Hot Toys

Iron Man is getting a convention exclusive release from Hot Toys. Available this summer at CCG 2018 and their flagship store at Shanghai Disney, this version of Tony will feature a design straight out of Tron Legacy with all kinds of LED light-up effects in the armor in using reflective patterns. Plenty of swappable parts and […]

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 cover by Alexander Lozano

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 – Fun and Fast-Paced Enough to Blur its Many Flaws

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Tony Stark is back with a new company: Stark Unlimited We join the company with Tony recruiting a new member named Andy Bhang; Bhang is a robotics engineer Tony had met 25 years prior in a robot soccer competition Tony introduces Andy to the Stark Unlimited team and everything the company is striving towards[...]

Gwyneth Paltrow, Droppin' Tony and Pepper Avengers: 4 Spoilers in an Interview

All Rights Reserved.[/caption]In an interview with the impossible to find (a physical copy, that is) "Avengers Infinity War Magazine", Paltrow apparently let a big ol' Tony Stark and Pepper Potts update that we'll possibly see in Avengers 4 slip.Twitter'er Ashley Renee posted what she claims is a screenshot of the interview in question from the Infinity War[...]

Spider-Man #240 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Spider-Man #240 Review: Another Heartwarming Bendis Farewell

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Spider-Man awakens in a hospital bed having lost time and feeling unwell. His mom informs him that he's been unconscious for days. Dr. Claire Temple arrives to tell him that he has a viral infection, and his spider-powers make it more difficult to treat him properly. As we are given flashbacks to the […]

iron man armor poster

Iron Man's 10th Anniversary Celebration: Looking at Iron Man Comics Then and Now

Jon Favreau’s Iron Man came out 10 years ago on this day, May 2nd.  To observe this momentous occasion and the starting of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are going to compare the state of Iron Man comics at the time versus the Brian Michael Bendis run, which is about to reach its 600th issue.[caption id="attachment_840479"[...]

Iron Man 10 Years Later: Ole Shellhead's Top 10 Action Figures!

Iron Man was released 10 years ago?!? That is unbelievable to me. While the movies may have taken forever to get in on the armor action, that has never been the case for toys! Tony's various armors (and the man himself) have seen quite a few pieces of plastic produced in their honor over the […]

Ryan Reynolds Shares Deadpool Joining The Avengers Rejection Letter From Tony Stark

Tony Stark, addresses Deadpool's inquiry about joining The Avengers Team.  It reads simply "Re: Joining the Avengers- No Absolutely not Go bother Prof X.  No."From a guy who never knows when to quit, I’m glad you guys never did Congrats #Avengers — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) April 29, 2018If you have a few minutes, make sure[...]

The Invincible Iron Man #599 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Marte Gracia

The Invincible Iron Man #599 Review: Dramatic Reveals are for Everyone!

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Victor Von Doom crashes with an old associate, and Tony Stark finally surfaces to let his mom know that he is alright and what is going on with him He asks more about his biological father, and she gives him more of the story Then Iron Man leaves to more personal business Elsewhere, Ironheart[...]

Hunt for Wolverine #1 cover by Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, and Laura Martin

Hunt for Wolverine #1 Review: Doesn't Add Much New to the Tale, But Still an Engaging Read

However, Logan’s body isn’t even in that spot.[caption id="attachment_835724" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Hunt for Wolverine #1 cover by Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, and Laura Martin[/caption]In a follow-up story, Kitty goes to Tony Stark to ask for help in tracking down Wolverine’s body Plus, she pays Daredevil a visit Unfortunately, Lady Deathstrike finds out from one of[...]

infinity war marvel legends

Let's Take a Look at the Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th, and toy shelves and stores are bombarded with product right now. One of the main events for collectors, Hasbro's Marvel Legends wave 1 for the film, features four MCU versions of characters, along with three comic related figures. Collect them all and you can build the MCU […]

LEGO Marvel Infinity War Brickheadz Add Thanos, More to Your Collection

LEGO® has revealed four new LEGO Brickheadz featuring characters in the upcoming Infinity War film. Thanos, Iron Man, Gamora, and Star Lord will join previous releases, all with their MCU looks. They retail for $10 and will hit store shelves on April 1st. 41604 – Iron Man MK50 101 pieces | Ages 10+ $9.99 USD […]

Iron Man Mark 50 Diecast Infinity War Hot Toys 3

Iron Man Mark 50 Diecast from Avengers: Infinity War Coming from Hot Toys

Check out more details and photos down below!Avengers: Infinity War – 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible FigureA new threat has emerged from the cosmos and it became too heavy for any hero to handle! The Avengers must join forces to protect the world and to stop the ruthless warlord and his formidable allies from destroying[...]