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Wyrd Games Releases The Other Side Company Builder App For Android
Wyrd Games, the game designers also known as Wyrd Miniatures who brought us games like Malifaux, the role-playing game system Through the Breach, and the upcoming board game Vagrantsong, has been hard at work Their tech team has finally developed an application for your phone that can help you create a Company in their wargame, The Other Side! Promotional[...]
Review: The Other Side's ECB Black Ops By Wyrd Miniatures
To that end, we have gotten ahold of a unit of ECB Black Ops from The Other Side, a wargame by Wyrd Miniatures, for review Here's what we think of it! The box for the ECB Black Ops, a unit from the Cult of the Burning Man from The Other Side, a wargame by Wyrd Miniatures. We'll be[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals New Characters, Game Details For Vagrantsong
Wyrd Games, also known by many as Wyrd Miniatures, has been very busy lately Between a new starter set for The Other Side, the overall release schedule for the whole of the Explorer's Society faction in Malifaux Third Edition, and now the introduction to Vagrantsong, their upcoming board game, Wyrd has had their hands full[...]
Review: Malifaux Third Edition's The Damned, By Wyrd Miniatures
There was a lot of hype surrounding The Damned, one of the newer miniatures for the third edition of Malifaux, a game by Wyrd Miniatures Many people were remarkably hyped about its release, judging its stats in a very positive way and praising its render's interesting visual design Well, after many a day with The[...]
Vagrantsong, A New Board Game, Announced By Wyrd Miniatures
All aboard! Wyrd Miniatures, the tabletop gaming company that brought us games like Malifaux, Through the Breach, and The Other Side, have now announced an all-new board game to be released in Fall of 2021. Vagrantsong, as the game is called, is a board game set aboard a haunted train and features aesthetics directly inspired by the folklore[...]
Review: Wyrd Miniatures' Raving Madman For The Other Side
Hey there, players and hobbyists of miniature wargames, or those merely interested in the scene! If you're looking for a relatively new wargame to dabble in, The Other Side by Wyrd Miniatures seems like a pretty good one to get into right now With pandemic concerns subsiding in the United States and various places elsewhere,[...]
Review: Wyrd Miniatures' Circus Entrance Terrain by Plastcraft
Hey there Wyrdos, hobbyists, role-players, and those interested in tabletop wargaming terrain! We recently got ahold of an interesting acquisition – a small boxed set of circus terrain by Wyrd Miniatures and Plastcraft – and here is what we think of it! The front cover of the Circus Entrance boxed set by Wyrd Miniatures and Plastcraft,[...]
Wyrd Miniatures Reveals Pig Jockey For Malifaux And Bayou Bash
Wyrd Miniatures, the tabletop game design company based in Marietta, Georgia, is the company responsible for Malifaux, Through the Breach, and The Other Side However, they are also to be given credit for games like Kings of Artifice, Death Comes Rattling, and now Bayou Bash Today, Wyrd has finally revealed the stats of their last Jockey model for both Malifaux and Bayou Bash[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals A New Rooster Rider For Malifaux And Bayou Bash
Run for the hills, it's a… rooster? Yes, that's right! Wyrd Miniatures, the tabletop game company based in Marietta, Georgia, best known for their objective-based skirmisher wargame Malifaux, has released new information about the last Jockey for their premier game as well as a new game, Bayou Bash. The Rooster card from Wyrd Miniatures' silly Gremlin racing game,[...]
Wyrd Miniatures Teases Kirai's Alternate Title For Malifaux
Hey there Wyrdos, or anyone else interested or invested in the goings-on at Wyrd Miniatures, the tabletop game company based in Marietta, Georgia responsible for Malifaux! Wyrd has revealed the other half of the starter box for The Other Side, Wyrd's full-scope wargame, and it comes with a Master in Malifaux with an alternate title! The full art for[...]
Review: Malifaux's "Dirty Work" Boxed Set For Explorer's Society
Here's what we think of it! The front of the Dirty Work boxed set's packaging for Wyrd Miniatures' skirmish game, Malifaux. It seems that the characters involved in the Dirty Work boxed set, Corvis Rook and two Operatives, have their fingers in another pie in the form of the Syndicate keyword We still need to look into[...]
Malifaux By Wyrd Miniatures Introduces Master "Titles" To The Game
Wyrd Miniatures, the game company responsible for creating the skirmisher Malifaux and the wargame The Other Side soon after, has been making strides in the wargaming community in an effort to keep their games fresh From learned lessons like Avatars in the First Edition of the game to the increasingly complex proliferation of Upgrades for models[...]
Wyrd Miniatures Teases New Outcast Starter Box For Malifaux
Wyrd Miniatures, the miniatures game company best known for their wargame Malifaux, has given the public a small teaser of what comes in their premiere game's Outcast Starter Box! With this teaser, Wyrd showcases the Catalan Brawler, a member of the Syndicate keyword Syndicate is normally a keyword associated more with the Explorer's Society faction[...]
Malifaux's English Ivan Core Box, by Wyrd Miniatures: A Review
Wyrd Miniatures' third edition of their eldritch, Weird-West skirmisher Malifaux is a game very unlike most other tabletop wargames Instead of dice players use playing cards to determine randomization Models are dynamic to build and paint, and quite breathtaking to behold when finished And, perhaps most importantly to many, the characters in the game are[...]