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New York Game Awards 2022 Will Be In-Person Next Year
The NYVGCC is a non-profit organization that is designed to help promote awareness of, and education for, video games, writing, and journalism in the New York City area Due to the pandemic, they haven't been able to do anything in-person for a while, but that will be changing next year as it appears they will[...]
Injustice Batman Superman
A new datamine leak took place this week, and with it came a bevy of unannounced video games that you kinda knew were coming anyway The original source of all of this comes from an article posted onto Medium where someone essentially installed Nvidia's GeForce NOW software and did a bit of research in the[...]
Irma Vep: Alicia Vikander to Star in HBO TV version of 1996 Movie
However, it does appears that there is a consistent change in direction with the film as it regularly gains traction and eventually falls back in limbo – so at this point in time, the more progress made, there's a better chance to see this sequel project take off. There are still various video games being adapted[...]
Tokyo Olympics Played Video Game Music For The Opening Ceremony
Organizers of the ceremony decided to celebrate a very specific aspect of their culture as they played a selection of symphony-led tracks from famous video games People were quick to point out such legendary tunes being played as counties came out from series like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts. Music from Final Fantasy was[...]
GDC Announces 2022 Will Return With In-Person Event
The conference will host the multipart presentation "The Developer's Impact" delivered by esteemed game creators Lyndsay Pearson (Executive Producer & GM, 'The Sims', Maxis), Ziba Scott (Optimist, Popcannibal) and Osama Dorias (Lead Game Designer, Warner Brothers Games Montreal). GDC 2021 will host the 21st annual Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCAs), the leading peer-based video game event[...]